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Golden Delicious

Novel By: PurpleSky

(FINISHED) Tom is perfect for Ebby. He's smart, handsome, funny, charming, everything she could possibly want in a man. But there's only one slight problem...he's her mum's boyfriend. View table of contents...

Submitted:Oct 26, 2013    Reads: 1,269    Comments: 8    Likes: 6   

I stay silent by the door, watching as he slowly turns with his thumbs hooked under the belt loops of his pants, all serious and professional. A smile keeps threatening to curve my lips as giddy butterflies swarm around my stomach but I shake it off.
"How exactly have I been a bad girl, officer?" I ask innocently.
His eyes, over his shades, trail from my toes to my face, setting my body alight with tingles.
"We got an anonymous tip explaining that you have been smuggling some illegal substances. I'm going to need to search your place." He looks to the door to his left. "Bedroom?"
"Be my guest," I say with a welcoming hand gesture.
He nods firmly and proceeds into the room.
I watch in the door frame as he opens all the cupboards and pretends to be routing for something. It takes him less than a minute to grow tired and close all the doors again.
"Find anything?" I ask with a smile.
He straightens and turns. He sighs, takes off his shades and slips them into his breast pocket. I suck in a delighted mewl when I finally see his face fully.
"No," he states. "I'm going to have to check your person."
I arch an eyebrow. "Really?"
"Yes ma'am. Please, remove your shirt."
I gasp as if I'm appalled. "Surely that's a violation of my human rights?"
"I'll be the judge of that. Shirt. Remove it." His eyes narrow slightly. Oh my God, bossy Tom is hot!
With slightly shaky hands, I pull my top over my head and drop it to the floor. A smile twitches on his lips when his eyes latch onto my dainty baby pink bra that has an innocent white bow between the cups. As he leisurely strolls over to me, his lips part a little and he runs his tongue under his top row of teeth. I don't know it he's doing it on purpose but damn, it just makes me want to kiss him even more.
When he lifts his big hands and cups my breasts, I gasp and almost topple over as my knees turn to jelly. He studies my face with an impassive mask then squeezes firmly, shocking a moan out of me. He removes his hands and drops them by his sides.
"Remove your bra, miss."
I obey and unhook my bra. I slip my arms out of it and drop it next to my top. Suddenly, his warm hands are back palming my breasts. I arch my back and stick my chest further out, towards him. A playfully smile threatens to shatter his icy composure. I can see the laughter in the creases of his eyes as he clearly bites down on his tongue.
He rubs my hard nipples with his thumbs before squeezing them one last time. He drops his hands and nods down to my jeans.
"Jeans next," he orders.
"Is this really necessary?" I tease.
"Of course. I need to make sure I have thoroughly checked your person. People are finding new and inventive ways to smuggle illegal substances on their body every day."
I unzip my jeans and give him a dubious look. "I don't know, Officer. This all seems a little excessive," I say as I pull my jeans down to my ankles. I kick off my pumps and yanks my jeans off the rest of the way.
"Trust me, ma'am. This is very necessary. I take my job very seriously," he says, peering through his brows before eyeing up my mismatched yellow panties.
My breath catches in my throat when he takes a step forward. We're chest to chest. He's so close I can feel his breath on my cheek. His fingertips brush the apex of my thigh. I flinch with a breathy moan but then gulp and keep my eyes stuck to his. Amusement bounces in his blue pools. He's clearly enjoying my reaction to this surprise role-play.
I suck in a breath feverishly when he slips two fingers between my legs and rubs them against my panties. I'm so wet I'm sure the material is damp. But when I start to rock my hips, attempting to harden the pressure on my clit, he withdraws his hand and steps back.
"I'm going to need you to remove those too, ma'am."
I arch an eyebrow and slip my thumbs under the hem of my panties. "It's a good job you're handsome, Officer Frisky. You are asking a lot from me," I say as I bend down, pulling down my panties. I drop them to my ankles and flick them off my toes.
When I straighten and look back up to his face, my heart flips. The tip of his tongue runs across his lower lips as he studies my now completely naked body. Part of me wants to throw my hands over myself to cover up. I feel so vulnerable stood here while he is fully clothed in the most sexiest uniform I've ever laid eyes on.
"Oh, Miss Farris," he muses, his eyes finally finding mine. "I'm only just getting started."
"Oh my," I can't help but gasp.
He gives me a playfully wicked smile, wide enough to crease his eyes. I can see the real Tom threatening to break his hard exterior. My heart grows warm and fuzzy as I watch him struggling to stay in character. He shakes his head and drops his smile.
"On the bed, ma'am."
I gasp again and press my hand to my naked chest. "Now, is that really necessary?" I tease.
His eyes smile at me. "Oh yes, I need as much access to you as possible."
I shrug, resigned. "Well then, if it's necessary."
I clamber onto the bed. My body grows even hotter at the sensation of Tom's eying me up from behind. I spin round so I'm lay on my back, propping myself up on my forearms. Tom stands at the foot of the bed all business-like with his thumbs hooked in his belt loops, studying me with an appreciative smile. I suck in a delighted mewl when he lowers himself and starts to climb over me. I open my legs and he kneels between them. He reaches to his belt and grabs the silver handcuffs.
"Hands above your head, ma'am. Wrist to wrist," he says.
I gulp and do as he says. The cold metal tingles my inflamed skin as he locks the handcuffs round my wrists, securing them round a pole of the headboard. I yank them to see how much they give. It's enough to allow my forearms to rest of the pillow comfortably but there is no way I'm getting myself free. The feeling arouses me yet makes a ball of anxiety knot in my stomach.
"There," Tom says, his face inches from mine. He looks down at my naked body sandwiched under him. His voice comes out hoarse and breathy as he whispers, "God, you look so sexy tied up."
I watch in silence as he takes off his hat, places it upside down on the bedside table and drops the key to the handcuffs inside. My body is tense. I can feel all my muscles coiled tightly. I try to relax but I can't. The anticipation is killing me! I have no idea what's going to happen next and with my hands in cuffs, he's free to do whatever he wants to me.
My skin tingles as he pulls the band from my hair and runs his fingers through my blonde waves so they are spread over the pillow and down my chest.
Tom leans back, kneeling between my thighs as he admires my body. My back arches when his hands start to scope my body with feather-light traces. He starts at my forearms, down my sides then to my thighs, making me flush with desire but not sating my hunger in any way.
"It appears I may have been misled," he says, his eyes still trailing over my exposed skin. "You're completely clean." His eyes finally find mine. The strength of his gaze makes my heart thump and my throat to dry. "I'm sorry for wasting your time. Please, allow me to make it up to you."
Oh my, even when he's playing a sexy cop, he still acts like a gentleman. Just because he's roleplaying, doesn't mean he can throw his manner out of the window.
"Would you like me to make it up to you?" he asks, cocking his eyebrow in that heart-melting way.
I nod, clearing my throat. "Yes."
His smooth mask cracks with a grin. "Perfect."


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