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(FINISHED) (Once Upon A Time Fan-fic) Strong, independent Rosalyn is captured by pirates and forced to be their 'entertainment' when they get a little low. But when Captain Hook takes a shine to her, he informs his crew that she will be his and only his. Not wanting to go down without a fight and submit, Rosalyn starts to have some fun with another member of his crew behind Hook's back. Will she be able to keep it a secret and what will happen if he finds out? View table of contents...


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He starts to clamber over me, making me drop my back onto the bed. His emerald eyes lick up my naked chest to my face. When he leans down to my neck, I touch his face, making him pause.
"No offence, but I'm not in the mood. I'm still very full from the meal," I say.
He laughs a little and leans back so he can see my face. "Don't lie to me, Rose. Don't think I didn't notice you trying to get yourself off before."
My heart thuds. "What are you talking about?"
He grins. "Don't play coy with me. I could tell by your face."
What face was I pulling?
He laughs at my silence. "Now, relax and enjoy your reward."
He kisses my neck and a moan rumbles in the back of my throat, making him grin and graze his teeth across my skin. He holds my hip with his good hand and rests on his opposite forearm, his hook pointing to the pillow. He'd better keep that thing away from me.
He kisses, nibbles and sucks my skin, trailing his lips down to my breasts. I arch my back with a soft whimper and he clamps his lips around my nipple. I gasp and clutch his head, stroking his scalp as he sucks tenderly. His rough stubble grazes the underside of my breast, the feelings makes me bite down on my lip.
His hand trails along my hipbone and cups my pussy. He laughs against my skin. "You're so wet for me."
I grit my teeth and press his face closer to me. He kisses and sucks my breast and pushes two fingers inside me. I gasp and lock my thighs around his narrow hips as he starts to grind against me at the same pace as his fingers. I start to grind back as he fingers me fast, curling his fingers inside me. My breath comes out short and sharp and when I feel myself close to my orgasm, I push his head down so his lips break from my nipple and he kisses down my stomach. I push him further and he gets the idea. He withdraws his fingers and pushes my thighs apart, making my body convulse upwards on the bed. His grins up at me when I slip my hand to the back of his neck and guide his face to where I desire. When he sucks my clit into his mouth, I gasp and grip his head with both hands.
Closing my eyes, I let my body relax and allow myself to give into the pleasure. I'm still holding his head but my grip on his hair has loosened so he can take control of what he's doing. I'm only letting him because he's doing an excellent job. Soft whimpers escape me as I rock my hips slightly against his tongue as he alternates between penetrating my wet entrance and sucking my clit. He parts my lower lips with his fingers to gain him more access, and the result makes me gasp and my ass to buck off the bed. I feel him smile against me and he presses his face closer and starts to lick, suck and nibble faster and harder.
A knot starts to tighten in the pit of my stomach. My muscles start to cease up. I'm close. I'm close. My back arches and my eyes clench shut. I keep hold of Hook's head as my thighs clamp around him and I reach my climax with a shuddering gasp.
My hands are shaking and I part my thighs and release my fingers from his hair. He's still licking up my slit with long, languid strokes, tasting my arousal and then he leans back and smiles up at me.
He clambers back over me so we're face to face. I can smell myself on his breath as he studies my eyes with a smirk. But, before he has time to throw a smug remark at me, I lock my thighs around his waist and spin us round so I'm straddling him. He gasps with wide eyes as his head smacks down against the pillow. I grab his hook and his good hand to lift them over his head, holding them together. When I let go, I smile when he keeps them there.
He watches in silence as I start to unbutton his waistcoat. When it's done, I move onto the black shirt underneath. My heart pounds with anticipation and it starts to make my fingers shake.
"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" His dark eyebrow cocked up.
I grit my teeth and swallow a growl. "I like it better when you're quiet."
He laughs. "Just admit it."
I ignore him and focus on the last button of his shirt. I pop it open and my heart flips when I open up his shirt and waistcoat, revealing the amazing abs that lie beneath. From the shadows of the room, I can make out the fine lines of his six pack. I run my fingers over them, feeling the grooves. He has a small patch of dark chest hair that runs down between his nipples. I splay my fingers out over his shoulders and run them down his chest. His heart if beating fast, I can feel it. I can also feel the bulge getting bigger underneath me.
I smile mischievously up at his and shimmy down his legs until I have enough room to pull down his leather britches and undershorts. A moan catches in the back of his throat when his erection is freed and springs up into the air. When I touch it, it twitches. He gulps, staring into my eyes. I keep eye contact when I lower myself and swirl my tongue over his head. He groans and grips the headboard with his one good hand.
I tease him a bit longer, licking up his shaft before I slip him completely into my mouth. A gasp gets caught in his throat and he grips the headboard tighter. I laugh with him still down my throat, the vibrations make his eyes roll back.
I glide my hand up his bare chest to his bicep and grab it, pulling down his arm. He gives it me freely and when I take my mouth from him, I wrap his hand around his shaft and make him hold it flat against his chest while I dip my head back down and start to get to work on his balls. He starts to groan and jerk his hips a little when I suck his balls into my mouth one at a time and roll them around with my tongue. When I look up, my heart flips. His bright green eyes are stuck on me and his jaw is slightly agape. I smile and take his hand away. He drops it to his side then grips the headboard again when I start to suck him off. His hips are jerking up more now and the tightness in his face tells me he's close so I slip him out of my mouth and stay straddling his legs as I wrap my hand around his shaft and start to stroke and tug. Moments later, his hips jerk up so much his ass lifts off the bed. I hold his cock at an angle so when he cums, he shoots up his own chest.
I keep stroking him until he's spent and let go. He looks down at the mess he's made with a disgusted lift of his lip before he looks back to me accusingly. I bite my lip with a grin then lower myself and start to lick up his cum from his chest.
He gulps hard and watches me with fascination as I run my tongue up his abs and swirl it around his nipples until he's completely clean.
When I'm satisfied with my work, I hold myself over him, my hands on either side of his face. My hair cascades around his face like a curtain.
I smile down at him and say, "Goodnight," before spinning and dropping onto my side beside him. He splutters a little but I'm too busy trying to slip my naked body under the covers to care. Once, I'm under, I turn my back to him and close my eyes, ready for the best night's sleep of my life.


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