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" I released my hold of him, and lay sprawled across his desk. My eyes closed and breathing labored. Never had I felt that way before. It was the best feeling my body had ever experienced. No sooner than I finished that thought, the enormity of what just happened hit me. Here I was lying on my "legal guardian's "desk with is beautiful face in-between my legs. This was more than wrong." View table of contents...


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I sat outside of his office more nervous than I should be. He was, after all my legal guardian, and speaking to him shouldn't be a nerve-racking experience. It just so happens that I never really saw or interacted with him, we were virtual strangers. I didn't know much about him other than he worked all the time, traveled a lot, and was a complete asshole.

He was my dad's former business partner, and I wondered every day why my parents made him my legal guardian in their Will. I missed them so much. There wasn't anything that I wouldn't't give to have them back. I thought back to that day six months ago when the police came to my school to tell me that they wouldn't be coming home, that I was an orphan.

Gail the receptionists' voice broke through my thoughts. "Ali, Mr. Delaney will see you now." I looked up at her kind face, and smiled. She had called me Ali since I was little.

I took a deep breath and attempted to gather myself before I went in. His office was enormous. It had the same kind of presence he did. Cold, uninviting, but deceptively appealing. Black leather and stainless steel filled the room. The desk was on the far end, and that made for a very long awkward approach. Reclined in his leather chair, he sat running his fingers through his thick black hair. He didn't smile, he just stared at me as I made my way over. I'm sure he was a combination of pissed off and surprised to see me. Although I wasn't able to read which emotion was winning. His handsome, well chiseled face remained stoic.

"Alivia, what brings you here today?" His voice breaking the silence, forcing me to meet his gaze, I didn't dare look away. His steel like blue eyes were not amused.

My mouth opened to answer and immediately felt my throat began to tighten.

"Um, I'm really sorry to bother you at work.. I, um just didn't know when you would be at the house again, and I needed to ask you for something." I paused here trying to collect myself and not sound like an illiterate... and i was also waiting for him to tell me it wasn't a problem, and ask how he could help me. Of course there was no such luck,. He sat silent waiting for me to continue. He had to get a kick out of making me feel uncomfortable. .

"I need money." The words started coming out very quickly now. "I know you put money on my debit card every month, but I need more that the five hundred dollars you give me. I want to go on the senior trip to Mexico and that is barely the airfare." More uncomfortable silence ensued. Then finally decided to speak.

"So you came here not to ask me if you could go to Mexico, but rather just for the money to finance the trip?" He looked annoyed and angry. I began kicking myself for thinking that asking in person would be the best way to go about this. He continued, "You are only 17, I doubt you will be able to leave the country without my permission." His voice was very even and cold.

"Well I didn't think you would mind, I was going to ask Norma to sign the permission slip,anyway." I began wringing my hands, I hated that he intimidated me so much.

"Well Alivia, seeing that Norma is the housekeeper and not your guardian I don't think that would work. And for your information I do mind, and the answer is no."

My heart sank. There was such finality in his voice. It was "no" full stop. Not "no" because. I knew there would be no convincing him. I hated him, he was such a bastard. I wanted to scream but reminded myself that it was just 4 more months until I was 18, then I would be legally able to "guard" myself.

"So that's it?" I managed to say without my voice cracking.

"Yes. Now if you will excuse me I'm rather busy today." He looked over at his phone, where all the lines were flashing. I nodded my head turned and walked out. It was an even longer walk back to the door.

Norma fixed me a delicious dinner which I couldn't even eat, I just sat there running over the earlier conversation in mind over and over again. I just didn't understand what his problem was. It couldn't be the money, he was loaded, and although I didn't get any of it until I was 21, I was loaded too. Norma was unsympathetic, "What Mr. Delaney says goes honey" was all she said.

That's what everyone says. The staff at the house, and the staff at the office. Everyone just listened to him and did what he told them to do. I know he was the boss but Jesus, he wasn't God, and he certainly was not the boss of me in any way other than on paper.

Maybe he's that way since he is so young and trying to prove a point to all his much older colleagues. He was only 35 years old, my dad used to call him the boy genius. I suppose he was, he and my dad had built a very successful advertising firm together. However he may be smart but he certainly lacked people skills. My dad was the one with a personality. I couldn't imagine Mr. Delaney charming anyone into doing business with him.

I let if go for the moment went into my room and attempted to do some homework. I didn't succeed so opted for bed, but of course I was unable to find sleep. Now it was past midnight and I was awake , annoyed and starving. I decided that the only thing I could fix was the hunger so I headed to the kitchen.

The house was huge, and very museum like. The white marble floors, white walls seemed to glow in the darkness. I had never been through the house at this time of night. The truth is I pretty much stayed in my wing of the house all the time, unless I was at the pool or in the kitchen. I wasn't even quite sure how many different rooms there were here.

I stepped into the kitchen and decided not to turn on the light. There was no doubt Norma would somehow notice and come running in to fix me something. I was rather enjoying the dark quietness.

I walked into the pantry and found myself some pretzels. I snacked on those for a moment and went back into the kitchen for a drink. I was pouring myself some water when I noticed a faint light coming down the hallway on the opposite side of the house. Curiosity got the better of me and I went to check it out.

I found myself standing in front of his office. First of all, I couldn't believe he was home. I don't think I'd seen him at the house for at least a week. Secondly, his name was on the door... "Leon Delaney" What a narcissist, who has their name on a door in their own house? I rolled my eyes and turned to go back to my room, but the anger I had felt towards him earlier tugged at me from inside. I knew there would be no rest unless I spoke to him again. I grabbed the door handle and just pushed the door open. I didn't even knock.

He looked up from his desk, obviously pissed off at my interruption. "Alivia, what in the world your problem?" he voice was steady but I could see he was fighting to keep his composure.

That was a good question, what the hell was my problem? Why did I just barge into this man's office in my pajamas? Oh Jesus I was in my pajamas! My light pink Cami and short set. I wasn't even wearing a bra, and hadn't bothered to grab my robe. My face turning beet red at the mental image I had of myself. I immediately pulled my long black hair in front of my shoulders hoping he was too pissed off to notice my half nakedness. I looked at him sitting at his large mahogany desk, his hair tousled and his shirt unbuttoned. Blushing even harder now I prayed for the ground to open and swallow me.

"I … I saw your light on… and wanted to talk about Mexico" I was a stammering fool, and should just turn and run out now… but I feared that would be even worse.

"About what!? " He wasn't even attempting to hide the annoyance in his voice now. "Oh that trip? … Alivia you're not going." He glared at me now, and looked at the door. Basically telling me to get the hell out. My embarrassment forgotten in that brief moment , and the anger from earlier returning.

"Why?!" I shrieked. "I want to go, and it's just ridiculous that you just say no, and that's supposed to be it. No discussion, nothing! I'm not a child Delaney! I'll be 18 in a few months and then I won't have to ask you for shit. I'll be out of here."

Tears of frustration welled in my eyes. I had kept out of his way for the last six months and all I wanted was a fucking trip. Was it really to much to ask for. Jesus my parents were dead and He was in charge of me. He had no heart. I was sure. Determined not to cry in front of him I let all the anger build inside and matched is glare with one of my own.

He locked eyes with me for a moment, then something flickered across his face. I couldn't tell if was pity or amusement. But his face softened, and I felt his eyes drift down my body slowing down at my chest and then again at my legs. Now I felt completely stupid, and wanted to hide. When his eyes came back up to mine there was something new in there, something that made me very nervous.

"You can either call me Leon or Mr. Delaney. Do not just call me Delaney. Understand Alivia?" His voice very stern now like he was scolding me. I couldn't stop myself from nodding. Secondly, Your throwing a tantrum like a child so I suppose you want me to treat you like a child? Is that what you want ? Do you want me to treat you like a child?" Lowering his voice he said "Like a very bad child who deserves a spanking for speaking to me that way. Is that what you want Alivia?"

I snapped my head up to attention. He wasn't serious...or was he. I held his gaze my face burning underneath the skin. "Alivia do you want me to spank you?" The way he said it made me get instant butterflies in my stomach. What the hell was wrong with me? His jawline was set, and those hard beautiful eyes were laughing at me. He must enjoying humiliating me, somehow must know the strange feelings I have when I'm around him. I clenched my fists and turned to stomp out. I was so embarrassed, and pissed. Then somewhere some courage found me, and I stopped suddenly. Keeping my back to him I said. "You are such a fucking Asshole Mr. Delaney why don't you go fuck yourself" I felt satisfaction as soon as the words left my lips, however the satisfaction only lasted a split second.

He was behind me before I even took a step. He grabbed my arm and spun me to face him. I only reached his chest so I had to look up. He grabbed hold of my shoulders and squeezed hard.

"Don't you ever fucking talk to me like that. I swear to god I will knock all the teeth out of your head." Yep he was mad, really really mad.

He stood for a few seconds just keeping me in his grip, his eyes piercing through me his breathing much more rapid. I closed my eyes waiting for the blow, but it never came. Instead he slowly released his grip on me and spun me around. "You're a bad girl Alivia." He said as he pushed my face down towards his desk. He pressed my cheek, against the cool mahogany, leaving my rear end exposed to him. My heart was beating wildly. I tried to lift my head but he had a grip on the back of my neck and held me in place. He positioned himself behind me. I could feet how hard he was through the thin fabric of my shorts. I froze. He slowly pressed against me and I could feel his growing cock rubbing against the curve of my ass. His grip on my neck holding firm.

I should be scared. I should scream for help. But somewhere in my sick little head I wanted to see what was going to happen, and In spite of myself, I began to get wet down there. I silently cursed my body for betraying me. He reached down grabbing my ass with his free hand, squeezing tightly, then following up with a hard firm smack. All the while keeping himself pressed against me. The skin on my ass began to burn from the repeated blows. Again and again each smack a little harder and firmer. I was dripping wet and throbbing by the time he was finished. When he stopped he didn't move either, he kept his cock pressed against me, and pulled me upright by my hair until the back of my head was against his collarbone. He placed his other hand inside my panties and felt my wetness with his fingers before pulling them out and tracing my lips with them. I could taste myself.

"You see what happens when you're bad?" He asked. His voice just as stern as it was before.

I nodded. Not trusting my voice anymore. He released me and stepped away, allowing me to turn to face him. Every blood vessel in my body began to pump vigorously. I was so turned on and the heat radiating from beneath my panties was too much. I had no idea what any of these feelings were as I was a virgin, and the awkward make out sessions I had experienced thus far felt nothing like this.

But his face was even more handsome to me than before, and I wanted very badly to kiss him, but I didn't have the nerve. Sensing my internal struggle he smiled, a wicked smile but a smile non the less.

"Apologize for your fresh mouth and I will show you what happens when you are a good girl" His voice not as harsh. That sounded promising. Immediately I responded "I'm sorry".

He laughed "No. Say I'm sorry for filling my little mouth with disgusting words Mr Delaney, and I promise to only my little mouth to cause pleasure not pain."

I slowly licked my lips trying to get a hold of myself and repeated what he said. He grunted his approval, and picked me up placing me on top of his desk. He then sat down in his chair facing me with his hands resting on the tops of my thighs slowly he pulled my legs apart. "Tell me Alivia, has a boy ever touched you here" he said as he traced his finger down the center of me. I quickly considered lying so he wouldn't know how inexperienced I was. But I figured he would find out so I said the truth. No, nobody has ever touched me there. I responded.

His smiled again. "Good, I had hoped so". He hoped so, what did that mean? My heart was going to explode. I knew it was. He reached up and began to slide my shorts off. Then before I knew it I was sitting on his desk in my camisole and white panties. He leaned me back so I couldn't see him. The first thing I felt was his facial stubble against the soft skin of my inner thighs…Jesus. Why was his face right there? My entire body tightened up.

"Relax" he whispered. "This is a reward remember". Yes I certainly remembered. I felt him kiss me through my panties the heat from his breath and the wetness of me was almost too much, I was quite sure it came through the fabric. He slid his finger underneath my panties gently massaging me.

"I like that you're wet for me" was all he said before he slid my panties to the side. I closed my eyes. I knew I was fully exposed, and his mouth just centimeters away from all the throbbing and aching that was going on down there. I was trying so desperately to control myself. Then I felt the wetness of his tongue flicker across my smooth skin and all of my sensation instantly heightened . I held my breath as he flickered around with his tongue for a few seconds more before sucking hard on my clitoris. It was too intense, I yelled out and tried to pull away but he held me in place firmly. He thoroughly began to lap up all of my wetness like a thirsty animal, ravaging my pussy with his mouth. Every stoke of his tongue, and brush of his lips caused me to twist and squirm beneath him. I only let my body relax when He slid his tongue inside of me. Damn it, it felt amazing. I lay basking in the immense pleasure i was feeling for a moment biting my lip determined to be quiet.

My body however had a mind of its own. I found myself raising my hips to meet his mouth and then pressing myself against tongue. I felt something build inside of me very slowly until it reached a point where I thought I might go mad or explode. He was teasing me in the worst way. I reached down to his head and held him in place as rubbed my pussy against his face... faster and faster, I couldn't slow down. He groaned in approval firmly gripping my thighs and pulled my clitoris into his mouth once again as I bucked wildly against him finding my release. I came hard arching my back I let the waves wash over me, again and again. It left my breathless. I released my hold of him, and lay sprawled across his desk. My eyes closed and breathing labored. Never had i felt that way before. It was the best feeling my body had ever experienced. No sooner than i finished that thought, the enormity of what just happened hit me. Here I was lying on my "legal guardian's"desk with is beautiful face in-between my legs. This was more than wrong.

I sat up quickly and stared at him. He was rubbing his cock through his pants, and intensely looking at me.

"I want to fuck you Alivia. I want to really fuck the shit out of you".

I just looked at him, why didn't he then. I was ready, I was more than ready. "But I won't, not yet." His tone becoming more serious. "I want you to give me your pussy." He stopped letting what he said sink in before continuing. " By give it to me, I mean that your pussy will belong to me. You will belong to me. I can fuck you, lick you, and suck you whenever I want, wherever I want, and as often as I want. Nobody else touches it. Do you understand? You will be mine."

I nodded that I understood. I stayed quiet because at that moment I would have given the devil my soul if he asked.

"So go to bed now, think about it. I'm traveling in the morning, and will be gone for the week. You have until I return to decide. I nodded again, put my shorts back on and began to leave the room, I was almost out of the door when he said "Oh, and Alivia, no you still cannot go to Mexico. "

I shut the door a little harder than I meant to and heard him laughing on the other side.

Jesus, he was still an Asshole.



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