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Dancing Desire

Novel By: Perfectproblems

Annalise Cass, comes to America after being accepted into Yale's prestigious medical program. She leaves her controlling mother behind in London. To pay her bills, she dances at a nearby popular strip club. Little did she know that one of the richest men in America owns it, and she has the hots for him. View table of contents...


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"I s-screamed." I stutter my voice barely audible. I'm exhausted with pleasure.

"Yeah, told you." Kason replies as he leans towards me and gently unclips the clamps on my breasts. I wince slightly as they come off.

"Those things are fucking torturous." I complain deliriously.

"That's the idea baby." He murmurs as he kisses my sore breasts.

I sigh.

"Did you like them?" He asks as he brushes a stray lock of hair out of my face.

"I'm pretty sure I have a love hate relationship with them. I like them a lot more when you're fucking me. Otherwise they make me all needy." I reply honestly.

"I like you needy." He chuckles as he sits up further and begins to work on my bound wrists.

"Yeah, yeah I know. I'm not complaining." I say and smile slightly."

In a matter of seconds since Kason started working on my wrists the rope falls free.

"Your rope skills are artistic." I praise as he kisses my wrists and massages them lightly.

"You haven't seen anything." He says deviously.

"I don't doubt it." I say with a bit of a scoff.

"You really pulled against the ropes." He observes running his hand along the red marks my binds caused. They might bruise slightly.

"I so do not take responsibility for that." I retort mock scowling.

"We'll have to get you something to cover them up with." He says kissing them once against.

"If their still showing on Monday when Evangeline and her friends come I can just cover them up with makeup. I can cover up anything." I say a little too quickly. Me and my big mouth. I know Kason's thinking exactly what I'm thinking. I got excellent at covering up any type of bruise and waterproof makeup and I were best friends.

Kason winces slightly, proof that he just imagined exactly what I didn't want him to.

"Now that I think about it a bracelet or two will be perfect." I murmur rolling onto my side and laying my head against Kason's chest.

"I'll pick them out. We can find everything you want to buy online and Racheal can have it brought to the house tomorrow morning." He says kissing my temple affectionately.

"Are you serious about taking me to work with you?" I ask softly

"Don't I always keep my word?" He asks grinning.

He gets whatever he wants. Does whatever he wants. If he says he's going to do something he is. I have proof on multiple occasions.

"Always." I whisper.

After we lay there for a while, Kason throws on a pair of pants and runs downstairs to get a laptop. My legs aren't working very well at the moment so I gladly gave him the job. I slide under the covers and prop my head up on a pillow. Kason joins me when he comes back, and I lay the sleek computer on my lap.

"So I just pick out things like I'm online shopping?" I ask him with a raised eyebrow as I type in Nieman's internet address.

"Yes." He pulls out his phone. "Then we tell Racheal what we want."

"You really have too much money." I say as I role my eyes.

"Exactly. Which is why you should spend it." He responds and leans back against the luxurious pillows.

"Oh I will. Evangeline and her friends will be getting all sorts of presents." I murmur clicking through the website.

"I mean for you too Annalise." He adds.

"Yeah, yeah. I approve the bracelets as long as they aren't that expensive." As soon as it is out of my mouth I know where I went wrong. Now that I told him I won't approve an overly expensive bracelet that's exactly what he will buy me. And from the look on his face I'm right. I groan and dive into online shopping for Evangeline and her friends.

An hour and half later I've picked out outfits for Evangeline, Lila, and Alice. I haven't met Lila or Alice but I have an idea of what they'll like. I mark a dress, pair of shoes, and a bag for each girl. Designer clothes are honestly overpriced. When I'm done Kason kicks me out of his room claiming that what he buys me is a surprise and I need to be a good gift receiver. I glare at him and then do what he said. I throw on a tee shirt, a pair of panties and track downstairs. I'm mercifully glad Delilah isn't around. I obviously look just-fucked. Grabbing a glass of water from the fridge I walk towards the main room. My eye catches the shiny piano and I walk around to it. I carefully set my water glass on coaster and slide onto the bench. I carefully lift the cover and let my fingers dance over the keys. I play one of my all-time favorites 'Claire de Lune'. I'm not as good as I used to be with a piano. Certain songs that I've played many times before I can play as if I never stopped practicing. The soft and slow melody of the song projects from the piano. I do miss playing, I always enjoyed it.

The red marks on my wrists make me smile as I play. Do I really care that Kason always has to be in control? Not really. In some ways I guess because I'm not really one to agree with people easily. Although Kason knows me fairly well right now, and I like to give up my control. Do I care that my body is marked with him? Not at all. I like it rough sometimes, and I like the power he exerts. I know I can stop it at any time and ultimately it's my choice. I still have guilt about the way I feel sometimes. My past has shaped me no matter how much I don't want to admit it. I am who I am because of it. My fingernails click slightly against the keys. It warrants a grin out of me. My mother always harped on me that I had to have short nubby nails. Now I'm playing because I want to, and I'm doing it just fine with my long nails. My hair sways across my back slightly as I move my head to the slow melody I create. I draw out the ending of the song holding each note longer than required. I remove my eyes off of the piano as I rack my brain for another song to play. I almost jump out of my seat when I see Kason leaning against the side of the piano.

"You play?" He asks although it's more of a statement.

"I do. What are you doing down here so quickly?" I inquire looking over him. He really out to walk around the house shirtless more often.

"I have definitive tastes, I knew exactly what I wanted." He says joining me on the piano bench.

"You always do." I whisper.

"What?" He asks.

"Nothing." I mutter as press my fingers to the keys in a chord.

Kason follows playing the complimenting low notes. Soon we've picked up into a song. I'm not exactly sure what we're playing. Our four hands touch each other every now and then as we search for the right keys to follow each and every sound we make. What we are playing would be perfect for a series of pirouettes and grand jetes. I smile at him as our symphony comes to an end.

"You play too." I observe, and he obviously does it better than I do.

"I do." He answers right before he kisses me.

We end up right back in his bedroom for the rest of the day, only coming downstairs to eat. All in all a very accomplishing day. He doesn't get too dominant upon me in bed for the rest of the day. Although our kinky sex is mind blowing there is something to be said for regular fucking. When I think back, I've never really had basic sex that I got off on. The other guys that I had fucked were alright in bed but I never as good as Kason. Callum was my first boyfriend and he always like it rough and usually when I was telling him no. It wasn't anything like what Kason and I are doing now. I enjoy what Kason and I do, and he always has tenderness in his eyes. Even if he is bossing me around. For once I'm comfortable with my life. Kason and I shower together and fall asleep in each other's arms.

I wake from an enriching sleep which is free of memories or nightmares. Kason holds me all night and his soft touch repels them. I used to hate gentle soothing. Things are different with Kason and I'm not exactly sure what or why. All I know is that I'm happy with it. I'm content. I just hope I can stay that way after teaching and dancing for Evangeline tomorrow.

"Good morning." Kason whispers into my ear.

"Good morning." I echo rubbing my sleepy eyes.

"Your presents should be here." He murmurs sleepily.

"And Evangeline, Lila, and Alice's presents." I retort softly

"Yup. I want you to wear your bracelets to take your girlfriend to work day." He says as he starts to wake up fully.

"Take your girlfriend to work day?" I inquire with a smile.

"Exactly. I'm going to show you exactly where I work, or one of the offices I own." He says looking satisfied with himself.

"I never be able to see your whole empire, Mr. Money bags." I say pushing my sleep astray hair out of my face.

"Mr. Money bags?" He asks smirking.

"Yeah. I have a myriad of things I like to call you." I tease.

"What pray tell would those be?" He quirks his eyebrows at me.

"I wouldn't want to increase your ego. And I don't want to be late for take your girlfriend to work day." I say as I try to untangle myself from his grasp.

He chuckles.

"Let's shower." I suggest, and as soon as it's out of my mouth Kason has picked me up and were in the shower. I have to say while shower sex is completely satisfying, you waste a lot of water. Kason and I dry off in his bathroom.

"What should I wear?" I ask him. I need to look respectable if I'm going to his office.

"Whatever you want." He answers drying his dark hair roughly with his towel.

"Uh, well how about you help me pick something out." I suggest as pull the towel around my body tight.

"Alright. I mean it doesn't really matter what you wear it's not like they are going to kick you out." He replies with a smirk.

Arrogant Bastard. I'm going to put that on my list of top ten nicknames for his mercurial self.

"Right. So I should just go like this?" I ask as I let my towel drop from my body.

"Point made. That's only for me." He says as his eyes rake over my bare body.

Heat pools at the apex of my thighs and we just had sex fifteen minutes ago. I'm definitely turning into a nymphomaniac. I quickly pick my towel up from the floor and cover myself with it again. Kason promises to meet me in my room as soon as he's dressed. I shuffle to my room and towel dry my long hair in the bathroom. Heading to my closet I throw on a black lace bra and panties. I don't exactly like walking around naked. As I clip my bra together Kason walks in my closet. What was that like ten minutes and he is dressed and looks edible? I swear it isn't fair. He's wearing a grey fitted suit with a dark purple tie. His hair hangs in his face slightly and it looks as if he has just run some gel through it. It's a thoroughly fucked look that suits him very well. His azure eyes burn right through me as I struggle to get the clasp of my bra together.

"Need some help?" He asks salaciously.

"Yes please." I reply.

He walks up behind me and clasps my bra expertly. I haven't worn one because of the bruises on my back. I think going to Kason's office with one warrants a bra even if it is a teensy bit uncomfortable. The bruises on my body are fading nicely though. I finger through the shirts in my closet. None of them are exactly designer. Maybe I should have taken Kason up on his offer and bought myself some expensive clothing. I don't really need it, although I want to look respectable if I'm going to meet some people who work for him. Kason finds a dark purple button down blouse that matches his tie and holds it up to me.

"Isn't it corny if we match?" I ask.

"Nope. Then everyone knows your mine for sure." He answers as he slides the shirt over my shoulders and starts to button it up.

He really is controlling. It's my fault though, I asked for his opinion on what I should wear. I made my bed and I'll lie in it. It's a comfortable bed so I don't mind.

I dress in a black circle skirt, black Louboutins and dark amethyst earrings. I took all of my large collection of jewelry when I left London. I sold most of it to pay bills, but I still have a few things left.

I kick Kason out of my room once he's helped with my outfit. I walk into my bathroom and pull out my makeup kit from drawer. I apply some mascara and line my eyes with a dark purple shadow. Quickly I sweep some concealer underneath my eyes and dust some power over my face. I grab my brush and run it through my long waves. I fluff my hair once, brush my teeth and I'm done. My unique eyes stand out and the slight purple shadow lining my thick lash line matches my outfit perfectly. I'm beautiful and pale as always. I walk downstairs satisfied with how I look and looking forward to learning more about what Kason does. It means something to me that he wants to show me. I went to the benefit on Saturday not knowing much about anything. I'm sure if I spent an hour or so on google I could find out whatever I wanted about his company. I just want him to want to show me. He does, so what more could I ask for? I smile as Kason comes into view waiting for me at the kitchen counter.

"You look beautiful." He compliments as his eyes take in my full outfit.

"Why thank you." I say as I twirl a lock of hair around my finger.

I notice a rack with three dresses in the main room.

"Are those the clothes for Evangeline?" I ask, walking towards it.


I let my fingers glide over the hangers. I picked each dress based on what I knew about each girl and what I thought would fit their height and size best. Each girl is quite frail, but these dresses should show off what curves they have. I smile as I see the three designer shoe boxes and the smaller boxes for each of the girl's handbags.

"Do you like them?" Kason asks coming up behind me.

"There perfect. The girls will love them. I've just got to get them some dance supplies today." I murmur as he wraps his arms around my waist and nuzzles my hair.

"You can talk to Miranda about that when we get to the office." He whispers against me.

"Alright." I respond softly.

"Are you ready for your present?" He asks, and I can feel him slip his hand into his pocket.

I nod vehemently.

"Close your eyes." He directs quietly. I'm not much a fan of being deprived of my sight. Now I know I can open my eyes at any time though. Taking a deep breath I let my eyes flutter closed. I hear some slight rustling as I wait.

"You can open them now." He says his voice tender and velvety as always.

My eyes widen as I take in the sights before me. In front of him are two thick platinum bangles. Each of them are weaved intricately and have delicate details. They are just thick enough to cover the slight bruises on my wrists. I haven't even been bothering to cover up the faint scars on my wrists. There fading with time and not exactly noticeable unless you look closely anymore. I imagined that bracelets would cover them anyways. The have a clasp on each side adorned with diamonds a dark violet stone. I smile as I realize that they match my outfit perfectly. I know they must have cost a fortune but that isn't what I'm thinking about right now.

"Oh, I love them Kason." I gush and press my lips against his. Our kiss is soft and no hands are involved as Kason is still holding the bracelets between us. I didn't exactly give him time to put them down.

"Here try them on." He says as he removes a single bracelet from the luxurious box. I turn my wrist over to him and he clasps it for me. The stones stand out against my pale skin and cover my bruises expertly.

"Perfect." I mutter as he clasps the other one. They aren't big enough to be tacky, and aren't small enough to me easily passed by.

"Shall we eat?" Kason suggest as I continue to admire my new jewelry.

"Yes." I chirp and finally remove my gaze from my wrists.


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