Golden Delicious

By: PurpleSky

Chapter 15,

     My sharp, surprised mewl is muffled by his mouth. My body feels like it’s on fire. Our tongues brush, soft and sensually. I wrap my arms around his slim waist and draw him closer to me. My heart flips when he moans at my touch. He presses his chest against mine. My head feels fuzzy. It’s all too much. I need him.

      I reach out and blindly find his hand. I wrap mine over his and guide him to the waistband of my jeans. His long fingers take the lead and he unbuttons and unzips me like a professional, not even having to break our kiss. My skin covers in gooseflesh when I feel his fingertips at the waistband of my panties. My heart starts to thump. His fingers continue down, over the material until he cups my aching pussy. I moan softly and bring my hands to his head, curling my fingers into his hair as our tongues dance. He begins to rub two fingers up and down the thin fabric so it brushes against me. My hips grind against him but the friction isn’t sating my hunger for him. As if noticing that the pleasure wasn’t enough, he starting rubbing me vigorously, curling his fingers slightly and kissing me deeper.

     Our bodies writhe together. His slender shoulders roll forwards as his tongue delves into my mouth. I grab his hips and pull him closer. His crotch presses into the inside of my thigh making my eyes roll back. He’s so hard. My fingers fumble as I grab his shirt buttons and I start to pop them open. His mouth leaves mine and his soft, thin lips start to trail down my neck. My back arches and content sighs leave me as he sucks lightly on my skin while he still rubs his fingers against my now sodden panties. My hands slip down to his exposed collarbone. I run my fingers along it then down his chest. God, he’s smooth like silk. It’s all getting too much for me. My eyes roll back when his lips find a tender spot on my neck. My stomach churns with hunger...hunger for him. As I rock my hips, his erection brushes against my thigh. I have to have him. I feel like if I don’t have him inside me I’m going to die.

      I hurriedly find his fly and begin tugging it down. His bulge is almost causing it to burst. My heart is drumming fast and I’m breathing like a race horse. Tom continues sucking and nuzzling my neck, allowing me to try to free him.

     “Is the movie over yet?”

      Tom quickly jolts back. His pale blue eyes are wide, staring into mine with fear alight in them. I hurriedly place my hands back to my sides as my mum makes her way down the stairs. But I still feel Tom’s hand between my thighs. I give him a worried look. He gulps and tugs his arm but his hand is lodged in my skinny jeans and isn’t budging.

     Just before mum comes close enough to see us, I grab a pillow and shove it over my lap.

     “Finally, it’s finished.”

     We both turn to the screen. The credits are rolling. Tom laughs nervously.

     “It only just finished. I was going to call you down,” he says after clearing his throat.

     “Was it any good?”

     Tom and I share a look. I try to ignore his hand down my pants but it’s very distracting. His fingers have frozen but they’re still sending butterflies whirling around my stomach. Luckily, I was only able to unbutton the first two buttons of his shirt so it’s not that noticeable.

     “It was...” He stares into my eyes then blinks hard and looks up at my mum. “Interesting.”

     I clear my throat. “Yeah.”

     She shrugs. “Anyway, want a brew?”

     “That sounds lovely,” says Tom showing her his charming smile. She smiles back and heads towards the kitchen. When she is safely out of sight, I shuffle my body until Tom can release his hand. He lets out a huge sigh of relief and collapses back onto the sofa.

     “That was close,” I laugh awkwardly. He runs his hand over his forehead with closed eyes. He looks so troubled. It melts my heart.

     “Too close,” he finally says.


     It’s seven in the morning, I bounce down stairs in my joggers and vest top. I pause in the hallway. Tom’s running shoes are not by the door like they usually are. The tap runs in the kitchen. I spin round and follow the noise. My heart smacks against my ribcage when I see Tom at the sink with his back to me, chugging down at glass of water. He’s wearing his running gear. A v-shaped sweat stain falls between his shoulder blades. I chew my lip and clench my thighs together at the sudden burning need between them as my eyes trail down to his bum which is nestled snugly in his tight, black licra shorts.


      He pauses at my voice. He places his glass on the side and bows his head. My stomach drops.

     “You went running without me?” I ask.

     “I woke up early,” he replies helplessly, not looking at me.

     “You’re trying to avoid me again.”

     His hands grip the edge of the counter. “Can you blame me?”

     “Look, about what happened last night-”

     “-Don’t,” he snaps, whipping his head to the side but still not looking at me. “Don’t talk about it.”

     I feel a lump swell in my throat. “I always thought you didn’t have a bad bone in your body but what you’re doing to me now...” my voice trails off, tears swell in my eyes. “ hurts.”

     His jaw sets and he glares at the wall.

     “Figure out what you want, Tom.” I state and turn around. I expect him to say something but he doesn’t so I head off for my weekly morning run alone with the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.



   “So, has anything else happened between you and Tom?” Trish asks, resting her forearms on the bar. I eye her cautiously, trying to figure out her emotion. She seems actually interested.

      “Do you really want to know?”


      “ you can tell me what a horrible person I am?”

      She sighs. “No. I’m sorry about before. I was just concerned. You’ve gotten yourself into a very tricky situation, Eb. I was looking out for my friend.”

     My eyes shift to the bar. “I know you were,” I say sheepishly. “And to answer your question, yes, we kissed again.”

     Silence follows. Worried, I look up and see Trish cringing.

     “I know,” I groan and put my head in my hands. “He’s trying to avoid me now. I think he’s confused. Hell, I’m confused!” I mumble incoherently into my palms, sinking lower and lower into my forehead hits the bar. “And my mum nearly caught us...”


     “I know...” I squirm. “God, this sucks.”

      I refused to take the conversation any further because the mixture of anguish and anger was tearing me up from the inside. I couldn’t take it anymore. How could finally being noticed by Tom in the way I always dreamed of be this bad? I felt felt great...but in the end I just feel ashamed.



     Back at home, Tom was still not looking at me so I decided to take matters into my own hands. When mum was upstairs in the bath, I found Tom sat in his usual chair channel hopping. I slump down onto the sofa and notice his grip tighten on the remote as he stares at the screen.

     “I booked a hotel room in the travel lodge,” I state.

     His eyebrows furrow.

     “I’m going to be there tonight. I’ll text you the room number.” I stand and make my way out the room but pause beside him. He tenses up at our close proximity. “I hope you will join me,” I add before leaving.


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