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Jamie's World

Novel By: PurpleSky

(FINISHED) Jamie's a manipulator. A puppet master you could say, and we are all merely his puppets. Nora is his recent plaything but she doesn't seem to mind him pulling on her strings. View table of contents...


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I'm sat in my lecture hall trying to concentrate on what my Professor is saying but I find just staring down at my intertwined fingers more interesting. My eyes shift to Jamie's back and my stomach twists a little. He seems to have that effect of me. I'm not too sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing just yet.

Jamie's a manipulator. A puppet master you could say, and we are all merely his puppets. He's extremely complex so you never really know what's going to happen next. He keeps you on your toes. He seems like your typical introvert but if he wants to, he can be the complete opposite. There are many sides to him and I have no idea which side is the real him. I don't think anyone does. He's like an actor, playing the role of a different character when he feels like it. Rumours spread about him but because he's so sly, no one knows if they are a hundred percent true. Apparently, he was the mastermind that caused his parents to get a divorce. People say he simply did it so that he could get two Christmases. I think it's true. Also, words have gone around saying that he assisted a depressed boy in his high school to commit suicide and spoke at his funeral as if he was his best friend. I believe that too. He probably bought him the noose.

I think he does have a heart even though it's hard to tell sometimes. I think, in his own twisted way, he actually thinks that he is helping the people he meddles with. Like the depressed boy for example, I bet he thinks that what he did was right because it ended his suffering. I don't think Jamie is a happy person. I think he's lost in this world. That's maybe why he tries to control it and make it his. His world that he can mould and shape into something that could possibly make an actual heart-felt smile twitch on his thin lips.

Everyone is intrigued by Jamie. Despite these rumours knocking about, people like him. I don't blame them. He has this way of drawing you in and when you realise who he really is, it's too late. He's got you. That's how he got me.

My phone vibrates in my pocket, snapping me out of my trace. I pull it out and look at the screen. It's a text from Jamie. 'Are you wearing any panties?'

My stomach contorts and I glance up at him. He sits in the row to the left of me, three seats ahead. He still has his back to me. He has his head bowed, looking at his phone under his desk.

'You told me not to' I reply.

A few seconds later, my phone buzzes again, 'Show me'

I furrow my brow and look around the full lecture hall which contains over forty students sat in eight rows of five. I shuffle in my chair and Jamie must hear because his head moves to the side and one of glistening blue eyes glances down at my desk. I gulp, spread my legs and lift the hem of my dress up a little to expose my naked pussy. His face is expressionless and he turns back to the front.

He sends me a text, 'Good girl'

When we leave the lecture hall, he grabs my hand and steers me out of the building. He always moves with so much velocity, as if he is constantly late to catch a train. He pushes people in the corridors aside like they are worthless. No one steps up to him though, they just watch in silence as he rushes past with me being dragged behind.

Jamie and I are both twenty, studying psychology at University. He always tends to wear the same sort of clothes. A top, then a checked shirt, then usually a grey jacket and then a leather jacket over the top, jeans and converse or vans. I'm sure he wears so many layers to put emphasis the fact that I wear so little. He tells me to wear short dresses and skirts because I have an amazing pair of legs and they shouldn't be hidden. I do what he says. He sniggers when other boys around the campus check me out because he knows that he has what they want. Me.

I'm pulled around the corner of the building and I hurry my footsteps so the space between us shortens and my arm doesn't feel like its being yanked out of its socket anymore. His hair is dark, short at the sides and lusciously curly on top. The curls blow off his forehead in the wind. He pulls his grey hood over his head. My dress flaps around my thighs as we move.

We turn down the back of the building where the asphalt is covered with empty condom wrappers and syringes. A guy with long black hair and a black hoodie is leaning against the back wall. When his dark eyes spot us, he pushes himself off it and swaggers over to us. Jamie drops my hand and I step back, knowing my place. Jamie pulls out a small plastic bag of pills and he exchanges them for a roll of cash. The other guy that I think I have seen wandering the corridors stuffs the bag in his hoodie pocket. Jamie counts the money then gives him a subtle nod. The guy nods back then leaves. Jamie watches him until he's round the corner then looks back at me. The shadow of his hood covers his eyes.

Jamie gets most of his money dealing drugs. His amount of buyers seems to increase weekly because he knows how to play people. He somehow convinces them that drugs are the solution to their problem. Failed an exam? Pop some pills. Got dumped? Pop some pills. Your grandma's terminally ill? Pop some pills. That's how I first was put on his radar. I was such a wreck when my mum and dad got divorced and he noticed. He's like a sniffer dog. He can sense weakness and vulnerability. I bought some pills off him but never took them. Not that that really mattered. He had noticed me. Let the games begin.

"Want to grab some lunch?" he lifts the roll of cash, "I'm paying"

He has such a soft, soothing London accent so even when he is saying something threatening, it sounds like he's just offering you some more wine.

"Why did you want me to not wear panties?" I ask, looking around the empty, closed off space we are currently standing in. Walls tower on either side of us and the shadow of the building makes what happens down here hidden. I ask the question because usually when we find ourselves in a place like this, he ravishes me.

A smile tugs on his lips. He has two faint lines of a moustache, a goatie and a fuzzy line just under his chin. It tickles me when I kiss him.

"I wanted to test you"

"Test me?"

He nods slightly, "To test how far I can take you before you stop obeying me" he steps closer to pass me but pauses by my side and brings his lips to my ear, "You passed by the way"


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