Jamie's World

By: PurpleSky

Chapter 21, Jamie's a manipulator. A puppet master you could say, and we are all merely his puppets. Nora is his recent plaything but she doesn't seem to mind him pulling on her strings.

I start to focus back on my work. Jamie and I haven’t spoken for a week though we have seen each other almost every day in lectures. I had flashed him an apologetic smile to which he turned his head and looked back at the board. My assignment is finished and I am now in my room staring at the wall. I miss him. I shouldn’t after everything that I have heard but I do. He was broken. Everyone could see that. He wasn’t a happy person and suddenly it all made sense. His dad abused his mother. Witnessing that must have messed up his brain. He got abused himself. That must have hardened him. The psychologist in me is intrigued. It explains why he seems like an emotionless husk most of the time yet every now and again some of his humanity shines through.

      I shouldn’t have shut him out. He had opened up to me and I had left him to deal with the emotional turmoil all by himself. I had finally looked upon the real Jamie and I had tossed him aside. I’m a horrible person. My knees tuck up to my chest and I wrap my arms around them. He must feel so alone. That’s why he wants to shape the world around him. His view of the world has been distorted by his tragic past. He is an unhappy person. And I may be seeing things through rose-tinted glasses but at times, I thought I had changed that.

      My phone vibrates across my desk and I jump to my feet. My heart skips a beat when I see Jamie’s name lit up on the screen. My shaking hand grasps it and I hold it to my ear.


      “Hey,” he replies casually. The sound of his voice soothes me. I have missed it so much. “Time’s up.”


       “Time’s up. Come to my place.”

       My heart fumbles and my thighs clench together and the sudden warmth between them.

       “You can’t order me about,” I reply, slipping into my teasing tone. It is insane how easily Jamie can get me from being mad at him to being mad for him.

       “Are you disobeying me?”

       “What if I am?” I grin.

       “Well...I would have to punish you.”

       “How exactly?”

       “Get over to my place and find out.”

       I laugh and drop onto my bed. “You can’t get me that easily.”

       “Crap.” He sighs, “Just come over. I want to do something.”

       “Do something?” I ask, intrigued.

       “Yes. To you.”

       A slight moan seeps through my lips as the possibilities fill my mind. He must hear because he laughs.

       “There’s plenty more where that came from.”

       “You can’t just call me up and expect me to drop everything and see you.”

       “Yes I can.”

       “Oh, really? How’s that?”

       “Because you’re mine.”

       My pussy starts to throbs with need. I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to keep this up for.

      “I’m yours? Does that make me your sex slave?”

      He laughs lightly. “If you want to be.”

      I twirl my hair around my finger. “If I’m your slave, what does that make you?”

      “Your Master.”

      My eyes roll back and I sigh with a smile.

       “So get your tight little ass down here so I can have my way with you.”

       “Yes Master,” I coo and disconnect the call. I almost run out the door, not caring that I’m not wearing shoes. He’s only a floor away. Excited butterflies fill my stomach. I have missed him so much.


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