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Dancing Desire

Novel By: Perfectproblems

Annalise Cass, comes to America after being accepted into Yale's prestigious medical program. She leaves her controlling mother behind in London. To pay her bills, she dances at a nearby popular strip club. Little did she know that one of the richest men in America owns it, and she has the hots for him. View table of contents...


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"What did she say?" Kason asks softly.

"Nothing much, she seems really excited and they all want to see me dance. I've got their dress sizes and all that, so I can buy them some surprises. Is there a ballet supply store around here somewhere? I want to get them each a pair of pointe shoes." I answer sliding my phone into my back pocket.

"I think so, I'm not sure. I can give Miranda a list." He murmurs.

"Miranda?" I question with raised eyebrows.

"My assistant." He replies in a clipped tone.

"I don't even know where you work." I wonder aloud. Regretting it as soon as it leaves my over exuberant mouth.

"Then I'll show you. Tomorrow." He says, and it sounds like he actually wants to.

"Alright, thank you." I say as I pop some watermelon in my mouth.

Some of the juice from the watermelon escapes my mouth and drips down my chin. Before I can wipe it away, Kason is reaching forward and picking up any juice with his lips expertly.

"Why, thank you." I say flirtatiously.

Kason's eyes are burning with desire and he smirks at me salaciously. Although he just continues to eat his watermelon as if the electricity between us pulsing through the air is non-existent. All he does is trace small circles on my inner thigh. My sweatpants aren't enough protection from the heat that always rushes through my body whenever he touches me. I try to pretend he isn't effecting me at all and I continue to eat my watermelon unassumingly. I'm licking my lips every time I purposely let some of the juicy watermelon escape my mouth.

I know Kason's sees me because he shifts in his seat and tightens his grip on my leg slightly. He slides his hand up higher and my entire body is coiled tight. That doesn't mean he is the only one who can tease. This time I take a bite of a large piece of watermelon and let the juice drip down my neck. It starts to run down my cleavage and I take my index finger and catch it, bringing it to my mouth and sucking while making a low sound of please in the back of my throat. Kason growls slightly and glares at me with his bright eyes.

"Have I done something to upset you?" I ask him putting on my most innocent voice.

"Nope." He rasps burning a hole through my tee shirt. I'm fairly sure my hard nipples are straining through it. He retaliates by bluntly sliding his hand higher up my thigh and brushing over my sex so very lightly. I squirm slightly in my seat despite my best efforts. Kason's smirk increases as he continues to caresses my very upper thigh. I realize that this is a power play of sorts. Before in the bathroom I turned him down, so now he wants me to beg and he is doing quite a good job of getting exactly what he wants. That doesn't mean I'm not going to play hard to get.

"I think I'm a bit sleepy, I'm going to go lie down. Would you like to come with me?" I ask as I fake a yawn.

"I would love to accompany you Miss. Cass." He deadpans, although his eyes tell a whole different story.

My heart warms at the fact that he used the surname I chose and went to a lot of work to legally attain. He doesn't think of me as a Darlington. That's all I could ask for. He acknowledges I'm not the same person I was.

I slip off of the barstool and begin to walk upstairs. Without turning around I know Kason is following me. As soon as I open the door to Kason's room I pull of my tee-shirt letting it fall to the ground. Then I slowly pull my sweat pants down my hips along with my panties.

Kason groans slightly behind me and it spurs me on. I climb on his bed naked and let my thighs fall open. His eyes blaze through me and he grasps the wooden bedpost in a tight grip. I trail my hand down my bare breasts pinching my nipples slightly. Leaving one of my hands to fondle my breasts, I slowly slide the other one down my muscled torso and I sweep my fingers against my inner thigh. I make a soft moan as I slide two fingers over my clit. I'm delightfully wet and I'm sure Kason can see the moisture between my thighs. I slide two of my fingers inside my slick pussy. As soon as I do Kason rushes up to me and yanks my hands above my head. I flutter my eyelashes at him innocently.

"What do you think you're doing?" He growls as his grip on my wrists tightens.

"Nothing at all." I whisper my voice high.

"Exactly. Your body is mine to do whatever I want to." He barks at me, although he doesn't exactly seem angry.

"Yes, Kason." I answer. It's true, and I like it that way.

"Stay." He demands and stalks to his closet of delicious torture. I keep my arms above my head and do the best I can not to press my thighs together for some relief. I squirm on the bed, what is taking Kason so long? I train my eyes on the back of him and I realize somewhere along the line he removed his clothes. Oh god, his ass his perfectly sculpted. I'm dying here. I latch my lip between my teeth as I second defense, because I'm pretty sure I'm about to beg him to just come back and fuck me. I press my thighs together, it's like Kason knows what I'm doing. He walks back from the closet at that exact moment with crimson rope and something metal in his hands.

"Drop your legs open Annalise." He directs roughly.

I do as he says trying desperately to keep my eyes of his thick cock. He starts to wrap the red rope, tying my wrists together above my head. This rope isn't as soft as the silk drapes hanging from each of his bedposts. It's slightly rough and bites into my wrists slightly.

"You like red." I whisper as he continues to bind my wrists together.

"Yes. It looks perfect against your skin tone." He answers his voice velvety and rich as ever. God, why does he have to talk like that?

I make a sigh of incoherence. Kason trails two pieces of the rope down the sides of me. I look up to see my wrists expertly bonded. They are bound in the center of the carmine rope which is wrapped around my wrists multiple times. I would have no idea how to get out of it, it looks like a piece of art. I pull against the ropes, I'm definitely staying here if Kason wants me to. His hands caresses my breasts fondling my nipples just right. My eyes flutter closed and then snap right open when I feel a slight pinch on both of them. I look down to see a small metal clamp of sorts attached to each of my nipples. There is a delicate metal chain connecting both of them. They look like jewelry in a way. I squirm against the bed. The pressure of them against my breasts has me aching all over.

"Okay?" he asks looking in my eyes.

"Yes, Kason." I breathe huskily. I then make the mistake of trailing my eyes down his toned body. His decadent cock juts out veins straining against it. Oh how much I want him inside of me.

"See something you want?" Kason asks with a circuitous smirk.

Yes, I see something I want and I want you to fuck me please.

"Nope." I mutter lying.

"Alright then." He rasps trailing a warm hand down my torso. I arch my back slightly, and it has the nipple clamps moving against me. I gasp. The movement I made sent twinges of heat between my legs. Their slightly painful against my sensitive breasts although in a way that add to it. They make me completely achy. I instinctively press my thighs together to find some relief. Kason groans and presses his hands against my thighs roughly pushing them open.

He runs his hand up my dripping sex avoiding my clit entirely. If he would just move up a little and rub I would get some relief. I continue to chew my lip between my teeth. He circles my opening with his finger teasingly. I writhe on the bed. This is too much. My whole body aches for him. My breasts are sore and heavy sending desire all throughout me. Kason's light touch over my mound has my mind swimming with want.

"Please." I cry.

"Sorry I couldn't hear you." He growls at me as his finger slides over my clit oh so lightly. Not near enough to get me off, just enough to tease me to the ends of the earth.

"Fuck me! Please Kason just fuck me. I can't handle it." I beg raising my voice.

"Good girl." He praises as he comes up onto the bed and crawls between my legs.

He doesn't thrust into me right away just teases my clit with the head of his cock. He runs his length up and down me wetting himself with my flowing juices. I want to grab his ass and slam him into me. I can't, my wrists are tied and I'm helpless to any pleasure he decides to give me. Or in this case any teasing. Yet in a way I like it. He has complete control over my body.

"Please. Please, fuck me." I plead at him. I just want him to fuck me. I don't care if I need to beg and plead.

"What do you what Annalise?" He asks as if he didn't hear me the last three times I begged him.

"I want you to fuck me." I enunciate every word, almost growling them at him.

"And I will, until you scream." He rasps as he rams into my wanting passage.

My jaw drops open and I swear I almost come as soon as he is inside me. With every deep thrust he makes my breasts jolt against my body. The clamps on my nipples move and send pleasure sending through me. I'm so utterly worked up, every part of me coiled so tightly. His thick cock drives into my body rubbing every spot inside of me. I tug against my restraints as I cry out in climax. I pulse around Kason and I continue to squirm. He doesn't stop just continues to slam into my sensitive flesh. This man is talented. I had never even come twice during sex before him, and now he has me coming over and over again. Sometimes I didn't even orgasm once. I was never easy to please in bed. Somehow Kason seems to be hitting all of my pleasure points. He can play my body like an instrument. I don't stop coming as he pounds into me. I can't seem to stop. I try to hold in every scream. It doesn't exactly work.

"Yes! Oh, god. Stop. Oh please don't stop. Fuck me." I scream my whole body starting to shake.

"Jesus Christ. Annalise." He groans breathlessly.

I can feel my pussy continuing to pulse around him in constant orgasm. With each of his thrusts Kason rubs my clit with his pelvis. I don't think I ever stop coming. He just pumps into me harder. I scream. And scream. And beg. I rock my hips against him as I writhe in pure ecstasy. Better than any drug I've ever taken. The mixture between the pain and pleasure of his thrusts, the aching in my breasts, and the soreness of my wrists has me in euphoria. Kason and I both moan in mutual bliss. I don't even keep track as to how many times I come. I don't think I could even count that high. As I contract around him once more he clings to me as his muscles tighten and he spills himself inside of me. When he stills he pulls out of me and falls to the empty side of the bed next to me. I'm panting and my heart is hammering against my chest.


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