Thin Ice

By: PurpleSky

Chapter 12,

     Doug nearly tripped over his own feet as he flew down the stairs to open the door. He’d spent the last hour pacing up and down his bedroom, giving himself pep talks…and spraying his armpits with deodorant. He was very nervous. And how could he not be? He was about to get intimate with the girl of his dreams!
      He paused behind the door for a moment and collected himself before answering. Sam stood on his doorstep wearing the outfit he had seen her in at college. An oversized black knitted jumper, tartan skinny jeans and creepers. Her black and blonde hair was tied up in a messy bun on top of her head and her eye make-up was smoky and heart-stoppingly sexy.
      She chewed her red lips and cocked her pierced eyebrow. “So, it’s time.”
      Doug laughed nervously and stepped aside to allow her access. “Come in.” She did, brushing her shoulder against his chest as she made her way into the hall. The touch instantly made Doug’s body tingle all over and he let out a steadying breath.
      Sam’s brown eyes lifted to the stairs. “Your bedroom?”
       He just nodded, closing the door. She smiled to herself, sensing his nervousness and mentally noting that she’d have to take the reins tonight.
      Sam had been in Doug’s room countless times, they used to study in there but would always get distracted by his comic books or his computer or something else. That’s when they moved to the dining room. She smiled as she scanned the large square room. A big double bed sat in the middle, a computer desk on the far wall and shelves upon shelves of comic books and collectors figurines. Most of them boxed to keep their value. Sam used to always tease him that she’d open one when he wasn’t looking. It wasn’t a joke Doug was particularly fond of.
      She jumped when the door shut behind her and turned to see Doug making his way over to her tentatively. He was wearing a plaid shirt, opened over a The Flash t-shirt and his usual baggy jeans which Sam was hoping she could make him chuck out and replace them with a pair a little more fitting. There was a great ass hiding underneath them, she just knew it. And soon she’d be finding out. Her heart flipped at the thought and she quickly looked into his eyes after realising she’s been staring at his crotch as her inner monologue rambled on.
      Doug carefully perched himself at the foot of his bed and peered up at her, those big blue eyes wide and slightly fearful. Sam tried to show him the warmest smile she could as she settled beside him. She placed a hand on his thigh and he tensed, staring down at it.
      His eyes shot to her.
      “If I’m moving too fast, just say. Okay? Just tell me to stop.”
      He nodded but he knew there was no way in hell he’s utter that word. Even if she went all Christian Grey on his ass and pulled out a load of whips and chains, he’s be happy to take it.
      But she didn’t do that, of course. Instead, she lightly touched his cheek and angled his face to hers. She pressed her forehead against his, brushing their lips together.
      Doug’s heart was drumming so hard he thought she might be able to hear it. But she didn’t, she was too focused on their lips. The way the softest of touches felt like she’d set herself on fire. She wanted to jump him, bite him, suck him, fuck him. But she didn’t. Not yet. She didn’t want to scare him and damage their relationship. She needed to take it slow.
      She dipped her head and pressed her lips flush against his. She laughed when he held back a moan. The hand on his cheek slipped to behind his head and she pushed her tongue into his mouth. He gladly accepted it and deepened the kiss. And the kiss started to get more passionate and frivolous, his glasses kept knocking against Sam nose so she broke away from him and took them off. “Can you see without them?” she asked.
       Still a little dazed, he nodded. “Yeah, I just need them for long distance.”
       She smiled and placed them at the edge of his desk. “Good job we’re close then.”
      Too close, Doug thought and gulped. Too close. He could feel himself hardening in his jeans and all they had done up to now was kiss. 
      Sam noticed the worry in his eyes. “Are you okay?”
      He glanced down at the hand on his thigh and nodded but his voice broke, “Yeah, I’m fine.”
      She smiled and pushed her fingers through his curls before leaning back into him. “Good.”
      They resumed their kissing and everything felt good. It felt right, as if they’d been doing this the whole time. As if they should have been doing this the whole time.
       But then Sam’s hand on his thigh started to wander and soon she had popped open the button of his jeans. They were still kissing but his eyes were open, panicked as he felt himself growing even harder. She tugged down his fly with an effort and slipped her hand under, stroking his shaft over his briefs.
       Holy crap, this is happening, screamed Doug inside his head. This is actually happening. Oh my God. Sam has her hand on my dick. Sam has her hand on my dick. Samhasherhandonmydick!
      He jerked forwards and grabbed her around her waist for stability as she started to stroke him, rubbing the heel of her palm over the head of his cock that was already leaking pre-cum.
      Focus on the kiss. It’ll all be fine. Just focus on the kiss. If you shoot I will kill you, I swear. She’s just stroking…it’s fine. Her hand hasn’t even touched you yet. It’s fine.
      But he couldn’t focus on the kiss, not while the girl of his dreams was rubbing his-
       “Holy fuck!” he gasped, shuddering as he came in his briefs. 
       Sam’s lips pressed together, trying to contain a laugh as his now soaked boxers stuck to her hand. Doug’s face turned tomato red and he shuffled back on the bed, making Sam pull out her hand. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I just couldn’t-”
       “It’s fine,” she laughed good naturedly and wiped her hand on a tissue from her pocket. “If anything, it’s a compliment.”
        He just watched her sheepishly.
        “I can still keep going if you’d like? Or do you want to call it a night?”
        His eyes widened. “No, don’t go. We can keep going. I’m sure it’ll pop up again soon.”
        She laughed and stood up in front of him. “Okay, well, I’m going to have to get you out of those pants then.”
        He grinned up at her. “You first.”
        She arched her eyebrow with a smirk. “Oh wow, hello Mr. Confidence, where did you come from?”
       He laughed, blushing a little. “I was hoping it’d negate what just happened.”
       She smiled. “It’s already forgotten.” And without wasting another moment, Sam tugged her jumper over her head. Doug sucked in a breath at the sight of her simple black bra. She threw her jumper on the floor and started on her zipper. Doug watched, amazed at how comfortable she was with herself while he was still stalling, fearing the thought of being naked in front of Sam. She pushed her jeans down with an effort and tugged them off along with her creepers and socks so she stood in front of him in just her underwear.
       Doug smiled at her cute Wonder Woman boxers and felt a little less self-conscious about his Aquaman briefs. She crawled onto the bed and Doug watched as she made her way to the pillow on all fours with her ass in the air. His eyes widened at the tattoo covering her back. He hadn’t seen it fully before. The last time he saw her this naked was when she was fifteen and they went swimming together. She hadn’t had her tattoo then. But her boxers were still hiding the mystery that has been taunting him for years. Does the tattoo really travel further?
     She spun around, resting her back on the headboard, tucked her knees up and crooked a beckoning finger.
       Doug gulped, his eyes shining at her. But as he turned, placing his knees on the foot of the bed, he could feel the butterflies of nerves knocking inside his stomach transform into flurries of anticipation. His dreams were about to come true, after all.

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