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Power Toys

Novel By: PodOne

“Hi, this is Annie. You know. From the sex shop. Just wondering if you’ve tried out your new toys..." View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 21, 2008    Reads: 9,177    Comments: 9    Likes: 8   

My husband had a business trip last week. You'd better believe I was looking forward to some time in the house alone. So far this year we've been in each others company too much for my taste. I need some alone time. So, after I dropped him at the airport on Saturday afternoon I went into the city and found myself a sex shop. I may have mentioned that as much I love to masturbate I don't have any toys. And well… I decided to remedy that situation. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised by the sheer variety of sizes, shapes, gyrations and all. And I was a little surprised at myself for the embarrassment I felt. It was funny. I spent some time browsing the vid boxes, spending more time on the lesbian ones. And I looked through some magazines. And then I finally worked up enough courage to go over to those objects. After maybe 10 minutes the sales girl came over and asked if I needed help. I was going to brave it when she put her hand on my shoulder and smiling, said, "You know, most of these are props for blokes fantasies. There are only a couple made for us."

An hour later I left with a tiny and unbelievably strong vibrator with little nubbly things on the end, a long flexible thin one, another with a bend - for my G-Spot she'd said - and much to my own surprise having left my telephone number with her. She was quite a bit younger than me - perhaps as much as 10 years. She had black, shoulder length hair, was on the short and plump side, had medium size breasts, and a beautiful round, lush, luxurious bottom. She was rather pretty. While shopping she had been quite flirty and I enjoyed it. She let me try the strength of the vibrators through my jeans and made cute and lewd comments about not supposed to have live sex acts on the shop floor and whatnot. And as I paid, she almost offhandedly asked if I didn't want help with my new purchases. I let it pass without response. She bagged my toys, threw in some lubricant and I was about to leave when I returned and without saying anything… wrote out my mobile number and left. I didn't know if she'd been at all serious and I wasn't sure what I thought I was doing but…

I got home, quickly heated some supper, watched the tele, procrastinated. And then I got myself a bottle of gin and went to my work room. I made myself comfortable and went through my routine websites. As I got more excited I reached for my first toy. The little mini-vibe. I ran it up and down around my vagina and even through my jeans it was an amazing feeling. This little tyke has one strong motor. I didn't want to come yet so I stayed far from my clit and even so, only ran the motor for 10 or 15 seconds at a time and then let myself cool down. I looked through some more pictures - had some more gin - and let my level go down some. This was going to be some evening.

I surfed to a site that has some nice vids - mostly female masturbation, as they so attractively call the category. I watched a very cute young naked girl play with herself using her fingers. She was lithe and long, slim yet still shapely. I loved watching her spread her lips and slip a finger into herself. She tugged at her clitoris. It was lovely. My hand was in my crotch the whole time. When she looked into the camera she had this sly little smile that made me so excited - it was like we were sharing a secret together. And when she had her orgasm I believed it. There was a dew of sweat on her brow, her cheeks flushed, and I could see her anus contracting. Ahhh that was nice…

Next I watched a more voluptuous girl dance in her school girl outfit. A white blouse, snug about her full breasts; her short plaid kilt, little white ankle socks, and black flats. Her waist was slender and her hips were wonderfully round. I watched her dance for a couple minutes and then I paused it. I undid my own blouse a bit and slid out of my jeans. My pants were already a bit moist. I decided to just get rid of them as well. Back at my desk, I got into position - feet up, knees wide apart, mouse hand up, puss hand down.

It was so lovely watching her dance herself out of her top… button by button her cleavage appeared. She turned to show her backside and teased with her skirt. She was the perfect choice for the costume - young and girlish and looked like she was still experimenting with her sexuality. I'm sure it was all an act but I liked it. I fancied myself her teacher, pointer in hand. Maybe it was because she was flirting with a boy in class or maybe she'd forgotten her assignments but I held her after class. As I lectured her she squirmed and curled her hair around her finger. I told her to stand. When she did a knowing look crossed her face. She began moving her hips… just a little... and I watched her just that second too long and she knew. Her movement picked up a pace and she started dancing just like on my monitor. Now her skirt was on the floor. She reached back to loose her bra and that too fell away. Her breasts had a wonderful, full shape. Very firm yet they bobbed beautifully as she moved. And she bent over, showing her fantastic bottom. And she slowly slid down that last remaining garment above her ankles. It was bliss. I watched that several times - her ass emerge naked filling my screen. And again she was in my classroom, now naked and suddenly nervous. I still had the pointer in my hand. She stood, girlishly covering her vagina - and simultaneously squeezing her breasts together. I told her to bend over my desk. I told her to place her feet far apart. I could see her mound from behind and make out her lips. And the girl in my computer bent low and gave me a wonderful, clear view of her spread open bum. With the pointer I touched her bottom. I slid it between her lips and up and down her bottom crack. Her breathing grew deep and husky. And then I gave her a swat with the pointer - sharp but not hard enough to cause real pain. Just enough to surprise her and leave a pink line. I ran the shaft between her lips again, sliding it back and forth until it was quite wet and then another swat. She was barely able to stand now - all her weight on the desk. The pointer was very wet so it slid easily, just the tip, into her bottom. She turned her head and looked at me and I couldn't hold myself back. I dropped the pointer and knelt behind this girl and her perfect ass and began licking and kissing her. First the cheeks and then her anus. In the computer she was now furiously rubbing herself in a doggie style position and I easily imagined myself behind her looking at her bottom hole from inches away… smelling it…tasting it. I, of course, had been stoking myself this whole time and was now very close to the break point. I still wanted to hold back so I had to pause the vid. I held my cold glass to my forehead and then made another drink.

Back in position, I pulled out the bent g-spot vibrator. I slid it up and down, just separating my very wet lips. I started the vid again and for a few minutes just watched her rubbing herself at her now frantic pace. I teased myself, running the tip of the vibe all around but not pushing it passed my inner lips yet. When she finished (this orgasm might have been real as well but either way - overacted) I surfed over to a site with vids I have seen many times. I found the one I wanted now. Good, old fashioned lesbian, anal hardcore. The two gorgeous women did all the things I love to think about. They lick each other's vaginas deeply, suck the labes and clits. They open up and slip fingers in. And of course they each spend a lot of time with their partners ass. The shots of the rimming always take me over the top. The fingers sliding in those wonderful little brown holes . It's all gentle, none of the pounding and ramming that seems to be in all hetero anal scenes. It's gentle and slow, giving me ample time to get back to the top myself. So as I watched I slipped my toy in. It was a nice feeling but a bit odd. It is almost as thick as my husband's penis but the bend is pronounced. About ¼ of the way down it bends at about a 40 degree angle. The feeling is definitely not natural and it took me a little while to get used to it. It wasn't at all painful - it was very nice - just alien. I slowly slid it around, turning it, applying pressure here and there… exploring. The ladies were very involved in a 69 and I was enjoying some close-ups of very wet, wide open pussy shots imagining the scent, the warmth, and the flavors. And then I turned my little machine on. I'd never had a vibrating thing up inside myself before and it was a wonderful shock. It was as if all my life I'd had a sex organ that I only now discovered. There is just no comparison to anything I'd experienced before. I had it at slow speed but already I knew I had entered a new world. It was all the way in when I turned that magic knob - about 7 inches with the curve up - toward my head. And I slowly slid it out. On the way I could feel it getting close to that wonderful spot and when it hit I was in heaven. I forgot about the computer. I forgot about everything. My whole world, my whole existence was inside my cunt. I moved it around my g-spot and I altered the speeds. The faster speeds were nice but near the slow end seemed to be my frequency and it made my eyeballs roll back into my head. I held that thing in position for an eternity - maybe 2 minutes - and exploded like I'm sure no one has before. It felt like my whole being would flood out of me. It was several minutes before I was myself again and I slowly pulled it out. I looked at it as if looking at a magic wand. I was somewhat aware one of the ladies was seemingly enjoying a lovely rim job but barely registered it. I was so beautifully, wonderfully, magnificently drained. I had a cigarette and a drink and slowly returned to Earth. I was satisfied and still I was beginning to feel ready for more.

I had been at my computer for a little over an hour and a half (I am able to spend several hours occasionally) and the night was too young to go to sleep. As good as that orgasm had been and satisfying, I definitely was going to want more. But computer porn just didn't seem to fit the bill now. I had a bath, dressed - not having any idea for what - and found that I had missed a call on my mobile.

"Hi, this is Annie. You know. From the sex shop. Just wondering if you've tried out your new toys. My number is…."


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