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Golden Delicious

Novel By: PurpleSky

(FINISHED) Tom is perfect for Ebby. He's smart, handsome, funny, charming, everything she could possibly want in a man. But there's only one slight problem...he's her mum's boyfriend. View table of contents...

Submitted:Dec 2, 2013    Reads: 1,113    Comments: 6    Likes: 5   

~~ "Are you sure you want to do this?" Tom looks back to me from the bedside drawer. Apprehension flutters in my stomach but I nod. I sit on the windowsill with my legs crossed over, covering myself.
"I'm sure."
"Have you done this before?" he asks over his shoulder as he rummages through the drawer.
"No…have you?"
"A few times."
I think about who his last girlfriend was. He turns and catches my look of disgust. He shows me a faint smile and crosses back to me with something in his hand.
"No, not with her," he says as if reading my mind.
He stops in front of me and I look down at the bottle of lube in his hand. My guts twists and I gulp.
"Does it hurt?" I ask timidly.
His fingertip touches my chin and he angles my face upwards so I'm looking into his eyes.
"Not the way I do it." He leans down and gives me a soft kiss on the lips. "Turn around for me."
I close my eyes at his silky tone and do as he says, pressing my hands against the windowsill. When I buck my ass and brush it against the crotch of his pants, where his length is neatly tucked away, he giggles a little and jumps back.
I sense his body shifting so I glance over my shoulder. He's on his knees behind me. He places the lube on the floor and runs his hands up my bare thighs to my ass. I suck in a whimper when he runs his thumbs down the crack of my ass and parts my ass cheeks. Immediately, I want to cover myself up. I attempt to cross my legs but what the hell is that going to do? This was my idea! I can't look.
I squeeze my eyes shut and turn back to the blinds.
He licks up my wet slit and a sigh with pleasure. But then his tongue keeps travelling up, past my entrance and up to my ass. I clench my cheeks to prevent his access but he has a firm grip of me and his tongue reaches my forbidden hole which I'm guessing isn't so forbidden anymore.
He starts to tongue it lightly and I can feel the tension inside me loosening. Soon, I'm arching my back for more, to which he gives and pushes his tongue inside. That's when I panic and tense up again. He notices and strokes my ass cheeks softly to calm me down. It works to a certain extent.
He pulls away from me. "It's going to hurt if you don't relax."
"I'm sorry."
He laughs lightly. "Don't apologise, just let me relax you."
I suck in a breath and expel it slowly to calm myself down. He goes back to using his tongue for a while to loosen me up and once it starts to work, he moves and I hear the click of the bottle cap opening. I keep my eyes ahead and wait.
Something slimy touches me and I cringe. Once I realise that it's Tom's lubricated finger, I relax again and let him push it inside my tight, virgin hole. I hiss with slight pain but I think it's more to do with the pain I was expecting rather than what I was experiencing because in actual fact…it didn't hurt. It felt…nice. Is that weird? Is it supposed to feel nice right from the start? Well, Tom did sound like he knew what he was doing. I'd better just leave him to it.
I buck my ass out more when he starts to move his finger slowly in and out of me, stretching me.
"Are you okay?" he asks.
I smile at the blinds. "Yeah. It feels good. Keep going."
I gasp and grin when he inserts another finger. "Still good?"
"Yes," I sigh with pleasure.
I start to grind, rolling my hips as he picks up the momentum with his fingers.
"I think I'm ready."
He laughs a little. "Easy tiger."
I buck my ass more determinedly and grind harder. "Tom," I moan, "I'm ready."
"Okay. Hang on."
He slips his fingers out of me and my shoulders sag with disappointment.
I wait patiently, tapping my fingers against the windowsill but soon get bored and glance over my shoulder to see what's taking so long. Tom's busy behind me with his pants wrapped around his ankles and his oiled up cock in his hands.
My eyes widen and my stomach does somersaults. I'd forgotten how big he is…
I look back to the blind and buck my ass, signalling him to hurry up. He does. He grabs my ass and separates my cheeks. My shame has gone out the window. I don't care anymore. I just want him inside me.
He pushes his wet finger back in my ass and wiggles it around a bit before withdrawing it and pressing his head against the now wet entrance. I groan internally and flick my hips. He takes the invitation and eases himself in.
"Remember our safe word?" he asks cautiously as he pushes further and further inside. My eyes clench shut at the slight painful sensation and I nod.
Once he's buried completely inside me, he stays there and caresses my ass and thighs, smoothing his hands across my skin. I flick my hips and ease forwards so he starts to slip out of me. Then I back up, fucking myself until Tom gets the idea and starts moving too. His hands latch firmly onto my hips and I arch my back so he angles differently inside me. I had gotten too used to the other position. Now it hurts. I grip the windowsill harder and grind against him until my eyes burn and tears start to form.
"Yes. Harder. Tom. Harder," I moan softly under my breath.
Hurt me.
Punish me.
Hurt me.
He hesitates for a moment but then complies, smacking against me with more vigour. Tears stream down my face and I fear that they might make my voice quaky when I moan.
I grit my teeth and press back against him harder. He lowers his upper body to kiss my shoulder. My heart pounds when one of his hands leaves my hip and he pulls the hair from my face. He gasps and stops thrusting.
"Ebby. Am I hurting you?" The worry in his voice is ruining it.
I shake my head and rock against him. "Keep going. Harder. Please." My voice has well and truly broken. The tears pour from eyes, down my neck and onto the windowsill. I'm crying so much it's making my head pound as I'm stretched beyond my limits.
"Ebby!" He pulls himself out of me. I growl my irritation and spin round but he grabs the tops of my arms and pins me up against the window. His eyes are wide and searching, fear alight in them.
"I'm sorry!" I cry. "I can't do it!" My nose is dripping, my temples are pulsing and my cheeks are soaking.
"Can't do what?"
"I can't leave you!"
His grip on my arms loosens. "What?"
"I'm a horrible person. I've lost my mum because of you but I can't leave. I can't let you go, Tom. I just can't." I cover my face with my hands.
"Ebby…" he says softly, wrapping his hands around mine. I let him pull them down. His eyes search mine. "What has brought this on?"
I sniff. "I went to see her. Mum. She slammed the door in my face."
The muscles in his jaw flex but he says nothing.
"She hates me, Tom. She wouldn't even listen to what I have to say. But I can't leave you. I couldn't even stand being away from you for two weeks." I pull my hands from his hand cover my face again as fresh tears start to blur my vision. "I'm such a bitch."
"Shhhh…" He wraps his arms around the small of my back. "Don't say that. We just fell in love at the wrong time, that's all. We can work this out, Eb. Together."
I shake my head. "I don't think we can."
I feel him press his forehead against mine. I lower my hands and look up to him.
"We can. And we will," he says softly.
Then why is it taking so long?
I stay silent, not wanting to argue. I don't want to burst his optimistic bubble.


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