Jamie's World

By: PurpleSky

Chapter 10, Jamie\'s a manipulator. A puppet master you could say, and we are all merely his puppets. Nora is his recent plaything but she doesn\'t seem to mind him pulling on her strings.

Nina drops back, sitting on her ankles and stretches a hand out towards Jamie with a coy smile.

“Feeling left out, were we?” she teases. Jamie’s jaw tenses in frustration but she doesn’t seem to notice. I do though. And I’ve learnt to never make him do that. I bring my knees to my chest and hug them as if they are some protective barrier. He steps closer and closer to the bed, making my stomach twist more and more like a balloon animal. He takes Nina’s hand and moves round behind her, turning her round with him until she has her back to me. He mounts the foot of the bed, kneeling in front of her and grabs the sides of her face. I watch as he begins to kiss her. My heart plummets to the ground. I watch as he slips his hand down her black panties and starts making her moan and she puts her hand in his boxers and does the same. They both moan into each other mouths. Nina lifts herself up a little and I can see the outline of Jamie’s knuckles through her slightly parted thighs. But that’s not what is cutting into me. It’s the fact that Jamie’s eyes are stuck to mine. As he kisses her, he watches me over her shoulder. His bright blue eyes glistening in the grey-dark of the room. Only the wall lights at each side of the headboard are on and they highlight his face with an eerie orange glow. He’s doing this to spite me. He didn’t expect me to have so much fun with Nina. He didn’t want me to have fun with Nina. So now he’s taunting me. Making me feel like an outsider at my own party.

But I’m not going to sit here and watch my boyfriend making out with another girl. I flip my legs over the bed and push myself up, searching for my clothes.

“Where are you going?”

I turn back to see Nina’s beautiful glistening eyes on me. She holds out her hand with a soft smile, “Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you.”

Warmth spreads through my chest and she gently tugs me back down to the bed. I see Jamie’s eyes narrow behind her but I brush him off. She pushes me back and drops on her hands and knees over me. She starts to teasingly nibble and suck my lips. I run my hand through her hair and push my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues dance together and she slips two fingers into my pussy. My eyes flicker to Jamie. His jaw clenches and he grabs Nina’s ass.

“Buck your ass,” he orders and slaps her a little. She smiles against my lips and does. She lets out a heavy gasp and rests her forehead against mine as Jamie pulls down her panties and enters her from behind.

She gasps and moans as Jamie rocks her back and forth against him and her fingers work faster and faster into my slick pussy with the same rhythm. I shuffle down a little so I am pressed harder into her hand and I start to rub and kiss her breasts. I grip her thighs with mine and grind my hips against her fingers as Jamie fucks her. Her moans are getting shorter and sharper.

“Faster...harder...I’m cumming,” she moans and Jamie thrusts her against him harder. She screams in pleasure at her orgasm and I can see her juices trickling down her inner thigh.

I pull her head down and kiss her as I can feel another orgasm building.

“Oh, Nina,” I moan into her mouth.

Nora,” she smiles and nipples my lip. “Hey!” she yelps when she is flung off me and is replaced with Jamie. He drops down over me, slamming his hands onto the pillow either side of my face and staring wickedly into my eyes. He presses his lips hard against mine. My body melts into him and butterflies swarm around my stomach. His still rock hard cock presses into my belly. But this is the first time I have ever felt like I could have the upper hand and I’m not going to let this opportunity slip through my fingers. I lock my thighs around his and roll him over so I’m straddling him. He looks completely confused as I pin his wrists by each side of his face and press my lips against his. He pucker them at first, not allowing my tongue to slip between them but as I rock lightly, making his cock slide up and down my stomach, they open a little as he gasps so I take advantage. He succumbs but he wriggles his wrists out of my grasp. He pushes roughly on my shoulders making our kiss break.

“Sit on my dick,” he breathes.

I hover over cock and begin to stimulate my clit with his head. He groans a little as I rock gently back and forth. My stomach flutters and I turn to see Nina watching me with eager eyes. I smile at her and she comes closer. She grabs the back of my neck and pulls me in for a kiss. As our lips lock, I guide Jamie’s cock into my soaked entrance and let out a satisfied gasp into Nina’s mouth as I feel myself stretch around his impressive length.

“Nina,” Jamie groans.

She pulls away from me and we both turn to him. He’s looking at her with heavy lids and waves her over.

“Come here. Sit of my face.”

She flashes a glance at me then licks the top row of her teeth with a grin.

“My pleasure,” she says, slipping her panties off and throwing her leg over his head so she is straddling his face and looking towards me.

I watch as her face twists in pleasure which makes me ride Jamie even faster. We gasp and moan as we watch each other. She rubs her hands over her pert breasts, squeezing her hard nipples and dropping her head back as Jamie laps at her pussy.

“Oh, Jamie,” she sighs.

I stroke Jamie’s chest, running my finger along his abdominals and creating lazy circular patterns around his nipples. As Nina grinds against his face, I can see his lips glistening with her juices when he stops for air. I lean forward and kiss his three, small, circular birthmarks that he has just above his right nipple. He has more of them down his forearm which I like to kiss and nibble from time to time. While I do this, I can smell Nina’s arousal. I sit up again and lean back, digging my nails into Jamie’s strong thighs and rocking against him making him moan.

Suddenly, Nina’s sun-kissed hand grabs my arm and presses it my hand against her breast. I look up to her smiling at me. I begin to rub her the way she had been doing to herself and she does the same to me. Her warm hand cups my breast and her thumb rubs my sensitive nipple. Her other hand wraps around my neck and her lips crash back against mine. Our tongues push against each others in a fit of ecstasy. Everything is happening all at once. I am finally being pounded by Jamie after a twenty six day dry spell and I’m having my first lesbian experience, which, I’m not going to lie, is fucking incredible. Both her hands trace each of my breasts and I do the same to her. We both writhe together as we ride Jamie. My skin flushes and my eyes roll back as I feel another orgasm building. Nina’s lips trail down my neck to my breasts where she rubs and squeezes one nipple as she circles her hot, wet tongue around the other. She rocks against me and moans into my skin as she bucks her ass and spreads her legs wider for Jamie’s tongue to delve in deeper.

“Jamie...yes...there...oh...God...Jamie...keep going,” she moans, making my stomach contort with pleasure. “Nora, you look so fucking hot right now.”

Broken, short gasps begin to escape my lips as I begin to reach my peak. Nina’s hand trails down my stomach and her fingers find my clit. My orgasm cascades out of me as she begins to circle it whilst kissing my breast and moaning.

“Oh, Jamie, Nina,” I cry as I feel Jamie’s hot cum shoot inside me. Seconds later, Nina wraps her arms around my neck and presses her breasts against mine. She pushes herself up by my shoulders, digging her manicured nails into my skin as she has a shaky orgasm. She’s panting heavily and our slick bodies stick together. She tilts her head slightly so it knocks against the side of mine. My hair is stuck to my face with sweat and the heat radiating from her body is making me light-headed. I push her lightly away from me and lift my leg over Jamie so I’m sat beside him. He has his hands pressed into Nina’s thighs to allow himself some air space as he tries to regain his breath. Nina follows my lead and gets off him, sitting on her ankles in front of me. Jamie props himself up on his elbows, Nina’s juices cover his lips and chin. He licks most of it away but uses the back of his arm for the rest. He pulls his boxers up and sits against the headboard, looking at me. His curls are tousled and spring up every which way making him look wild and unkempt.

“So,” he pants, “was that worth the wait?”

I smile and glance at Nina. Her chocolate eyes shine at me.


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