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Golden Delicious

Novel By: PurpleSky

(FINISHED) Tom is perfect for Ebby. He's smart, handsome, funny, charming, everything she could possibly want in a man. But there's only one slight problem...he's her mum's boyfriend. View table of contents...

Submitted:Nov 15, 2013    Reads: 1,083    Comments: 4    Likes: 5   

~~ "Monday went by too quickly," I sigh as I wipe down the bar. Tom had left at two this morning. I had clung onto him at the door, not wanting to let go. But he left.
He texted me on my walk to work, saying that he had landed safely and he was just booking into his hotel.
"Awh." Trish puckers her bottom lip. "Missing him already?"
"Yeah…" I mumble, looking down. I had gone back to sleep after he had gone but the bed didn't feel right without him lying next to me. It felt cold and empty.
"Well, at least you have someone to miss."
I roll my eyes to her. "Don't play the lonely single card. We both know you would have a boyfriend if you wanted one."
"True." She grins. "But that's only because there aren't that many Tom's out there."
"Slim pickings, huh?"
She lets out an exasperated sigh. "Yup. You've got a good one there, Eb. Hold onto him."
I smile as happy butterflies fill my stomach. "I will."
"But hey." She bounds over to me and drops her forearms onto my clean bar. "Seeing as though you're alone for a while, how about we have a girly night sometime? I can see your flat, we could get some ice-cream and cookie dough and watch some movies. Y'know, like we used to." Her emerald eyes gleam at me and she wiggles giddily.
"Sounds like a plan," I agree.
"Okay, great. Well, I've got a few bits on this week but I'll let you know when I'm free?"
"Sure." I smile.

I decide to do some overtime because I didn't want to be in the flat alone. Plus, I still owed Darrell an hour. It's just me and him in the restaurant. He's at the till counting the money while I'm wiping down tables and upturning the chairs.
"How's things with you anyway?" he calls over, his head still down as he jots down notes.
"Not bad, I guess. Tom's in Italy for the Milan fashion week so it's going to be a pretty lonely two weeks but it'll be alright," I reply cheerily.
"Ooh Milan fashion week? I better set up my box to record it."
I give him a dubious look. His eyes shift to me.
"You watch the runways?" I arch an eyebrow.
"Of course!" He turns fully to me and gestures to his outfit which is made up of a faded flannel shirt and a pair of ill-fitting jeans. "Can't you tell I'm all about style?"
I laugh and shake my head pityingly, getting back to my work.
"No one else has bothered you here, have they? About your personal life?"
I shake my head. "No. Just the one," I say, trying to ignore the knot in my stomach at the memory.
"That man was completely out of line." His eyes narrow at his money bags. "People need to learn to not stick their noses where they don't belong."
"Yup," I reply simply with a firm nod.

I'm sat on the bed on my front with Tom's home laptop open in front of me. He took his work one with him.
The familiar tune of an awaiting Skype call rings around the room and I answer it giddily. Tom's face appears on the screen. He's on his phone and it shakes a little. He must be lying down, there's a pillow behind his head.
He smiles broadly, creasing the edges of his eyes. "Hey."
"Hi!" I grin, kicking my feet up and crossing them in the air. I see the little image of me in the corner. Oh wow, my cleavage looks great from this angle.
"How are you?"
"Not too bad. Just had my tea on my own." I pout.
"Oooh, attempted some cooking?" he laughs.
"Not really. I had a frozen pizza."
"Ahh, the things you have to stoop to now I'm not around."
I laugh. "Exactly. It's your fault."
He grins mischievously.
"How are things with you anyway?" I ask. "Been busy?"
His eyebrows raise and he rubs the his hand over his forehead with a yawn. "Very busy. I had to do a Burberry campaign today. It took a lot out of me. Managed to get back here a few minutes ago. Can't wait to catch some Z's," he laughs tiredly.
"But you're having fun, right?"
"Oh yeah." He nods. "I love it. No pain, no gain." He chuckles.
"So what's on tomorrow?"
"Another campaign and then some rehearsals for the catwalks," he replies, pinching his eyes shut and rubbing his eyelids. "Oh, they'll be giving me the schedule tomorrow so I'll let you know when I'll be on telly so you can watch me work." He grins excitedly.
"Oh brilliant! I can't wait!" I gleam.
He laughs then lifts up and looks to the side. "Anyway," he strains as he stretches. "It's almost eleven and I've gotta be up and out for six so, as much as I'd love to sit and talk to you all night, I'm going to have to bid you farewell." He looks back into the camera.
I pout. "Awh, okay. I love you." I lean in and kiss the camera. When I pull back, he's showing me a toothy grin.
"I love you too. Goodnight."
"Night. And don't run off with any sexy Italian models."
He laughs. "That would never happen. Bye babe."
The screen goes blank.
I stare at it for a few seconds before I shut off the laptop and put it away. I get changed into my pyjamas, brush my teeth and get under the covers.
My first night in the flat without Tom.
I don't like it.
I wiggle down until my head hits the pillow. There's a part of me that desperately wants to reach out for Tom's chest, to wrap my arms around him and spoon him. But he's however many miles away and I'm stuck here on my own. It sucks. It really sucks. But it's something I've got to get used to, I guess.


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