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Pepper's Private Reading

Novel By: PeytonBlack

Pepper enjoys her first interative reading at the local bookstore. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 24, 2013    Reads: 715    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

Pepper couldn't think past the hands caressing her stinging bottom or past the thumb dancing across her rose hole.

"Please, keep reading!" she gasped. Her voice sounded strangled.

"If you would like, we could…" He hesitated slightly. "Read something else."

Pepper groaned. "I could leave if you like." She didn't want him to stop, but if he had a problem with this she would rather just walk away than try and shift gears.

His low chuckle seemed to dance across her spine. "Not a chance, I was just trying to give you options." His fingers were still kneading her stinging bottom, his thumb still driving her insane with need.

"I like this option." Her voice had grown husky with desire. Her hips rocking subconsciously as she heard the unmistakable sounds of his trousers hitting the floor. Something cold drizzled down the crevice between her cheeks and then the remarkable feel of his thumb working the oil around her sphincter and into her tight hole. She was panting heavily by the time he spoke again.

"If you don't mind I'd rather leave off the reading for just a bit."

When she felt his cock glide so smoothly against her ass, she would have agreed to anything.

"Poor little Alice got the pounding of her life." The voice murmured behind her. His long fingers wrapped around her hips and pulled her rear hard against his hot erection. He bent his long body over hers, sliding his hands under her shirt, and doing amazing things to her breasts.

"Your breasts feel so beautiful, so full and firm. And these nipples…" His fingers wound around them pinching and pulling. "I'd like to suck them into my mouth and pull on them with my lips. Maybe nibble on them a bit…"

Pepper began moaning in on long continuous moan. His fingers, his words, the feel of his cock were driving her insane. She was pushing back against him now, all but demanding his entrance.

"So needy," he teased, chuckling softly. His hands slipped away and then he was pressing the head of his cock inside her. The way he stretched her was both uncomfortable and lovely. She found herself pushing back on him in tiny little movements unable to stop herself. She was groaning in frustration, wanting to take him all inside her.

"Patience," he said tightly, his fingers digging into her hips. His voice sounded strained and she wondered why he was holding back.

Pepper's fingers clenched tightly in her hair as he continued to tease her with the sound of his voice, his tantalizing touch, and the feel of his body pressing against hers. It wasn't just the feel of his cock or his powerful thighs brushing against the back of her silk clad legs that was driving her insane. It was the way his tall body covered hers like a heavy mantle, and the devastating way his arms covered hers with the perfect weight of ownership. He made her feel completely and utterly possessed.

The emotions flooding her made it hard to breathe past the tightness in her chest. A sound escaped sounding more like a gasp and less like the sob it was. How in the name of heaven did he make her feel like this?

Her rocking became more insistent, more desperate until she pushed him well past her body's natural barrier and his moans had become groans. His fingers wrapped tightly around her hips, his movements became more demanding. He was touching something deep inside her, flooding her with pleasure so intense her voice was raspy with her cries. Her release, when it came, started in her brain like a tidal wave of endorphins. She shook and cried; lost in another realm altogether. She never noticed when he came, nor heard the cries of his release. Eventually she felt the soothing caresses of his warm hands down the length of her back.

Then almost abruptly he was tugging her skirt down and pulling his trousers over his hips.

"Follow me."


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