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(FINISHED) Sam depends on her relationship with best friend Doug, it's the only thing in her life that she hasn't managed to screw up. But when she meets his dad for the first time, and her feelings for Doug start to shift, things start to get very complicated. View table of contents...


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Sam stood at Doug's door for a moment, suddenly feeling very apprehensive. Not about her skills at seduction, no, she was a very confident girl even though she wasn't really sure why, given her background. But she was apprehensive about doing all the things she was thinking about on the walk over…with Doug's dad. Doug's friendship was all she cared about and yet here she was, stood, ready to quite possible damage it beyond repair.
As she stood, mulling over her options, the image of Steven's crystallising blue eyes seemed to flash in her mind and she quickly knocked on the door.
Seconds later, it opened and Steven was stood before her in a white shirt and charcoal pants. Sam had her locks tied up in a messy bun and was wearing a black vest, grey joggers and her black Nike trainers. She knew she didn't have to dress up for men to find her attractive, she had one of those bodies that looked good in anything.
Steven smiled and gestured for her to come in. "So, you got my not-so-subtle invite?"
She stepped in. "It was hard to miss."
Even though she had been in this house countless times before, it suddenly felt very different, probably because what her and Steven were about to do was running in the back of her mind.
"Can I ask you a question?" said Steven as he wandered into the dining room.
"Sure," said Sam, following him into the kitchen.
"How old are you?" He glanced back at her, almost fearfully.
She laughed. "Nineteen."
He nodded. "I thought so."
"Is…that a problem?"
His blue eyes widened at her. "A problem? No, no…it's not a problem at all."
"Good." Suddenly, she grabbed Steven by the shoulders, spun him around and pinned him against the fridge. He gasped and stared at her wide-eyed. "Let's get to it then." When she reached down and stroked his crotch, he gasped again and started to stutter.
"M-mine and Myrna's relationship, it's…not working out. Something happened…it's not been the same since. And I know you're my son's friend but, I mean…look at you."
Sam studied him. And in that silence, he was able to study her. This was the closest they had ever been to one another.
Sam was sensational. Not your typical beauty queen but she just oozed sexiness. A dusting of freckles covered the tops of her cheek, and her thin, lupine nose went so perfectly with her chocolate eyes. The smudged, grey eye make-up gave her the rough, I-don't-give-a-fuck look which made Steven's throat go dry.
She squinted up at him. "Are you honestly trying to justify what we're about to do?"
He gulped and shrugged.
She laughed. "Well, if you're worried you're going to get the world's worst dad title, don't worry, it's already been taken by mine." The backs of her eyes burned and the ache that never quiet went away pulsed rapidly in her chest. "My dad left my mum when she found out she was pregnant. I never even knew him. And now my mum hates me because she blames me for being alone." Steven gulped and suddenly felt very awkward. But then Sam laughed and the intensity of the moment wore off. "So, now that we're done sharing sob stories, how about you let me carry on doing my thing?"
"O-okay." Steven nodded.
Sam smiled back and unzipped his pants. Before Steven knew it, she was on her knees before him, yanking his boxers down. He let out a shaky gasp when Sam's warm hand wrapped around his hard shaft. This girl really was something else.
She smiled up at him with a twinkle in her eyes and kissed the head of his cock before taking it in her mouth. His hips bucked and he tangled his fingers into her hair. The way he tugged at her hair made the familiar fluttering start in Sam's stomach and she started sucking him with more vigour. She started to moan deep in the back of her throat, making the vibrations shoot right through Steven. He stiffened against the fridge and held onto her hair tighter as the ball of her tongue piercing rubbed against him. Is this why she had that done? he thought.
She stroked his thighs and squeezed his ass as she licked and sucked. He started to make hollow groans in the back of his throat which was making Sam wet so she worked on him faster and cupped his balls to make his cum quicker. She smiled around him as she felt his grow harder before his cum shot to the back of her throat. She continued to suck and squeeze his balls until he turned limp and dropped out of her mouth.
She wiped her lips and stood up with a self-satisfied smile on her face.
Steven just blinked at her, caught between shocked and amazed.
She grabbed him by his collar and pushed herself up onto her tiptoes. Steven puckered his lips, expecting a kiss, but instead, she laughed lightly and whispered against his lips, "Now it's your turn."
Before Steven had time to react she let go of him and was crossing the room. She spun and rested against the counter, facing him. She kicked off her trainers and pulled down her joggers.
Steven gulped hard, his eyes widening as he took in her simple black girl boxers and her pale, toned legs.
She stepped out of her joggers and kicked them aside with her trainers then crooked her finger to him, signalling for him to come closer. He did, as if caught under a spell.
He stood before her, awaiting instructions. Seriously, how did he get into the situation? He was being dominated by a nineteen year old!
Next, she pulled off her top and threw it aside.
Steven's heart sped up as his eyes licked up every inch of the girl stood in her underwear in the middle of his kitchen.
Sam smiled when his blue orbs stuck to her cleavage. He's definitely a boob man, she thought. "If my bra is restricting your view, feel free to remove it."
And, with his slightly sweating palms, he did just that, popping open her bra clasp from behind. She helped him with the straps and he threw it to the floor with the rest of her clothes.
Sam's breasts weren't large, a steady 34B and seemed in proportion to his slim yet toned physique. But what Steven liked the most about them was there pertness and the little pink -hard- nipples that topped them like cherry drops.
She flattened down his collar with a soft smile, making his wide eyes shoot back to hers.
"Take my panties off," she stated and Steven instantly felt himself growing hard again.
He hooked his thumbs over the waistband of her boxers and started to tug them down, keeping his eyes trained on hers as if fearful to accidentally do something wrong. When he pushed them as far down as he could without bending, he started to panic a little. Sam smiled and he relaxed, bending down to continue. As he lowered himself past Sam's chest, he paused briefly when his nose brushed against her breast and she sucked in a gasp. But still fearing to somehow anger her and draw this to a sudden, disappointing close, he bent down lower, pushing her panties past her knees and smiled to himself when he looked down. The small strip of dark hair was evidence that his initial thought was right, she wasn't a natural blonde. Just as he was standing up, Sam grabbed his curls and forced him to stay put. "Stay down there."
Steven sucked in a breath, hard already. He didn't need any more verbal instructions and got right to work. He parted her lower lips with his fingers and licked up her wet slit, which rewarded him with a sexy, shaky moan from Sam. She loosened her grip on his hair and started running her fingers through his curls, pressing him closer and then letting go when the pressure got too much and her body shook with pleasure. The sounds Sam was making made Steven smile. He was always proud of what he could do to women. Myrna was like this at the start…before she got boring. Steven found that it was only logical to seek women who actually wanted to sleep with him, rather than almost begging Myrna for at least a quickie while Doug was out. But even their quickies weren't much. Always military and Myrna never got off on them. She just lay there until it was over. Steven even had to think of other women to get himself up. And after she found out about his affair, even the disappointing quickies ceased to exist.
But Sam was different. Sam loved the attention he was giving her juicy, wet pussy. He pushed two fingers inside her and she almost crumbled. Her knees gave out and she sank down onto his hand before gripping the edge of the counter and stabling herself. Steven watched, his eyes shifted from his disappearing fingers to her flushed face. Sam chewed her lips with a sultry smile whenever those gorgeous blues were sent her way. He started to suck her clit while still pumping his fingers. Sam's moans hitched and she started to grind against him. She grabbed his hair again and forced him closer to her.
Sam sensed she was teetering on the edge. The contortions in her stomach grew and her legs started to spasm. She forced herself to let go of his hair but he was still sucking and licking. He pulled his fingers out and used them to part her lips as he closed his eyes and started eating her out with even more vigour.
Myrna wasn't into foreplay. This was the first time Steven had gone down on a woman since the fling in Germany. And he was loving it just as much as Sam was.
"Steven. Stop. I'm close. Fuck me," Sam panted but the pleasure was too much. Her hands went back to the counter. She dug the heels of her palms into the granite and closed her eyes to the ceiling, still rocking against his face. "Steven…stop…"
He moved his mouth away just long enough to say, "not until I've tasted you," before claiming her pussy with his tongue once more.
Sam gave in. She draped her leg over his shoulder and pinned him to her. Her shaking fingers returned to his hair as she circled her hips against his tongue.
"Yes…yes…yes…" she panted with her head tipped back.
Her orgasm hit her. Hard. She curled into him as it wracked through her body. She gripped his curls so tight it made Steven wince. Her heel dug into the centre of his back and her body curled forwards, over him. Steven stayed there, slowing his tongue as her flavour of her arousal painted it.
When her pleasure began to ebb away, Sam's grip on Steven loosened. She unfurled herself and dropped her leg, replacing her foot on the floor. She tried to stand but her body wasn't ready let so instead, she leaned against the counter. Steven knelt in front of her, sucking his fingers and licking his lips. He smiled when he caught her eyes, watching him.
She grabbed his collar and pulled him to his feet. He wobbled towards her with a laugh. She stared into his eyes, stroking the soft skin behind his ears with her thumbs. Steven stayed silent but not even her unreadable expression could wipe the smile off his face.
If this was it. If this was over. He'd be happy.
Suddenly, she gasped as if finding her breath again. "Steven."
His cock twitched in his pants at her cool yet domineering tone. "Yes?" he asked after clearing his throat.
"I told you to fuck me."


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