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Pepper's Private Reading

Novel By: PeytonBlack

Pepper enjoys her first interative reading at the local bookstore. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 28, 2013    Reads: 902    Comments: 5    Likes: 5   

"Can I help you find something today?" She heard his rich voice and felt weak in the knees. He worked here? Oh heavens! Now every time she shopped here (and she was hoping to shop here a lot) she was going to have to face him. She looked around for the book she wanted to purchase but couldn't find it anywhere. He must have taken it with him.

She found him helping a customer in the self-help section. When he looked at her, she felt all fluttery inside. If she could she would have put a stop to it, but her body responded without her consent.

"Can I help you with something?" He asked her, his eyes laughing.

She pointed to the book he still held in his hand.

"I am afraid this book is currently not for sale. You may, however, come in any time for a private reading."

She felt the blood rush to her cheeks, murmured "thank you," and left the store. She stood outside the door in indecision then decided to go across the street to the coffee shop. She knew she shouldn't, coffee made her excitable, but she really didn't want to go far because she was thinking about going back for a book. She smiled to herself… and maybe another book reading.

He was disappointed to see her go. As he tended his customer, his thoughts kept returning to her absentminded fondling and her ragged breathing as he read to her. He kept seeing her cheeks turning bright red as she realized where her hand had been, and that he had enjoyed it.

He saw the customer to the door and thought to take a private moment in the back. He was almost there when he heard the little bell. Sighing, he walked back to the front desk.

"I think I would like that private reading now, if you please." She held her breath waiting…

"Certainly." He came around the desk to her side. "There is a quiet little corner back here."

It was a cozy little spot; she could easily imagine this to be his sitting room with its well-used overstuffed leather chair, solid wood coffee table, and lamp. He settled himself comfortably before holding out his hand for her to join him.

She hesitated to actually sit on his lap. She wasn't huge by any means, but neither was she petite. She was certain to make him uncomfortable and thus end their reading… He smiled as if reading her thoughts.

"It's the best seat in the house." He teased.

She smiled and allowed him to situate her comfortably on his lap, her bottom siting snugly against his erection. He wrapped one arm around her hips to hold her firmly against him and began reading immediately.

He started with chapter eight, just after poor Alice's unwanted orgasm. His voice was rich and sensual and it sounded very much as if the man was sharing his own thoughts, he read so excellently. Her cheeks burned as he explained how excited he was after playing with Alice.

Pepper was mesmerized by the way his fingers gathered her skirt inch by agonizing inch over her knees and up her thighs to reveal her tiny black slip. She watched his hand caress her knee and slide up her thigh until she gasped a soft sound made louder for the quiet of the store. She closed her eyes and listened to the man list the ways in which Alice could make him cum.

His large warm hand eased her leg over his until it was resting outside his. He was especially delighted when she tucked her foot around his ankle firmly anchoring her leg in place. But when he did the same with her other leg, she felt so indecently open to him. And he took full advantage to drag his thumb up and down her crease, playing in the wet silkiness of her panties.

Then he read how he wanted to use Alice's delicate hand to minister to his needs, and Pepper was horribly embarrassed as it reminded her of her earlier actions. She began to feel the heat all over as if she were in a sauna.

The cadence of his voice changed and she knew he was getting as turned on as she was… then he described how wonderful her bottom was, and how he intended to fuck her there. The feel of his cock pressing against her bottom made it all too vivid for her. She whimpered slightly, but she didn't know if it was from fear or need. Oh heavens it felt so wonderful; his words, his voice, his cock.

"Shall I stop reading?"


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