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1,000 Days of Summer

Novel By: PhoenixEver

"I love you Addison, know this forever." He whispered into my neck. i felt my body getting hot and the pressure in my belly grow.
"I'll love you too.." My voiced trailed off when the pressure was so great that it rendered me speechless. I felt his hand squeeze mine and the other brushed the hair from my face. I never knew life could be so beautiful until this moment.... View table of contents...



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"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. The first eight-count. The introduction to your routine, you're showing what you have worked hard for all season. Pressure and hairspray.. Two things that are in abundance here.
Many people think all a cheerleader is is a pretty blonde girl who shakes pom-poms during football games, but we are so much more. We. Are. Athletes."
I didn't know how to continue my paper. I'm frustarated and I just feel like going to the gym and tumbling with my coach.
'Screw it, I can't focus.'
I grab my shoes, keys and phone.
"Bye Momma!" I shout down the hall as I climb down the stairs. I walk out to the driveway and unlock my car. I feel my phone vibrate in my hand.
Done at the cages Beautiful. Mexican?
It was from my boyfriend, Sutton.
Mkay babe, I'm on my way.
'Change of plans.'
I'm driving down the road to the place, going too fast. I was really just too stressed with everything in school and cheerleading and yearbook. It's too much on my plate and my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I was just glad to eat something and see Sutton.
I drove into the parking lot and saw Sutton's truck. I remember when I first saw it. It was his 18th birthday and his daddy had bought it for him. It's a big, black truck with leather interior that smells of Armour All. All it is is a redneck truck, but it makes him happy.
Upon walking in, I see Sutton sitting in a booth on the other side of the place. He was in his baseball pants and practice shirt. He still had on his hat and his Phiten. He smiled up at me as he heard me walking up to him. His bright blue yes lit up and I felt myself start to blush. After almost three years of dating he still made me like this.
"Hey Babe," he gets up from his seat and kisses my head and helpes me into the booth and then sits opposite of me. He smiles at me and grabs the menu, leaving his hand on the table palm up. I reached out to hold his hand. I already knew what I wanted so I just took a good look at him.
He's eighteen, six foot-seven, thick build with lots of muscle, he had short blonde hair and tan skin. His eyes were big and bright blue with brown lashes. He had a beautiful mouth, his lips were full and pink but he had a scar on the right corner from a bike wreck but I loved it, his chin and jaw was very strong and he was growing stubble. He had broad shoulders and chest. I could see his shoulder muscles move under his shirt, he was so attractive and a sweetheart. He looked up from the menu and caught my gaze. He smirked at me and winked. I felt the blush and just smiled back at him.
"Why do you do that Babe?" He asked while keeping that smirk on his face.
"Do what baby?" I asked as I watched his thumb draw patterns on my hand. I looked back up at him again and he was looking at me like I was to him just a few moments ago.
"Blush like you don't know you're gorgeous."
"Because I'm not gorgeous."
"Lie again sugar. And I know that you are beautiful." He smiled and looked from my eyes to my lips then back up. it made my heart jump.
Our moment was interupted when a waitor came up with chips, salsa and asking for our drinks.
"Una Coca-cola, por favor."
"Si Alicia, y tu senor?"
Sutton just looked at the man and back at me with wide eyes and his mouth agape.
"Para el, una te dulce sin helado."
"Si senorita, ensiguieda." he laughed and walked away. That was Renaldo, ever since he learned I spoke a little bit of Spanish he insists that I only order in Spanish.
"How in the world can you speak Spanish so well?" Asked Sutton with his eyes wide open and looking at me like I was amazing.
"Baby, you know our first class. We learn it there." I threw a wadded up straw paper at him teasingly.
"But you're smart, you're the reason I'm even passing that class." Sutton was smart but he just couldn't get the laguage. i had to help him a few times on tests and quizzes. "What did you order me anyway?"
"Sweet tea, with no ice."
"You're awesome babe." he squeezed my hand and we ordered our food. We started eating, talking about random things throughout the day and I just something caught my eye.
"Babe, what did you do to your hand?" I noticed he had tape around his two middle fingers and his wrist.
"Oh this? I just screwed it up. No big deal." Which means he meesed it up by catching fastballs without his glove..again.
"Showing off to coach again?"
"No! I was showing off to the scouter."
"Who was here this time?"
"LSU, Clemson, Alabama, UGA"
"Did you get your letters yet?"
"From Clemson and LSU yes. I'm still waiting for UGA to contact me with schlarship offer."
Sutton is amazing at baseball. He plays catcher and his average is .412. Colleges have been looking at him since he was a sophomore and now his senior season is about to start. He will be leaving to go to college soon, the thought made my heart drop just a bit.
"Hey Babe?" I look up at him and he has a serious look on his face. "I gotta ask you something."
"Shoot Baby," I say while putting a chip in my mouth.
"Would you still claim me if i didn't have a nice butt?" I couldn't help but laugh at him. He knew how to make me smile.
"Baby, to be honest..I don't know" His face was priceless.
"Harsh" His eyes narrowed and he gave a little smirk. I poked my tongue out at him and the smirk melted into a smile. He picked up my hand and kissed my knuckles.
"What was that for Baby?" I asked, my hand still in his.
"Cause everything you are mad adorable." He spoke into my hand.
We paid for our food and decided to go back to my house, I got in my car and Sutton got in his truck, we drove down the road towards the house. We got there and he was jogging to my door to open it for me. He had such good manners.
Momma and Daddy were gone so we had the house to ourselves. He hugged me in the foyer and I took his hand and led us to my room. He took off his hat and laid it on the vanity, where he always put it. We laid on the bed and turned on the TV, nothing was on but we watched a monster fishing show for the backround noise.
I felt so small laying next to Sutton. My head was resting on his chest and my feet only went to a bit below his knees. I felt his steady heart beat and listened to his breathing. He traced his finger tips from my shoulders down to my thighs then back up. We talked about random things when his breathing became heavier and his touch became lighter.
"What is it Bae?" I looked up and his hand went to my hair and he was stroking it slowly from the top of my head down to my hips where it ended.
"I'm just thinking about my sister." He just said that and smiled. "I can't believe is going to be a momma. I'm going to be the best uncle ever."
"You're silly Bae." I smiled up at him and he just agreed and leaned his head back.
After a few minutes of laying there he started talking again. "I think about it sometimes."
"Think about what?"
"Us getting married, having kids, being together forever." I smiled up at him. I would be lying if I said that I didn't think about it some too. "What would you say if I asked you to marry me tomorrow?"
"I'd say that we were too young for that." His smile went away.
"No we're not Babe, I turn nineteen next month and you'll be seventeen soon. If you really wanted to we could plan our's for after you turn eighteen. It takes a while to plan a decent wedding anyway."
"You've put some thought into this havn't you...?"
He looed away from me and stared up at my ceiling and then he looked down into my eyes. I could see the reflection of my green eyes in his. He bit his lip then looked up again. "It's just with me going to college next year and playing baseball and traveling every where I just want to know that I'll have you. That I'll have something solid and that won't shift or change. I never want to loose you, Addison. I want to be with you forever." He shifted so that he was sitting up straight and he opened his legs. I moved so I was sitting criss-cross in between them. He put his forehead up against mine and his arms around my waist. "I will never stop loving you, and I want to make sure that you don't either." He kissed me on my lips. Slow. Sweet. He picked me up by my thighs and put me in his lap and continued to kiss me. I wrapped my muscular legs around his waist. He parted his lips and bit my top lip and asked for entrance, I opened my mouth and his soft tongue snaked in and touched mine. He teased his tongue with mine, making me want him. We started moving together and my arms went from his shoulders to around his neck. He picked me up and laid me flat on my back on the bed. I knew where this was going but I didn't care. I needed his touch.
He kissed me from my neck to my feet. He kissed the bottoms of them and my ankles. He then held my leg up and kissed the bottom of my calf and thigh, almost down to my butt. he then came back up and started kissing me wildly on the lips, his hand slowly went up my side and cupped my breast. H e squuezed soflty and a moan escaped my parted lips. He squuezed harder, a manly growl came from him.
His other hand went to the bottom of my tee shirt and reached under. His warm fingers brushed against my sports bra and went under that too. His hand sqeezed my breast and another moan escaped. I kissed and bit his shoulder to keep quiet.
I moved my hands from his neck to the hem off his shirt and took it off of him and he threw it on the floor. I let my hands explore his hairless, tanned, muscular chest. His deltoids and traps and pecs flexed under my touch. He was staring into my eyes, heavy lidded with desire. He lowered down to my lips once again and removed my shirt and bra, leaving me pinned under this beautiful, muscular man..exposed for him to drink in.
He grolwed again and kissed my neck and chest, he then very tenderly licked my hard nipple, taking it in his mouth and sucking softly. I was in pure bliss. His hand carressed my other breast and my hands went to his perfect blonde hair. I ached my back into him and he moved to the other bud, giving it the same treatment. He looked up from my tits and the love in his eyes was over whelming. He kissed my neck and shoulders whispering "You're so beautiful" and "I love you" also the occasional "Mine!" this tuned me on the most.
He then kissed down my stomach and then reached the hem of my running shorts. He looked up in permission and I nodded my head yes.
He licked the skin right above the hem and took one of his long fingers and dipped it under the wasit band and slid my running shorts down my thighs and tossed them on the floor with the rest of our clothes. He kissed my womanhood through the pink cotton thong I was wearing. I laced my fingers in his hair and arched my back, pushing myself to his face. He kissed up my face again, kissing each of my pink nipples on the way up.
He saw the look of disappointment on my face and he smiled at me sweetly and kissed my forehead. I then realized what he wanted.
His hardness was very apparent in his baseball pants. He smiled at me and started rubbing his manhood. I blushed and moved up on my knees. I hugged him around his waist and dipped my hands under the wasitband and pulled them down. He kicked them off onto the floor and I just looked at my man and my mouth watered.
"Take care of this first babygirl, I want to take my time making you feek good." He whisped to me, his eyes heavy lidded and his chest rising and falling from his heavy breathing.
I pushed him against the pillows and kissed him from his sweet lips down his strong neck. I could taste the saltiness of his sweat. I kissed down his chest, kissing each of his nipples and when I did he moaned quietly. I kissed down his abs to his V-line, his cock standing proudly up in the air, just begging to be touched. All eight inches were rock hard and his thickness startled me, then again, it did every time I saw or felt it.I kissed the tip of his beautiful dick and wrapped my lips around the head, already tasting his salty pre-cum. I weighed his heavy balls in my hand, lightly squeezing. I knew what he loves.
His large hand went to my head and neck, slowly and lightly pushing me down to take in more of his length. I took in some more of his impressive length and his breath hitched and he let out a loud moan. I sucked some more of him in and I got to the end of his shaft. I stayed there as long as I could and then I came up for air, i looked up athim with a smile and he lifted my chin and leaned down to kiss me hard. I then went back down to once again to take his entire length. I did this serveral times and then I started pumping his shaft and I licked and sucked his balls. His moans and groans were amazing to hear.
"Oh, baby girl. Yes..just like that. You know how Daddy likes it." It turned me on so much to hear him like this. I also loved it when he called himself Daddy.
I thought I would do something that most girls wouldn't dare.
"Baby, do you know what we talked about a few days ago about me um..?"
His eyes went huge and he moaned out "Yes baby."
"Want me to baby?" I asked sweetly, hoping he would say yes.
"Oh yes baby! Are you sure though?" I nodded enthsiastcialy and he hugged his knees to his chest.
I then licked his balls and licked all the way down to his round ass. I licked and flicked his asshole with my tongue and I looked up at him and he was in pure ectasy.
"Oh yes sweetgirl, be a nughty little fuck for Daddy. Lick me babygirl..." He moaned again and I started pumping his shaft again and licking his sweet ass.
I could tell he was about to cum so whenever I heard him start to breath fast and hard and bucking his hips I pumped his shaft and let him cum in my mouth. I tasted the sweetness of it and swallowed.
His eyes where full of love and desire. He whispered "I love you, Addison." Over and over again. He kissed me deeply and picked me up and laid me on my back once again. He kissed me all over my body. My skin was hot and damp and I felt amazing. He made his way to my soaked panties. He looked up at me and pulled my panties down and licked some of the wetness off of them. This made my womanhood drip with excitment.
"I'm going to make you feel so good baby, I'm going to make my sweetgirl scream for Daddy." With that he dipped his head down and kissed my inner thighs and bit them lightly. He then licked my clit and made me jump. He attacked my pussy, making me grind my face into him and moan for him.
"Sutton, baby...yes! Eat my pussy."
"Ask nicley baby." He teased me.
"Please Daddy, eat my wet pussy and make me cum!"
"That's my sweetgirl." He flciked his tongue all around my pussy and inside of me. He sucked my clit and bit my lips. He knew exactly how I liked to be treated, I loved it. I love him. His fingers then entered my tight pussy, finding my spots quickly and sucking my clit at the same time. He could only fit one finger inside of me. "That's my sweetgirl's tight virgin pussy, I love making you this wet baby." I could only moan in response. "Tell me this pussy is mine naughty girl. Let me hear it."
"This pussy is all yours baby, all yours." I couldn't take it much longer. And he knew this.
"Cum for me sweetgirl. Cum for Daddy." I couldn't hold it anymore. I reached the peak and I felt my release, it was intense and powerful. Sutton held me as I continued to cum. He was holding me to his chest while fingering me and rubbing my clit.
After I finally came down from my high I saw Sutton licking his fingers and I took his hand and licked my juices off of his hand and smiled up at him.
He sighed and smiled with contempt. He held me close to him for a few minutes then pulled his baseball pants back on and dressed me back in my shorts and tee shirt. Neither of us had any underwear on. He pulled me back to him and pulled the covers up over both of us. I fell asleep to his deep breathing and the feeling of his long strong arms wrapped tightly around me.
The last thing I heard before drifting off was him whispering into my hair, "Never stop loving me."
A/N: Thank you so much for reading! Please Comment for the next chapter! These chapters are already written and are submitted on demand!
Thanks again!


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