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Golden Delicious

Novel By: PurpleSky

(FINISHED) Tom is perfect for Ebby. He's smart, handsome, funny, charming, everything she could possibly want in a man. But there's only one slight problem...he's her mum's boyfriend. View table of contents...

Submitted:Nov 29, 2013    Reads: 1,118    Comments: 6    Likes: 7   

I've fallen forwards a little, my hands clutching the windowsill as Tom's fingers gently stroke my pussy. I'm looking up at his reflection in the window that is starting to fog over with my heavy breaths. His jaw is hung open slightly as his eyes lick up every inch of me. My skin burns under his gaze. His tongue is pressed under his top teeth as he concentrates on the soft movements of his fingers.
On any other day, Tom's delicate movements and his extra-long foreplay would drive me crazy with desire but today…after not being with him for ten days…it's a bloody nightmare! I know he does it to be a gentleman but damn, I just want him to pin me up against the wall a ravish me, not treat me like a fucking china doll.
To hurry him along and to signal how desperate I actually am for him, I flick my hips, bucking my ass to him fast as his fingertips are at my clit so they slip with my movements and sink into my aching entrance. I let out a loud, gratified moan. He receives the message loud and clear and starts to thrust his fingers in and out of me, but still a little too slow for my liking.
I push myself off the windowsill and lie my back flat against his chest. He wraps his other arm around my waist, brushing his hand under my threadbare t-shirt so it trails across my abs. I look up and cup his face, angling it to me. He lets out a soft moan when he looks into my eyes. His expression is heavy and slack with pleasure. I study his face before pushing myself up on my tiptoes and crashing my lips against his. He breaths in heavily through his nose and instantly deepens the kiss, pushing his tongue into my mouth. Oh, how I've missed this tongue.
He pulls me closer to him with the arm wrapped around my waist and we moan into each other's mouth as the kiss becomes hurried and primal. Tom's fingers also quicken in the heat of this magical moment and he starts to thrust them into me hard and fast. The pleasure knotting in my stomach is so intense, I have to break the kiss to regain my breath but I keep hold of his head and keep my forehead resting against his cheek as I moan. His breath is hot and heavy on my face as he begins to drill me even harder when I rock my lower body against him.
"Oh, baby, I've missed you so much," I moan in a hushed tone.
His lips press heavily against my forehead. "I've missed you too."
I circle my hips and grind against his fingers. As I do, my ass rubs across his hard crotch making me bite down on my lip at the thought of what's hidden under those pants. I gasp and roll my eyes back when he starts kissing me neck.
"Oh Tom." I lift my hand from his face to his hair and grip those sexy curls to pull him down to my level. His lips crash onto mine instinctively. We let out satisfied moans as our tongues slip past each other's and I bring my other hand down at start to rub my clit as I feel my orgasm building. We break the kiss every so often to whisper each other's names and soon my inner muscles clench around his thrusting fingers. My legs seize up and the pleasure that shoots through my body makes me brace myself against Tom's chest.
"Oh God!" I cry, whipping my head back against Tom's shoulder as I reach my peak.
His fingers continue stroking the quivering walls of my pussy as I start to slowly climb down.
I drop forward and clutch the windowsill, panting as I feel my juice dripping down my thighs. My face is burning so I lean forwards and press my forehead against the glass. I stay there for a moment, concentrating on calming my breathing up until I hear the sound of Tom's fly being unzipped.
My eyes widen. I push myself up and look at Tom's reflection. His eyes scope my back then latch onto my eyes. He gives me a knowing grin, to which I return one and buck my ass when his hands lie flat against the small of my back. His hands outline my heart-shaped and I moan softly at the contact. Then my teeth grit together at the feeling of something at my soaking entrance. I'm so wet that it only takes a quick flick of my hips for Tom's cock to sink deep inside me.
My jaw hangs open at the sensation and I'm so surprised and thankful by being filled that my moan is completely soundless.
"Should we close the blinds?" he asks.
I look out over the empty car park.
"It's fine, no one can see."
"Are you sure?" He sounds uncertain.
I straighten a little and turn. I cup his face and give him a peck on the lips. "Don't worry, baby. Don't keep me waiting."
He laughs a little and kisses me back.
I turn back around and brace myself on the windowsill.
His hands latch onto my hips and he starts to thrust, pulling me back against him. He lets out a moan that makes my heart flutter. I push myself back as far as I can and start to rock against him. He brings his hand round to my front and leans forward a little so his chest is pressed against my back. In his position, his thrusting has slowed and he has stayed buried deep inside me so I circle and grind my hips so he strokes my inner walls. He kisses my shoulder, breathing heavily down my ear, then one of his arms lifts from me. He grabs the string of the blinds and pulls at it so the blinds drop down, plummeting the room in an orange glow as the sun seeps through the beige material.
I run my hand up his back to his hair and grip his curls as I grind my lower half against him. He drops his hands back to the front of my hips and stays deep inside me, grinding against me for a while before leaning back, almost pulling right out and changing rhythm completely.
I grip the windowsill tighter and chant his name under my breath as he slams into me hard and fast the way I so desperately needed.
"Fuck. Yes. Tom."
My hair is yanked back and the force makes me squeal with pleasure before Tom twists my head and crashes his lips against mine. Bloody hell, what's gotten into him? He must be as desperate as I am.
As one of his hands is in my hair, his other travels down my abs to my pussy and his fingertips start rolling my clit.
"Oh. Fuck," I gasp, breaking the kiss before Tom quickly seeks my lips again.
My need to cum causes me to let out little strangled mewls in the back of my throat as Tom's tongue probes my mouth. I grind harder against him. His thrusts become deep and quick.
I'm close. So close.
He's close. I can tell.
His grip in my hair tightens and the hand rubbing my clit goes faster and faster until it stops and grabs my hip. He hardens inside me and releases at the same time I reach my peak. We moan in unison, our lips inches apart.
I drop my hand to the one he has on my hip and clutch it. He laces his fingers into mine and squeezes it tightly as we brace ourselves against one another.
I feel him shrinking inside me. His heart is thumping against my back. A thin coat of sweat covers his forehead. I can feel that my face is clammy with moisture too.
He angles back his lower half so he slips out of me but stays close. I don't like the feeling of us loosing contact. It feels right when he's inside me.
Our eyes search one another's in the serene silence. Our breathing is the only sound. I turn but stay close to him, my side brushing against him. When I turn completely, he grabs my sides and pushes me against the window. I gasp and grip his shoulders. He keeps his eyes on mine, his chest pressed hard against mine.
Keep the contact.
Don't let me go.
Don't ever let me go.

"Tom…" I whisper, my throat is slightly dry. I clear it.
"Yeah?" he breathes softly, watching my lips which are so close to his.
My heart fumbles with nerves. I open my mouth to speak but there is no way I can make this question sound any less vulgar than the sentence in my head. And I don't want to say that out loud. Especially not to Tom, not to sweet, delicate Tom.
I chew my lip, thinking.
This is as good a time as any.
You saw how he was with you just then. He wants you. He wants you so bad
I gulp and slip my hand down to his. He clutches it without taking his eyes off mine. I guide his hand across my hips to my ass cheeks. He spreads his palm a little to cup my ass.
"I want you…" I push my fingertips into his so his press into the crack of my ass. "Here."
His eyebrows furrow a little as if trying to calculate what I had just said.
There's a pause.
My heart is bounding.
Oh, God, he thinks I'm a freak!
He's going to break up with me.
My heart is beating scarily fast.
Oh my God. I think I'm dying.
Then his lips curve into a slight smile even though his eyes still show an edge of concern. "Really?"


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