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(FINISHED) Sam depends on her relationship with best friend Doug, it's the only thing in her life that she hasn't managed to screw up. But when she meets his dad for the first time, and her feelings for Doug start to shift, things start to get very complicated. View table of contents...


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Steven's gasp of surprise was muffled by Sam's tongue. He gripped her hips as she clutched onto his back and deepened the kiss. Steven's hands smoothed over her slender body as Sam's nails clawed at his back as if trying to shred his shirt off him. The kiss was hungry and primal, their bodies writhing together as they collected their breath in panting gasps.
Her hands then slipped down his front to his crotch. Expertly, she pushed his pants and boxers to his knees. She broke the kiss and flicked his nose with hers with a smile. "I want you to fuck me in my ass, okay?"
Steven's eyes bugged. "O-okay."
She grinned and spun round.
Steven swallowed a gasp. It was the first time he'd seen the tattoo that covered her entire back. He wasn't a fan of tattoos, like is son, and part of him thought that it ruined her otherwise perfect body. But there was something unusually hot about the way the roots of the roses ebbed away over the curve of her ass. She bucked against him and he smoothed his hands over the feline curve of her back, to which she moaned contently.
It was a little daunting to him that she wanted anal. He had only done it once before with Myrna back when they were in their honeymoon period and they were both eager to explore each other's bodies. Steven had suggested it to her and she pulled a face but gave it a go anyway. Bad idea. Myrna said it hurt too much and when Steven told her it was because she wasn't relaxed, he accidentally started an argument that lasted the rest of the night. He knew he was right, of course. Because that was Myrna. Frigid.
That's why he never tried anal when he had that little fling in Germany, the thought stirred up too many bad memories. He remembered the tears streaming down Myrna's face and the ugly argument that came after them.
But now Sam was asking for it. Meaning she enjoyed it. There was no room for bad memories now.
Sam wiggled her ass against Steven's upright cock which made his body jerk and his mind snap back to the present.
Steven tentatively slipped a finger into her ass and smiled at how easily it went in. He had gotten her so wet that her juices had ran down the crack of her ass. But just to be safe, he sank balls deep into her pussy first to lube himself before stretching her back entrance.
He did this with a slight wince, expecting her to cry and make the horrible sounds Myrna did that night. But she didn't. Instead, her head lolled back and she pushed herself back against him so he'd fill her faster. Steven's face was lit with a smile of relief as he gripped her hips and started to thrust into her. Moan after moan spilled out of Sam's mouth as he rocked against him.
"Yes. Steven."
He circled his hand around her neck and pulled her back so her back smack against his chest. He put his lips to her ear as he continued to pound into her tight little ass.
"Say my name again," he whisper in a husky tone that made Sam's knees go weak.
"Steven…" she moaned back and then continued to moan every time he hit her in just the right spot.
She gripped the back of his head and angled her face so her forehead rested against his jaw. The hand on her neck slid to her breast and he cupped it tightly to support himself as he quickened his pace and drilled into her deeper.
While all this was happening, there was a glorious fog inside Steven's head. Was this some sort of intense dream? How could this actually be happening? Is he actually pounding a naked, nineteen year old in the ass in his kitchen? Not possible. Seriously…this can't be possible. Surely he's going to wake up at any moment with sticky sheets?
The thoughts suddenly dispersed as the pleasure took over and he could feel his balls tightening, reading to burst.
Sam's hand clamped over his on her breast and hip and clutched them as she came, squeezing his fingers together almost painfully as she moaned with pleasure down his ear. Then Steven's body jerked and his orgasm took over him, shooting his seed inside her. He expelled a final, panting breath and they both stayed still, clinging onto one another as their orgasms subsided.
Sam's legs were trembling as she tried to catch her breath. Steven rested his forehead on her shoulder and closed his eyes as he felt himself shrinking. He pulled back a little and let himself slip out of her.
Sam let go of his hands and grabbed the counter top as he leaned away from her and parted her ass cheeks. He pressed his finger tip into the glob of cum that had forced its way out of her crinkled hole. When he lifted his hand, she turned to face him with her mouth already open and a sultry look in her deep brown eyes. He smiled and placed his finger on her tongue. She clamped her lips down on his finger and swirled her tongue around it. His mouth gaped and a shallow breath left him as the sensations of her tongue made him tingle all over. She opened her mouth and he retracted his finger.
Steven zipped himself back up and inspected his creased up shirt with a frown as Sam studied her own naked body. Her clothes were scattered all over the tiled floor but before she could redress, she needed to do something about her thighs that were covered in her juice.
"You got a towel?" she asked, looking back up at Steven.
He nodded and grabbed one from under the sink. He tossed it to her and watched as she cleaned herself off with the towel they use to dry the dishes.
"You might wanna wash that," she said, handing it back to him. She bent down to collect her underwear then turned back to him. "Or not, your choice." She winked.
Steven's fingers curled up in the towel and he held it to his chest. He could smell her arousal on it. Maybe he might not wash it…
After Sam was fully dressed again, she passed Steven and began heading for the door.
"Hey, wait!" Steven called after her.
She spun on her heel with a smile. "Yes?"
His words caught in his mouth. "Erhh..err…when will I see you again?"
"I tutor Doug every Wednesday, remember?" She smiled and continued on her way.
"Yes, I know. But I mean…like this," he said, tailing her.
Sam sighed. "I don't know. I'll keep you posted. Okay?"
Steven's heart sank but he nodded anyway.
"Okay." She smiled and opened the front door. "Look, this was fun. You did good." She patted him on the shoulder with a smile as if he was a kid that just ate all his greens.
And then she was gone.
Steven shut the door behind him and leaned against it with a frown, the feeling that he had been completely used eating away at him.


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