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(FINISHED) Sam depends on her relationship with best friend Doug, it's the only thing in her life that she hasn't managed to screw up. But when she meets his dad for the first time, and her feelings for Doug start to shift, things start to get very complicated. View table of contents...


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Sam's mobile rang by her side. She didn't recognise the number but answered it anyway.
"Hello?" she said, dropping her magazine on her bed.
"Hi, Sam?"
"Who's this?"
"Steven," the voice replied and after a moment of silence, added, "Doug's dad."
"I know who you are, what do you want?"
Steven was clearly surprised by her sharp tone, he laughed awkwardly down the phone. "I was just wondering if…maybe you'd like to come round again sometime. Y'know, just you and me?"
"How did you get this number?" she asked as if he hadn't spoken.
"I found it on Doug's phone."
Sam sighed. "Goodbye, Steven."
She sighed again and started flicking through her magazine. "What?"
"You didn't answer me. Do you want to come round again?"
"No," she replied, her mind more focused on the style section.
"Why not?"
"Because we both got what we wanted, now it's time to move on. You're my best friend's dad, it was a mistake."
"But…it was good, right?" he asked hopefully.
"Yes. Now, I'm hanging up." And before Steven could say any more, that's exactly what she did.
She threw her phone onto the floor and her magazine with it. She was utterly confused. Her head was all over the place.
Why had she kissed Doug?
It just felt right in the moment, it didn't seem like a big deal.
But it was a big deal. It was a big deal because it actually felt great. She got all tingly just thinking about it.
Could it be possible that Sam had feelings for Doug?
It was ridiculous. Doug was nothing like the guys that Sam usually went for. They usually skipped college, had tattooed sleeves and rode motorbikes. Doug was the complete opposite of that. He had asked for her help when he wasn't getting the desired grade in Maths. He wore old grandpa cardigans and didn't have a favourite colour in fear that he would upset the other colours.
But is that why she liked him?
The relationships with all those other guys never lasted. In fact, it was a stretch to actually call them relationships. They usually lasted less than a week before they both would get bored and moved on.
And Sam had been friends with Doug for five years.
Yes, friends.
He was her only friend. And if she attempted to be more and end up freaking him out, she would lose everything.
She chewed her bottom lip and curled up into a ball on her bed. How was she supposed to move on from this?


There weren't many comic book stores in the UK, apparently it was more of an American thing. So when one opened up a year ago in the local shopping centre, Doug found himself there almost every week. That was where he actually had decent conversations with someone that wasn't Sam. There was a guy who came into the shop every now and again. He and Doug had a little moment when they both reached for the same The Amazing Spider-man comic book. Doug let him take it, being the kind-hearted soul that he was, and in return, he made a friend. Well, Doug wasn't sure if he could call him a friend seeing as though he didn't even know his name. They had spoken too many times without him knowing it that it seemed stupid to ask. So Doug just called him Socks because he always wore shorts and brightly coloured socks.
But Socks wasn't in the shop today, which Doug was thankful for. He needed some time alone and the comic book store was the perfect place. There was never more than five people in there at a time. Doug feared that it might close down soon so he made the most of it. So in the peaceful solitude, he thought about what had just occurred less than an hour ago.
Sam had kissed him.
Sam. The girl of his dreams. Had kissed him.
And it was a strong kiss too, Doug thought with a smile. But what did it mean? Was Doug just looking too deeply into things? Did he want Sam to like him so much that he was kidding himself?
He sighed and picked up an Iron Man comic book. If only he were like Tony Stark, a billionaire ladies' man. He could get any girl he wanted with a click of his fingers. What a way to live, he laughed to himself and ducked, averting his eyes when the man behind the counter gave him a funny look.
But Doug didn't want all the girls to fall at his feet, to swoon in his presence and beg him to take them to bed.
He just wanted Sam to love him the way he loved her.


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