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Pepper's Private Reading

Novel By: PeytonBlack

Pepper enjoys her first interative reading at the local bookstore. View table of contents...


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Pepper's Private Reading

By:Peyton Black

Author's Note: If this is a novel it is the shortest novel in history. I only listed it as such so I could keep all the chapters together (unlike Uncle Bill's Way). It is, in fact, a short story. Please enjoy!

Pepper walked into the bookstore with a sense of wonder and excitement. She loved bookstores, especially ones full of used books. She had her eye on this one since she moved into town and she had been dying to delve into the quiet dark corners and see what she could find. She had a wide variety of interests so just about anything could catch her interest.

She was impressed. The shelves were all old wood, stood almost to the ceiling lending a cozy atmosphere between shelves. She noticed that though the shelves were old and the books were used, the rest of the building had a more modern but cozy feel. Yes, she could easily spend hours here.

She was wandering among the shelves, mostly just getting a feel for the place before settling in, when her eyes fell on some fairly unusual titles… Her cheeks turned pink as she realized that she was standing in a section dedicated to erotic fiction. Her first impulse was to scurry away so as to not get caught standing there of all places. Just as she was about to move on her eyes caught sight of an older book with a provocative title. "The Way of a Man with a Maid"

She found it quite irritating that the shelves were so tall that she could not grasp the book. If she were a short woman this may seem normal but being tall she was unused to things being out of reach.

"Here, let me get that for you."

She squeaked in surprise as she had been completely alone only seconds before.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you." His hands touched her shoulders lightly as if to reassure her, and then he was leaning against her as he reached for the book that so out of reach. The heat from his tall frame did terrible things to her. Her breathing became heavy. She wanted to groan from the desire that was pounding through her.

Her hands dropped down to her side just as he was leaning around her and her hand brushed against something hard. Out of reflex she pressed her hand out flat against him. He paused briefly in his task, leaning against her hand ever so slightly before continuing as if nothing had happened. Pepper felt heat scorching her cheeks as she realized what she had done. But she did not move her hand. Instead she let her fingers relax so they curled around him naturally.

"Have you read this before?" He asked hoping she wouldn't notice the way he edged closer so his cock was nuzzled against her palm.

"Not really. I did have someone read a portion of it to me. So when I saw it I thought maybe I should read it."

"Who did the reading?" He asked mostly to prolong the moment.

"A friend. It was on the floor of his apartment and so I picked it up out of curiosity. He took it from my hand and started reading it to me." Her thumb was caressing the base of his cock as if she was unaware of what she was doing, and he was hesitant to be the one to point it out. Besides, it felt so damned good.

"What portion did he read?" He struggled to sound ultra-casual.

"Something about feathers. I think she was tied up or something. I was terribly embarrassed. Not by the story, but by him reading it to me. It felt so… intimate." She squeezed his cock firmly before rubbing the palm of her hand up and down, and still he didn't know if she was doing it on purpose or absentmindedly. He suppressed a groan and opened the book instead.

As he read from the book shivers of pleasure raced through her. The book was written from the man's point of view, and being read by the man standing next to her made it blaze into reality, dropping her right into the woman's plight.

He described Alice's struggles against her bonds and his delight in tormenting her. How he absorbed every detail of her engorged clit and her cunt as it gaped and yawned in anticipation.

Her caresses became more firm and urgent as he read how he used his lips and his tongue to bring poor Alice to an unwilling climax. He was going to have to stop her before she drove him to spend in his trousers right in the middle of the work day! He placed his warm hand over hers bringing her hand to a sudden halt. He curled her fingers around his balls for a brief second of euphoria before releasing her.

Pepper gasped and brought her hand to her mouth in horror. She couldn't believe she had been fondling a perfect stranger in the middle of a store!

Just then the doorbell chimed and he excused himself.


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