Terra: The Fourth Era Anew X Rated Scenes

By: Ranger Wolfie

Chapter 1, It\'s the naughty side of Terra: The Fourth Era Anew book my partner and I are writing. The scenes will make sense if you read the book then come here to see the behind the scenes action. NOTICE: THIS IS PURELY YOUR CHOICE TO READ THIS

Continuation of Episode 4: Santana and Dante

*Introduction to this scene is on Difference's page. :)

“Well here we are,” Dante says meekly. “Mhmm... Well I guess I’ll start,” Santana whispers seductively as she pressed close against him. Her hand removed his black and red cloak and kissed him softly.

Dante pulls away slightly and frowns a bit. “Relax,” Santana whispers in his ear and kisses him lightly on his neck. Dante moans softly and then she bites down gently. “Mmmm,” Dantes moans out softly. Santana smiles and kisses him. He kisses back and she slips in her tongue. As they are french kissing, they both moan as their tongues dance. Santana presses her hips against his. Dante presses back as he is already hard.

Santana pulls away and takes off her red dress. She is stunning unclothed. Her olive skin looked so soft as the candlelight flickered and danced around. Her red, straight hair that flows past her shoulders. Her big, large, rounded breasts. Nipples hard and erect. Such a lovely hourglass figure. Dante stood there with his mouth open. Santana winks and walks up to him, still wearing her red high heels, and closes his mouth. Dante snaps out of it and takes in the view. He reaches to touch her breasts but draws back a bit. She grabs his wrist gently and place it on her breast. Dante squeezes gently and Santana moans softly. He then takes his other hand and places it on her other breast and does the same.

“Oh, Dante...”, Santana moans out. Dante groans a bit as he squeezes them. He then plays with her nipples. Pinching, gently twisting and pulling. Santana moans and immediately takes off Dante’s long black shirt. His tan skin almost glowed as the candlelight flickered around him. His broad, strong shoulders made Santana shiver from pleasure. “I love men with broad shoulders,” Santana whispered.

Dante then pulls her close and kisses her passionately. She can feel something poking her just below her belly button. She smiles slyly and pulls away a bit to get on her knees. She rubs the bulge in his pants and moans softly. Dante moans. Santana pulls down his black semi-tight pants and gasps as she is greeted with his big thick dick.

“How big are you?,” she asks blushing.

“11 inches,” he said with a hint of shyness.

“Mmm... Dante, can I touch it?,” she asks, her voice full of lust. He nods and she slowly reaches out to stroke it. It twitched as she touched it and she smiles. She then starts stroking slowly at first then she spits on it and makes it nice and wet. she strokes faster and faster and Dante moans loudly. He grabs her hair and pulls it. She moans and looks up at him, eyes full of sheer lust.

“Lick it. Put it in your mouth. Now.,” Dante commands. She moans softly and does as she is told. She licks the tip of his cock and puts it in her mouth, gently sucking it. He moans and pulls her hair a bit. She then suddenly deep throats and Dante moans her name loudly and starts thrusting it in and out of her mouth. Santana can feel herself get very wet and hot down there. She then stops and begs, “Dante, please. I want you in me. Please, I want you.”

“Silence! I’m the one in control, but if you wish so badly then fine” He then picks her up and places her on the bed. He gently opens her legs and sees her wet pussy. He moans and licks his lips. Santana breathes fast as he gets down. He slowly slides in his middle finger and fingers her gently. Santana moans his name. He takes it out and licks his finger. “You taste so good..” he whispers and then he licks her clit and she shudders from the the intense pleasure. He licks her pussy up and down and eating her out. All Santana can do is just moan and basically scream his name. Until she started to beg for him to put it in her. He smirks and says,” you want this in you?” pointing to his big, thick, throbbing cock.

She nods and he pulls her to him. Rubbing it to her opening and then sticks it in hard and deep. “You’re so tight, Santana!” He moans out loudly. She moans his name as he slowly starts to go in and out of her slowly. As he gains speed he starts to moan louder and louder. Santana does the same. He rubs her clit to intensify her pleasure and she screams out his name.

“Dante! Dante! I’m.... going to cum!”

“Me too!”

“Let’s cum together please, please!” As he thrusts faster, he can feel that she is tightening ready to orgasm any second.

“I’m cumming!!!” She screams. She then climaxes and Dante shoves it deep in and cums deep in her womb. He slowly takes it out and Santana breathes fast and hard as some of Dantes cum is coming out of her. Dante gently kisses her. She then quickly gets up and wipes her opening with a cloth laying on the floor. “I must go. My brother must be wondering where I am,” she says as she puts on her dress. Dante puts on his clothes. A moment passed by until Dante says, “We should do this again sometime.”

“Yes, we should,” she quickly kisses him and vanished out his room.

Dante smiles as he cleans up the mess and goes out the door as well

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