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Dancing Desire

Novel By: Perfectproblems

Annalise Cass, comes to America after being accepted into Yale's prestigious medical program. She leaves her controlling mother behind in London. To pay her bills, she dances at a nearby popular strip club. Little did she know that one of the richest men in America owns it, and she has the hots for him. View table of contents...


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Kason's POV:

I told myself that I didn't miss her. That I didn't need her. That I could stay in London for however long I wanted, and I wouldn't feel a need to have her. I was so wrong. I thought for sure she was going to be pissed as hell at me, and part of me wanted that. She wasn't. Annalise acted perfectly submissive when I first came home. I liked it, she helped me regain the control I desperately needed. I could make her come as many times as I wanted. Take her anyway I wanted. Kiss her anyway I wanted, and she liked it. I wanted to blow her mind. Ruin her for any other man. I'm pretty sure I did just that. Our sex was always amazing though. When I saw her sitting in the expansive kitchen in her sexy workout gear I almost jumped her bones. Scratch that I did jump her beautiful bones. I rocked her world and she rocked mine. Afterwards though, when she asked me how many women I fucked I was so surprised. She just blurted it out complete with candor. I loved it. And throughout our conversation I managed to find out a lot about her. Although I know a lot more than she thinks. I have to know more about her, and I want her to tell me everything. I just want her. All of her. I felt such guilt when she spoke about her past, even though there was nothing I could really do about it other than destroy anyone who hurt her. She was perfect to me and a match for my own fucked up thoughts and desires. I laughed with her. Smiled with her. Joked with her. I forgot about everything when I was with her. It made me nervous sometimes, and I had to grasp for the control I needed. She was different. She made me different. Annalise laid her head on my chest as I carried her down the stairs. A smiled inwardly as I saw the knocked over bar stool, and our clothes thrown across the floor. I felt bad for Mrs. Johnson and Sam, because they were probably hiding out in their rooms wanting to give us as much privacy as possible. They were very good at that. Although they had seen a lot in there four years of working for me. Seen even more when they were working for my parents. They were always loyal. I laid Annalise down on the large leather couch in the main room before I went to the kitchen to fix us something to eat.

"I'll be right back, I'm going to grab us some food and something to drink baby." I said to her pulling the soft blanket over her long legs.

"Okay." She whispered burying her head in one of the pillows. She looked so beautiful laying there with her dark hair fanned out around her.

I warmed up some left-over tilapia and vegetables, as I popped open a bottle of 1996 Chateau La Mondotte Saint Emilion from the wine cellar. I reminded myself that Annalise hadn't seen the whole penthouse yet, or any of my other properties. I really should take her somewhere nice, I reminded myself. As Anna saw me approach with the food she sat up. I slid in next to her placing our plates of food on the glass coffee table. She took a sip of her wine and hummed low in her throat. It made me want to fuck her again. I restrained myself.

"Are you sure it's okay for us to eat here?" Annalise asked looking nervous.

I almost laughed out loud.

"Of course I own the place." I said smiling and placing her food on her lap.

She nibbled at her food sipping her wine intermediately.

"It's yummy. Wine for brunch though Kason?" She questioned taking one last sip of it, spearing a carrot on her fork and placing it in her mouth.

"It's a special occasion." I said sipping my own, as I took a bite of the tilapia. Mrs. Johnson's food is always amazing even if it is reheated.

"How old are you?" She blurted out a grin on her beautiful face.

"You don't know?" I asked smirking back at her.

She brushed a lock of her Just-fucked hair out of her face.

"Well, I mean I googled you but I never got that far." She admitted around a bite of food.

Annalise googled me. Why did that make me happy? I don't even know.

"I'm twenty eight." I answered honestly.

"I guessed so." She said nodding her head eagerly

"How did you accomplish all this?" She asked circling her hand around the living room.

I knew she meant my empire. It was fairly common knowledge so I had decided to answer her.

"My father died when I was eighteen, and I was left majority shareholder of the company. I just enhanced it from there." I said smiling. It wasn't that I was happy about my father's death, which was actually quite devastating. I was just remembering all the hard work I did to get my business to the way it was today. I had tripled the company's values and assets. I was proud of my achievements. After Sarah died I poured myself into my work, and Wright Hotels, and acquisitions Inc. benefited from it.

"What should we do for the rest of the day?" Annalise asked when she was done eating.

"I have an idea." I said trailing my hand up her thigh suggestively.

"Dude. I can barely move." She murmured jokingly.

"Dude?" I questioned her abnormal term. It didn't sound right coming out of her mouth.

"Isn't that what the Americans say?" She asked giggling.

Her laugh could light up a whole room.

"I guess, but I don't say that. I think it's mainly teenagers. I personally like Sir better." I said smirking.

"Sir. I can barely move." She murmured batting her thick lashes. There wasn't a trace of mascara on them and they almost touched her eyebrows.

"We can watch TV." I said, surprised at it. I didn't usually do domestic activities with my subs. She really did look tired though, so I thought best to relax with her. I needed also from my hetic travel.

"Yay!" Annalise said pushing our plates onto the nearby glass coffee table.

We ended up watching Dirty Dancing, much to my protest. Annalise said it was one of her favorites, and I hate to admit it but I liked laying around with her and watching it. We talked idly during the movie and we stole kisses whenever we could. She fell asleep to the end of the movie, in my arms. I held her for an hour or two, but eventually pried myself away from her arms heading to look for Mrs. Johnson. I knocked on her door pushing a hand through my hair. She answered right away.

"It's good to have you back." She said, cracking her door open and inviting me in. Both Sam and Mrs. Johnson had rooms down the same hallway. They were about the same size as a normal condo in New York.

"I'm glad to be back." I retorted sitting down on her leather sofa.

She handed me a coffee and sat down next to me. Before I even got another word out she started talking.

"Kason. You really screwed up. That wonderful girl, was so distraught when you left! It's ridiculous, I know you left a note which I gave her. But you didn't even call, boy." Mrs. Johnson chastised. She was one of the only people that had the right to reprimand me. I had known her since I was a young boy. If she said something was wrong something was wrong. Why wasn't Anna mad at me then?

"Annalise destroyed her room, and ended up getting glass in her feet. Yet the day after she danced almost throughout the whole day, I had to have Sam come get her. She was a wreck. If I didn't make her food she didn't eat, and if she did it wasn't near enough. This is ridiculous, she acts like she is just fine. You run away because you are scared, but you don't think about what that does to Annalise." Mrs. Johnson continued giving me a glare, that if looks could kill I would be dead.

She destroyed her room? Got glass in her feet? She was a wreck? I knew she looked tired when I got home, but I didn't think much of it. She acted fine maybe more submissive than usual, listening to directive. I didn't think anything of it I just relished in the control. Fuck! Why didn't I notice? I never wanted to hurt her. I never wanted to hurt any of my other subs either, but they were easy to push around. Annalise was different.

"I didn't know, dammit. I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt her. I know I should have called I was just dealing with something. I didn't even notice. Fuck!" I responded pulling at my hair.

Mrs. Johnson swatted my hand.

"Now, stop with that cursing. You need to fix it. Whatever you are doing with Annalise you need to do it right. If you are interfering with her life, you need to stop. If she wants you to know any of she will tell you. You both are haunted souls, and you have to think about how you would feel if she interfered in your life. Try to ask her things. She is a beautiful kind, genuine girl. Try to do your best to not go all 'fixer' on her. I know you care about her. Show her how much you care about her. I know you haven't known her long, but I like her and that's saying something. I've known you your whole life, and she will be good for you if you stop being such a jackass. Just check yourself, okay boy? She is running from something, and you better not hurt her any more than you already have or you will have me to deal with."

She said a small smile gracing her face. Mrs. Johnson always knew what to say, even if I didn't like it at the time. And she liked Annalise. Getting the stamp of approval from her really is something. How am I supposed to show Anna that I care about her when my caring seems to scare her? I already interfered with her life, but I felt like I had to. I had to do something to that bastard, but I stopped before I went any further digging into her life. I knew Anna was running from something or someone but I didn't want her to run from me. I was going to try to do it right. I didn't know what or how I was going to do it but I knew I had to keep Annalise. We were both fucked up, and it was going to be complicated and messy. But Mrs. Johnson was right. We were both hiding things from each other and I never wanted to hut Anna. I had to keep some of the control though, I couldn't deal with being without it. But maybe I could try to just keep it in the bedroom. We were going shopping tomorrow, and that was a perfect opportunity to relinquish some control. Although maybe it wouldn't be seeing her in all of those silks, and perfectly fitted dresses. God she really was beautiful. I had to keep her, and I was going to.

"Your right Delilah." I said back to her after I thought things over. It felt strange calling her Delilah because I grew up knowing her as Mrs. Johnson, but once she started working for me she insisted on me addressing her by her first name. She addressed me by mine in private as well.

"I always am." Delilah murmured patting my back.

She really was always right.

"Thanks, I'm going to fix it." I said nodding as I walked to her door.

"Good." She responded before she shut the door behind me.

Mrs. Johnson knew almost all of my dirty little secrets, and I never really had to hide anything from her. She had been there for me throughout everything. I trusted her judgment. I walked back to the main room, and carried a sound asleep Annalise upstairs to my bedroom. Once she was safely tucked in bed I tracked back downstairs to find Sam. I need a security update.


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