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Pepper's Private Reading

Novel By: PeytonBlack

Pepper enjoys her first interative reading at the local bookstore. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 5, 2013    Reads: 924    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

As soon as he walked away, Pepper began having doubts. She felt so naked, and though it felt positively delicious it also made her feel vulnerable. The cool air reminded her that she was so very exposed! Part of her wanted to leave, but oh, the things he had done to her, the sound of his voice, and the thought of what was to comeā€¦ she couldn't bring herself to leave.

She had just started to relax a little when she heard the doorbell chime. She squirmed a little. She really wanted to stand up and cover herself! She didn't know where he had gone or what he was doing, but she sure as hell hoped he remembered she was back here. She was listening intently for the sounds of conversation but didn't hear any. Just when she was about to panic, she felt the air move around her.

"Good, Girl. I half expected you to have moved by now. I just had to lock the door and turn the sign." He stepped up close behind her running his hands over her hips and bottom and down her thighs. His fingers caressed her inner thighs. When he pressed the heel of his palm against her damp lips, she moaned into the leather and pressed back against the warmth of his hand, almost whimpering when he pulled away.

"Let's see, where were we?"

She heard the pages of the book and wanted to groan. Her whole body was thrumming with need and he was standing behind her reading! He was reveling in the sight of Alice's bottom so gloriously displayed and boasting of the delicious things he was now able to do. And as the soft rich voice behind her spoke of caressing and stroking and kneading and pinching his soft warm hand demonstrated to Pepper just what Alice may have been experiencing.

Somewhere along the way, the book was set aside and both hands moved over Pepper's body as if to possess her. Moving and shifting, sometimes caressing her breasts through the silk of her blouse, or pinching that sensitive button making her want to cum on the spot. Those fingers could be so cruel or so soft, digging into the flesh of her bottom or gliding over her thighs.

Before long Pepper was sobbing with need, her voice uttering plaintive cries for release.

He began to describe, in the words of the author, the instrument of torture he had chosen. And as he spoke of the attributes of the crop he intended to use, Pepper felt something glide across her exposed skin that felt just like it. Her heart pounded even faster and she felt a touch of fear. She had never been spanked with a crop!

He gave her little time to think before he delivered the first stinging blow. He continued to read to Pepper, pausing only long enough to carefully land the next strike before reading on.

It felt like a flood to her senses; the words, the pain, her position. She couldn't focus on any one thing, only all of them at once. They washed over her like rain, ran through her veins like lava threatening to consume her.

She sobbed and trembled uncontrollably, barely noticing when the crop was set aside and the hand began to slowly stroke across the bright pink lines.

Slowly the words began to take shape and have meaning again and she listened.

Alice had broken, falling into a fit of tears, and as she began to recover, he began tormenting her with his plans to take her bottom. The story so enflamed her that Pepper began to rock, pressing her bottom back against his waiting hand.

"Shall I keep reading? Or are we done for the day?"


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