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Please Mr.Schuester, can we have something more?

Novel By: PurpleSky

(FINISHED) A little bit of saucy Glee fan-fic. Gabby,a student, has her eyes on Mr.Schuester. She knows that it's only a matter of time before he can no longer resist temptation. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 29, 2012    Reads: 5,287    Comments: 9    Likes: 7   

"It's a shame you and Emma didn't work out" I say, leaning back against the piano in the choir room.

"Yes it is, but let's not discuss it" Mr. Schuester replies. I try to not make my smile known but it's hard. I've been waiting for them to split. It was inevitable really. She is far too high-maintenance and Mr.Schuester just needs to have some fun. "So, you said you wanted to practice a duet?"

"Yes" I gleam, twirl around and place the CD in the CD player that is sat on top of the piano.

"And you didn't want to practice with Puck? You two sing very well together"

"I know" I spin round to face him. "But I fancied a challenge"

I see his cheeks get a little flushed when he catches my sultry eyes on him.

"Well, there's no time like the present" he laughs nervously, cracking his knuckle against his palm.

"That's just what I was thinking" I reply. "It's No Air by Jordin Sparks. Do you know it?"

"It's hard to find a song that I don't know" he smiles playfully.

To be honest, I wish I had found a better song but my whole plan was so last minute. I needed a way to get Mr. Schu alone and I knew that asking for help with my singing sounded innocent enough for me to stay behind after glee rehearsal for one on one tuition. The song was sickly sweet and what I really wanted was to sing something hot and spicy but I knew that was too risky. I couldn't scare him off. I needed to be smart.

I hit the play button and sing the first line, looking deep into his eyes. He looks uncomfortable when I sing my verse but when it's his turn, the music seems to take over him. He has such a beautiful voice; I think it's half the reason why I find him so attractive. The other half is because he is bloody hot. We kid around and get really taken in with the song, moving around the piano as if we are chasing each other slowly and dramatically, pausing ever so often to gaze into each others eyes. Part of me thinks he does know that I have an ulterior motive because he knows that I don't need extra lessons. He thinks my voice is perfect the way it is. This spurs me on.

We're halfway through the song and it is his verse, he is looking deep into my eyes and I watch with a fluttering heart as he reaches out his hand to caress my cheek with his knuckle. A cold chill runs through my body as I anticipate his touch. But he catches himself just before our skin touches and something changes in his face. He turns pale and his eyes grow wide. Then he gives me a sullen look and strides over to the CD player, switching it off just before I open my mouth to sing. I turn to him, confused when I see his stiff posture.

"That's enough" he says and peers at me over his tense shoulder.

"The song wasn't over" I reply.

"But this is" he says and turns round fully. "We shouldn't have done this. I should have read the signs"

"What signs?" I flutter my eyelashes innocently.

"Don't make me say it Gabby, you know exactly what I mean"

I rest my elbows on the top of the piano and lean over it a little so he can see my cleavage. "Enlighten me" I cock my head.

He exhales and runs his fingers through his hair. His curls spring through them. "This was a mistake. I should have trusted my instincts but I was hoping they were wrong"

I see him glance down my top but his eyes quickly dart away.

"But they were right...weren't they?" I say, pushing myself off the piano. I move round it so I am in front of him but at a comfortable distance.

His jaw clenches as he eyes me up and down.

"Whatever feelings you have for me Gabby, you need to lose them. I am your teacher" he tries to sound firm but his voice quakes a little.

I try to look at him in the eyes but he averts his gaze.

"Don't try and make this seem all one-sided"

At this, his eyes widen a little in shock but he pulls himself together.

"This conversation is over" he says, finally looking back at me. His brows are knitted together in a demanding expression.

"Great. There's much better things we could be doing than talking" I reply softly. I bring my hand to touch his chest-

"Don't" he warns. His voice makes me jump and I stare at my open palm that hovers only an inch away from his chest. I think for a second but then continue. A warm rush fills every cell in my body when I spread my fingers over his thin shirt. I can feel him underneath me. His body tenses and I feel his heavy exhale brush through my hair. My fingers trail slowly up to his button but my hand is quickly slapped away and he jumps back.

"I said don't!" he bellows, making the hairs on my arms stand on end. My eyes narrow at him.

"You can't lie to yourself forever!" I snap.

His hands are clenched into fists by his sides. His heavy, angry breaths makes a warmth spread between my inner thighs. We both look at each other in an intense silence. It takes everything in me not to just tear off his clothes so we can have hot, angry sex on the piano.

He simply says, "You need to find a new duet partner"

I twirl around and take my CD out of the machine with a huff. As I walk past him, I brush against his shoulder making him jump back again but I can feel his eyes on my swaying ass as I leave the room.


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