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" I released my hold of him, and lay sprawled across his desk. My eyes closed and breathing labored. Never had I felt that way before. It was the best feeling my body had ever experienced. No sooner than I finished that thought, the enormity of what just happened hit me. Here I was lying on my "legal guardian's "desk with is beautiful face in-between my legs. This was more than wrong." View table of contents...


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I stood inside the dressing room at Victoria's Secret wearing a sheer pink nightie admiring my reflection in the mirror. Perhaps it was the way the material felt against my skin or the lighting but I felt incredibly sexy. I decided that now was as good a time as any to take a picture of myself and send it to Delaney. God knows he was expecting as much. I woke up this morning to a text from him telling me that there was some extra money in my account to go shopping with. When I checked my account balance there was five thousand dollars extra in there. I wasn't sure how much lingerie he expected me to buy but I was going to buy at least enough to keep him busy when he came home.

I slipped off my panties from underneath the nightie and snapped the picture of my reflection. The sheerness of the nightie provided just enough visibility to spark his interest. My stomach did a flip as I texted the picture to him.
I exited the dressing room feeling like I had just done something naughty, and felt myself blushing as the sales associate rang up my order. I had spent just over five hundred dollars in nighties and some new underwear. I hadn't even put a dent in the money he had given me.

I'd just gotten into my car and started the engine when Delaney called. The call came in through the speakers and I felt as if his voice surrounded me. I liked Delaney in stereo.

"What a nice surprise to get a picture like that in the middle of the afternoon." I smiled to myself, I had certainly gotten his attention. "Although now I have a huge problem and clients are waiting for me."

"What's your huge problem?" I asked

"I have a rock hard cock and nowhere to put it." I gasped. I would never cease to be amazed at his ability to surprise me with his vulgar directness.

"Too bad you aren't here." I replied. I would be more than willing to help you out with that… problem."

"Really Ali, tell me how you would help me?"

"Delaney I'm driving" I stuttered.

"So? Tell me Ali. What would you do with my cock?" I was at a stoplight now. I looked at the other vehicles around mine and their drivers. They were completely oblivious to me, Delaney and our dirty talk.

"I would put in my mouth like I did while you were driving" I couldn't believe I had just said that. I heard his breathing slowly begin to pick up. "And I would lick you from base to tip like you were covered in candy"

"Mmm you like candy baby?"

"Only if it's covering your cock" I was a little shocked at myself and the way this kind of talk seemed to flow pretty easily out of my mouth.

"Your dick struck, aren't you baby? You love my fucking my cock don't you? His voice was low and almost a whisper. I had no doubt he was stroking himself right now.

"Yes, I love fucking it, I love the way it feels inside of me"

"It feels good doesn't it?"

"It feels amazing inside"

"Feels amazing inside of where baby? Say it."

"I love the way your huge cock feels Inside of my pussy Delaney, inside of my dripping wet pussy" I heard him let out a deep groan and then slowly exhale.

"Thank you baby. Now I can concentrate again." I giggled. I was ecstatic that I had been able to get turn him on like that over the phone.

"That was quick"

"I only take my time when I need to. Do me a favor… and make sure that pussy is nice and wet for me when I get home."

"You're filthy" I replied

"You love that I am." It was true I did love that about him.
We hung up as I pulled into the driveway. I was smiling like the Cheshire cat as I got out of my car and went around to the trunk to pull my shopping bags out when I noticed Richard approaching. I quickly tried to reign in my grin afraid for no reason that he would know what had put it there.

"Hi Miss Ali, I spoke to Mr. Delaney earlier and he said you were interested in learning some things about different weapons"
I nodded surprised "Yeah I am really interested"
"He's not comfortable with you throwing knives like Norma, but he did say I could teach you how to shoot if you wanted" My eyes widened in shock. I didn't expect that but I was suddenly very excited.

"Um are you kidding? Of course I want to!" I squealed and jumped up and down before catching the incredulous look on Richards's face, which stopped me abruptly. "Sorry, I guess I'm a little excitable" I smiled trying to make a joke.

"Well Miss Ali, the first thing you are going to have to learn is how to control your emotions when it comes to firearms. We can't have loose cannon out there, with a loose cannon." I giggled not quite sure if he was trying to be funny as well.

"I promise I will work on that Richard, when are we going to start?"

"Go inside eat, and change. We'll go to our range when you're finished."

"Our range?" I questioned.

"Yes, the company owns one close to Head Quarters"

"Interesting" was all I could manage for a reply. It seemed that every day something new about this company came to light. I wondered how much more there was that I didn't know about. I imagined that there was a lot.

An hour or so later Richard and I pulled up to what looked like a large warehouse. There was a large fence around the property and two large men manning the gate house. They waved Richard by as he approached and he gave them a nod a we passed. This was so strange. I wondered if my dad would have ever told me about what he really did if he was still alive.
We walked inside and Richard led me towards a large steel door in the back. I was a few feet thick and looked more like a bank vault door than anything else.

"What's in there?" I asked unable to keep the shock out of my voice.
"The guns" He replied nonchalantly as he pressed his hand onto some kind of scanner opening the lock. Richard pushed the large door open and we walked into a fully stocked armory of sorts. I had no idea that so many different types of guns even existed. There were rows and rows of cases containing different types of guns. There were also the large ones that looked like cannons and machine type guns mounted on the wall.

"Whoa" was all I could get out. My eyes had to be as wide as saucers trying to take all of this in.
Richard chuckled. "Okay Miss Ali, what would you like to shoot?" I immediately pointed to one of the cannon type guns on the wall. "No my dear, that's not for shooting in here. Besides you aren't strong enough to lift it much less shoot it. How about we start with something smaller?" He walked over to one of the cases and picked up a small black handgun.

"What kind is that?" I asked

"It's a Springfield 9mm. She's small, accurate and has minimal recoil. It's perfect for you." I nodded slightly disappointed I wasn't getting to shoot one of the bigger much cooler guns. Richard must have picked up on my feelings because he promised that once I became good at this gun we could move to a bigger one. I reached out and took it into my hands. The metal felt cool and smooth against my skin, I clasped my hand around the handle and held it in my grip. It did fit perfectly.
"You like her?" Richard asked. I nodded enthusiastically. "Good let's get started then" he said as he lead me out of the room.

After a couple of hours I realized two things. The first thing being that I was a terrible shot. The second thing being that Richard was the most patient even tempered man that god created. He worked hard at getting me to hold the damn thing the right way, and didn't get upset with me once for not being able to do it. Although once I finally figured out how to hold it properly I was too frustrated and worked up to concentrate on shooting accurately. Only a few rounds hit anywhere on the target, and nowhere even near to the kill zone.

We were done and I was discouraged. I handed my gun back to Richard with a heavy sigh.
"You did fine Ali. Nobody hits the target perfectly on the first try." He said trying to make me feel better. "You just have to work on controlling your emotions and remaining calm. Once you get that down you will be able to hit anything."

I sighed again. "I know, thanks for bringing me here. I really do appreciate it."

"We can keep coming back and practicing as often as you like"

"Really? You don't mind?" He shook his head. "Okay of course I want to become good so I'm willing to try as long as you're willing to show me."

"Okay, then we will come back tomorrow." He said as he locked the gun up.

I hesitated "Actually no, not tomorrow. I will be staying at my friend's house for the weekend so next week okay?"

He looked at me wearily. "Mr. Delaney didn't say you would be staying anywhere this weekend."

"I know, I know, I haven't spoken to him yet. I will call him when we get back and talk to him about it. Then I'm sure he'll tell you guys it's okay." He nodded but something told me that I had better not try to circumvent Delaney, because without his permission I was quite sure Richard and Norma wouldn't let me go anywhere. Perhaps if I didn't have bad intentions I would have been upset about needing Delaney's permission, but since I was being sneaky and dishonest it didn't bother me.

When we arrived home I immediately retreated to my bedroom. I was actually tired, my shoulders and triceps ached from holding the gun up for the last couple of hours. I wanted to take a hot shower and go to bed, but decided to call Delaney first and talk to him about staying the weekend at Heathers before I lost my nerve.
He answered after only a few rings. It was loud in the background he was definitely out somewhere.

"Hi, I'm sorry bother you Delaney, is it a bad time?"
"You don't bother me, but I'm at dinner right now is everything okay?"
"Yes, everything fine I just wanted to let you know before I forgot that I was going to spend Friday and Saturday at Heathers house.

"Are you asking me or are you telling me?"
"Both I guess" I stuttered. I hated that I had to ask, but knew that I needed to.
"I don't have time to get into it, but I don't like it. Last time you hung out with her I found you in the woods and nearly beat the life out of someone for it"

"I know… but I promise nothing like that will happen this time. I just miss you and it's lonely here without you"

He let out a long sigh "Okay Ali, I am going to trust you. Don't make me regret it."
"Okay" I swallowed hard choking on the disgust for myself that was building up in my throat.
"Alright, Listen I can't stay on the phone and it will be a late night, so have sweet dreams baby goodnight"

I hung up the phone and almost called Heather canceling the entire thing, but stopped myself when I remembered that he had lied to me, about knowing Lydia. He was hiding something too, and if he had just told me then I wouldn't have to do this and find out on my own. I rationalized it enough in my head to allow the guilt to subside enough for sleep to come.


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