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That Deep Terror

Novel By: rawritsconnie

Connie thought everything was perfect, but everthing can change like that. The kidnap and infliction on this young girl seems to much to handle, but can you keep her spirt? View table of contents...


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Me. Connie Murphy, well Constance, and this is my story; of when everything plummeted. I was not special, I disliked life and I was very picky about friends, extremely stubborn and always never afraid to speak my mind. I listened to rock music and wore guys t-shirts, went to gigs and tried to look on the bright side to prevent me from my self-harm. But everything has to have a dark side. So, the night before my sixteenth birthday everything changed, forever and always this is my story, and it's not pretty.

Chapter 1 :Changes

"Hey mum, I'm going out tonight!" I said as I walked through the door into the kitchen, greeted by the smell of chicken ceaser salad, and cucumber. "Smells great." I continued as I went to the corner of the kitchen sitting on the counter.

"Get down from there you!" my mum giggled before slapping my leg with a wooden spoon. My mum, Sarah, was perfect, perfect house wife for my dad and perfect caring mum, not forgetting a great cook. Jumping down she tapped my lower back with the spoon yet again before saying "You can jump in the shower if you like, you have time."

Nodding I ran to the stair case slipping slightly on the 5th step, clumsy me. My toe began to radiate a shot of pain as I continued up the stairs into the bedroom. Once in I got welcomed by my scattered band posters all over my white walls and drawings over my wardrobe, also the smell of my body spray.

Stripping, I wrapped a towel around my body walking into the bathroom. Our bathroom was quite small, joined shower and bath, toilet, sink and an airing cupboard. It had recently been done up, decorated with creamy tiles and a rocky boarder. White wash cupboards, which blended in well with the white bath, toilet and sink.

Pulling back the glass shower screen I turned on the shower to a decent heat whilst it was still warming up I got the floor towel laying it onto the cream floor, then hanging up my blue and white striped towel before stepping under the heat. Doing my ordinary thing in the shower, shampooing and washing, I get out in at least seven minutes giving me more time to do my hair. Drying fast I ran back into my bedroom scooping my long brown hair into a smaller towel, making it easier for me to apply makeup to my face.

Getting my iPod out of the pocket of my jeans I plugged in into my speaker system letting the music beat my through my room as I applied powder to my face getting my hair spray, closing my eyes spraying it onto my face so my face would hopefully say matte throughout my night. Applying Kohl pencil then liquid eyeliner I allowed it to dry before caking on waterproof mascara over my eye lashes. This was my normal routine, I felt horrid without makeup.

"DINNER!" my mum shouted up the stairs, slipping into my dressing gown I ran downstairs picking up the bowl of salad from the counter.

"Thanks." I said before sticking in my fork shoving chicken salad and onion in my mouth filling it to the brim before chewing and swallowing. I continued to do this for five minutes before my bowl was empty. Placing it on the side by the sink, I ran back up the stairs taking off my dressing gown, shutting the door.

Going to my wardrobe I got out some skinny black jeans picking out a studded belt sliding it through the loops before doing it up around my hips. Shutting my wardrobe I went to my draw getting out a bra and a band T. Slipping them on I sat back down on my dressing stool letting down my hair before turning on my GHD straighteners. Brushing my damp hair quickly before I picked up the 220 degree straighteners and straightened my hair letting the spikey layers of my chestnut hair hang around my shoulders, before applying a tone of hair spray.

Going back to my wardrobe I got out my school shoulder bag, throwing in my secret vodka stash, my purse, tic tacs, bottled water, my phone and my house key. Going to the back of my bedroom door I swap my coat that's on the hook to my dressing gown, slipping it on and slinging my bag onto my shoulder.

Trotting back down the stairs; I swung on the banister going to say bye you my mum and dad. Kissing both of them saying I would be back by eleven reminding them that I have a key and not to wait up.

Going to the door I grin as I opened it stepping out into the cool late October air looking into the sky staring at the scattered stars, before I grabbed my phone and called Tristan.

"Hey!" I said into my mobile as I walked down the quite street towards the sea.

"Hello Miss Constance, happy birthday eve!" he exclaimed into the receiver causing me to giggle loudly.

"I'm just about to come over, has everyone arrived yet?"

"Yeah, everyone's here and they all have some vodka to share." He replied eagerly

"Oh yeah, that's reminded me to get some Coke." I smiled as I talked to him. His voice made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, and I think he felt the same.

"Ready for your initiation test?" Tristan asked

"Huh?" I replied confused yet intrigued.

"Your initiation test into your sixteenths." he said promptly. Yet I could hear the smirk in his voice.

"I don't know, I guess we will have to find out." I say finishing the conversation bluntly. "I will be over in five minutes, okay?"

"Okay, bye." I giggled as I heard him exaggerate the e before I hanged up.

Reaching the small local supermarket, I walk in going straight to the Coke, picking up two bottles before walking to the counter, were I was met by a guy in his late twenties. I have to say he was pretty hot, black hair; chisel jaw and bright blue eyes. Taking a bag I put the bottles in paying him the £2.60 I owed before smiling not noticing that I blushed before walking out of the store, letting the cool sea air wash me back to an ordinary body temperature as I walked towards the sea front.

Looking out to sea I look at the beautiful scene that blessed my eyes. Calm black sea colliding with a deep midnight blue star filled sky. I sighed, smiling widely as I begin to walk down towards Tristan's house. Six houses down, I jumped at the sudden stream of music pouring out through Tristan's front window. Walking up the five steps that led to the door I banged loudly to make sure he heard me.

"CONNIE!" Jess squealed before she jumped on me nearly causing me to fall backwards down the stairs.

"Sorry." She muttered as she steadied me before tugging me through the door frame, greeted by my other 5 best friends, Tristan, Elliot, Kirsty, Chrissie and Rhys.

"Hey guys." I say grinning before I hug every one of them, saving Tristan till last. Squeezing my arms around Tristan I feel his hands on my waist before pulling back.

"You're looking hot girl!" Said Tristan; causing me to laugh at his put on gay voice.

"Yeah, yeah" I rolled my eyes as I heard the music shut off and watch as my other friends began putting their coats on. "So, where are we going?" I asked in an eager tone but still full of excitement.

"Somewhere you're not going to know about till we get there." I hear Jess's voice behind me as I feel a blindfold being pulled over my eyes.

"NO WAY." I say as I reached up to un-cover them but shamefully my wrists became caught in Rhys and Elliot's hands.

"Yes way." I hear Tristan's voice in my ear causing me to shudder. "Don't worry; we will be here with you."

I forced a smile yet I still felt vulnerable, not knowing if my friends were tipsy or not.

"Let's go!" I hear Chrissie say as the door opened. Rhys and Elliot leading me by my hands to the door, I feel that we are outside, as they let go of my hands and one of them grabs my ankles. Pulling my off my feet so they can carry me down the stairs, reaching the bottom I feel Tristan's hand slip into mine as we begin to walk down the road.

"Ugh, I don't like this, I feel really vulnerable." I say as I feel his hand squeeze mine reassuringly.

"Stop worrying, you should be more afraid of the test."

Crap, I forgot about that. I thought to myself as I realise that's probably were we are going. Close by I hear Chrissie and Kirsty talking also Rhys and Elliot talking about what sounds like to be a football game.

At least four minutes past before I broke the silence between me and Tristan, "Are we nearly there?"

"Yup, a few more yards."

Walking about twenty paces we stop, standing still I let Tristan take of my blind fold, as my eyes adjusted to the new light.

"No way." I say stubbornly as I look up at the huge gates of the deserted carnival amusement park that closed a couple of years ago.

"Oh, common it will be fun." Said Elliot; coaxingly in my left ear.

"Oh go on Connie." I hear Rhys say in my right ear.

Looking over at Chrissie, Kirsty and Jess I see their smiles of eagerness, giving in I say "Okay, but can we please stick together?"

"Sure." They all agree before I watched Kirsty slide through the bars with ease. I was so jealous of her perfect skinny frame, compared to my curvy hips and puppy fat.

"Come hear" I feel Tristan tug my arm as we followed Rhys, Elliot, Jess and Chrissie through a larger gap in the bars.

"Oh stop shitting yourself." Taunted Kirsty, but I knew she was joking.

Grasping Chrissies hand I squeezed it as I held Tristan's in the other. In front Elliot and Kirsty were holding hands; we all knew they were in a relationship.

Looking around at the fallen signs and wind swept buildings I slowly begin to build up the courage to ask. "What's my test then?"

"Well, it's just a mix of drinking and daring. We just chose hear because it's an adventure." Rhys answered. "It was my idea too." He continued, grinning.

"Mhmm, yeah well I'm really freaked out." I admitted as we continued to walk around, before reaching the hall of mirrors. My eyes widened slightly as I felt Chrissies hand leave mine and Tristan's hand give it a tight squeeze before letting go.

"Wait, you want me to go in alone?" I asked shocked as Kirsty throws a torch at me. "You expec-"

"Yes, we expect you to go in and come out the other side." Interrupted Tristan "We will be waiting for you, we promise."

I tried to say something but my mouth didn't seem to form words, but I still couldn't believe that I was afraid of a hall of mirror even though on films they were always very terrifying. "I…i." I stuttered as I felt Jess push on my back forcing me through the door frame.

"Wait!" I heard Elliot say as he took my bag from my shoulder.

"No. My phone is in their!" I said, as he shrugs.

"It's the rule. Go in and get out."

Switching on the torch I watched as they all began to walk to the right, obviously going to the other side. I started walking my plan was to look at the ground and walk, not look in the mirrors, because I knew they would confuse me.

My fast walk was suddenly interrupted by several screams. Causing me to jolt straight up and look behind me, but It looked as if the way back was blocked off. Looking back down at the floor I turn fully around running in the direction I just came in. Reaching the outside I slowly looked up to find Tristan lying a few yards away from me, not moving.

"TRISTAN!" my scream pierced the quite carnival as I ran and knelt beside his now dead body. I feel my heart slowly tear in my chest as I let out a sob I seemed to have been choking on.

"CONNIE!" I hear Kristy's scream as I turn rapidly to be greeted by six strangers, holding every one of my closest friends.

"Shut up." I hear the low growl of the Man holding Kirsty.

Looking around I see that there is one man, empty handed. My hand was still on Tristan's body as I stared at him, he was beautiful, dark hair, green eyes, pale skin, tall yet extremely muscular. I let my hands leave Tristan's body as I slowly stood planting my feet to stop them from shaking.

"What did you do?!" I exclaim letting my anger and pain radiate off my body.

I watched as his head cocked to the side looking at me with those piercing green eyes.

"I asked you a fucking question." I continue with a hard tone.

Lifting up his hand, he observed it before pushing the air causing me to fly backwards into the metal fencing. Sinking to the floor I felt a hand grab my chin pulling me up from my crumbled position.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that." I hear his voice in my head, silky and low.

"I can speak whatever the fuck I want." I growl as his hand slides down slightly gripping my throat, choking me for five seconds before letting go.

I watch as his eyes roll, before flashing red turning to me. Not taking his eyes off me he orders quietly "Kill them, and when you're finished suck the boy dry too." These words seem to turn my blood to ice let alone the sight, causing tears to stream down my face.

Placing one hand on my right shoulder, he used his left hand to sweep my hair to the side. "Want a little taster of the pain, Constance?"

I shuddered at the way he said my name as his mouth gently brushes my neck, before rapidly sinking in his incisors into my jugular. The pain was indescribable as it was like poison being pulsed through my body slowly and painfully. Ugh this isn't how I wanted to die, yet I wasn't even sure if this was real or not as I black spots begin to cloud my vision.

Pulling back I heard him sigh as he leaned against my ear, whispering "Don't worry, beautiful. You're not dying, and this is very real." And this was all I heard before I fell into the black.


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