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Just Call Me Karma

Novel By: Persephone84

Mary lost both her parents when she was still young. One day, after her sister Daphne is found dead in an alley, after being raped, she blames herself for not going with her. She decides to take revenge. Detective Cameron Martinez is on her trail and he can't seem to get Mary out of her mind. Will he find all the proof he needs to put her behind bars, or will he give in to his growing lust for her? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 31, 2012    Reads: 836    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Just Call Me Karma


"Mary!" I slowly turned around in my bed while I felt somebody shaking me awake.

"Go away, I'm sleeping!" I pushed the hand that was still shaking me away, but it only started all over again until I opened my eyes to find my little cousin standing in front of me, her big blue eyes looking scared. "Mary, mommy is crying and there is a police officer downstairs!" she was hugging her teddy in one hand while her other little hand was still on my arm.

"Don't worry Holly, I'm sure nothing's wrong, why don't you go back to bed and I go downstairs to see what's going on?"

Holly shook her head wildly while she started crying "I don't want to be alone!"

"Ok, then you come with medownstairs, but as soon as we know what happened, you go back to bed, alright?" I looked her straight in the eyes and she nodded wildly.

I knew she wasn't going to go back to bed that easily, but a bad feeling was creeping down my spine and I had to know what happened.

I looked over to my sisters bed and it was still empty.

strange, I thought.

I turned to look at the alarm clock and It was already 04.05 AM.

Daphne never stayed out this late.

I took a deep breath, put on my slippers and took little Holly's hand as I descended the stairs slowly.

I could hear my aunt's silent cries and my uncle's soft murmurs as he was talking to another person I didn't recognise.

"You will have to come down to the morgue in the morning, they uh, they need you to identify the body, I'm so sorry Mr. Larsson" I heard the unknown voice say.

I could feel my blood run cold asIran down the last stairsteps, leaving Holly behind me.

Two police officers were standing in the entrance to our home.

I noticed that one of them was holding Daphne's red purse in his hands.

"NO!" I yelled as I ran to grab it from him.

They all looked up at me, startled.

My aunt started crying even louder.

My uncle took her in his arms "Linda, calm down, you need to keep it together now."

"Where is she?" I asked both officers, who's eyes were avoiding mine.

"Where is my sister!"

The older officer looked up at me and shook his head.

"I'm sorry miss, your sister, we found her body outside a club, we're not sure what happened,but we're investigating. I'm very sorry for your loss."

My heart stopped and then started to pound again, loudly, I could feel it in my head, in my veins.

I felt like I was losing my mind.

"No, no, no, no!" I started screaming as my aunt pulled away from my uncle and threw her arms around me.

"I'm so sorry Mary" she whispered as she stroked my hair.

I just felt numb. I couldn't seem to put my head around it all, I couldn't seem to understand that the last member of my family was gone...

"Who did it?" I turned around to look at the officer that had spoken earlier.

"I'm sorry miss. We're working on it, when her body was found there wasn't much evidence. We are trying to find some witnesses, but so far no one was able to help us out. If you have the names of the friends she went out with this evening, it would be really helpful" He asked gently.

I let go of my aunt and went over to the officer. "Do you have a pen and paper?" I asked.

I felt like I was moving automatically, everything felt dead, colorless, meaningless.

"Sure" he nodded as he gave me his notepad and a pen.

I wrote down all the names of the people who I knew went out with Daphne and gave it back to him.

"she wanted me to go along, bb..but I" I shook my head and started to shake violently.

Guilt was crawling its way up my spine.

If only I had gone with her, If only I had listened to her begging me to go with her that evening, maybe she'd still be here today…

It was all my fault.


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