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Treading Water

Novel By: PurpleSky

(SEQUEL TO THIN ICE) Sam and Doug's friendship is still going strong, yet the saucy encounter between Sam and Doug's dad is still in the back of both their minds. Against all odds, Sam has actually managed to find a long term boyfriend and Doug is starting to make friends. But when Steven turns up again, ready to destroy everything, will Sam resist temptation or press that looming self-destruct button? View table of contents...


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"You two know each other?" asked Jason, sounding bewildered as he moved to stand by his girlfriend's side.
Steven grinned wide like a shark, making Sam's insides cringe back. "Oh yes, we-"
"He's Doug's dad," Sam cut him off quickly before he revealed too much.
Jason's eyebrows rose in surprise. "Really? Small world." He laughed.
Steven's eyes sparkled at Sam. "It sure is. Hey, Jason." He eyes flicked to him. "A few reports have piled up on my desk, do you mind filing them for me?"
"Erh, yeah. Sure." Jason smiled and pressed his hand to the small of Sam's back. "C'mon, I'll give you a tour on the way."
"Oh, no, I was thinking Sam and I could have a little catch up." Steven smiled at Jason. "Just do that filing for me and I'll give you an extra ten minutes for your lunch."
Looking a little confused, obviously sensing that he was missing something, Jason took his hand back from Sam and started making his way to the door. "Okay…oh, I haven't finished photocopying-"
Steven gave him a dismissive wave. "I'll do that. Don't worry."
Jason gave Sam a curious look before slipping out of the room.

When Sam was sure that they were alone, she clenched her jaw and sent Steven a glare. "What the hell? Now he's going to know something's up."
Steven just gave her an unconcerned smile. "So you haven't told him about us?"
"Why would I?" she hissed.
"Well, he is your boyfriend. Surely he has the right to know."
"Are you seriously giving me relationship advice? Hey, how's the divorce going?" She arched an eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest to try and conceal as much of her body as she could from him.
He huffed a laugh and stepped closer to her. She shrank back against the photocopier that was still chugging away. "I've thought about you a lot, Sam."
Her heart plummeted and her blood ran cold. His blue eyes bore down on her. They were so much like Doug's but when she looked close enough, she could see the coldness in them that Doug's lacked.
He stepped closer again and Sam stumbled back, grabbing onto the machine behind her.
"Have you thought about me?" he asked, cocking his head.
"Not in the way you'd like," she replied bitterly. But her body was responding to the heat radiating from his body, so close to hers. The memory of them both in Doug's kitchen started to penetrate her thoughts. The way his lips felt on hers. The feel of his body underneath his suit.

Her breathing started to hitch and she silently begged he wouldn't notice. But the smug curve of his lips told her he had.
"I thought we had a good run, you and I," he said.
"It was wrong. Doug's my friend-"
"And I'm his dad." He let out a dramatic gasp. "What a scandal. But you revelled in it, didn't you?"
She narrowed her eyes. "It's in the past. It's over. I've moved on."
Steven let out a laugh, stepping back and jerking his thumb to the door. "With Jason? My doormat? Really, Sam, you can do better than that."
"Don't talk about him like that. He's a good person. He's good for me."
"He's boring. Face it, Sam." He slotted his hands into his pants pockets. "You're not a relationship type of girl. You're fun. You're free. You're naughty." He smirked.
"I'm happy with Jason."
He cocked his head. "Are you? Are you really?"
Doubt set her heart like ice. Steven saw her face pale, and grinned.
"That's what I thought."
She shook her head. "I've changed. I'm not that girl anymore. Jason is my boyfriend and I like being with him. Only him. All that sleeping around…that's behind me."
He smiled and dropped his eyes to the floor, inspecting his polished shoes. "You keep telling yourself that."
Anger burned like a white hot flame inside it and she snapped out, "It's true."
He held his hands up and opened his mouth as if to say something, then the door opened. He turned and Jason slipped back into the room, looking wide-eyed and uneasy.

"All filed, Mr Gold," he said to Steven.
Steven nodded. "Thanks for that. Well, anyway." He spun to the door. "You two can go off on your little dinner date, I won't hold you back any longer."
Jason smiled and let out a little nervous laugh. "Thanks, sir."
"And Sam." Sam's eyes widened and Steven turned to look back at her. He smiled, a smile that actually looked sincere. "It was nice seeing you again."
"Yeah." Sam threw back a tight-lipped smile. "You too."
He nodded his farewell and left.
Jason stayed staring at the door a moment before turning back to Sam.
"So, Doug thinks his dad's a dick? I get it."
She laughed. "Not fond of your boss?"
"He likes to exercise his power a little too much and makes me feel like this big." He measured about an inch between his fingers.
Sam wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close. Instinctively, he wrapped his around her waist. "Well, I know you're much bigger than that."
He grinned and kissed her. "So, what did he want to talk to you about?"
Sam drew away from him and looked down, messing with the hem of her blouse. "Oh, erm, he just wanted to know how Doug was doing." Her head bounced up, her eyes unusually bright. "So lunch?"
He laughed at her over excited expression and gestured to the door. "Let's get out of here."

Sam kept her eyes either forward or on Jason as they left the building. Thankfully, Steven wasn't around. When they stepped out of the door and onto the busy streets, she felt like she could relax but her muscles were still stiff. Part of her wanted to look back, to see if he was watching from one of the many windows and was surprised that a part of her actually wanted to see him there. But she didn't let that part win. Jason wrapped his arm around her middle and she leaned in close to him as they made their way to a café.
It was just a freaky coincidence, Sam. Forget about it. You're with Jason. She ran her hand down his chest and he smiled down at her before she stole a kiss. You like being with Jason. He's good for you.
He was good for her. Too good for her. Things were going too well. She could feel a black cloud rolling up behind her, ready to rain on her parade. And now she knew what that black cloud was.


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