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Other Worlds, Other Dangers

Novel By: PeaceLoveLingleton

This is about a young girl named Kinsley McDonald. When she falls asleep at night, she awakes in another world. A very dangerous world where every scratch and bruise she gets appears in her real world too. Which means that if she dies there, she dies here too.

Her mother's family know the problem, and must warn her before it is too late.

*WARNING: Some erotic content!*

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Submitted:Dec 1, 2009    Reads: 337    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

What is your most vivid memory? What is your most remembered dream? For Kinsley McDonald, the answer is the same. Because her most vivid memory is a dream, or at least, it could be called a dream. When she lies in her bed at night, her mind doesn't just make up some random scenes, she is literally transferred into another world.
The first time it happened she was around six years old. She fell asleep in her pink Barbie pajamas, and the next thing she knew, she was dressed in blue jeans, a black tank top, and a green sports jacket. It is the same outfit every time, and she is always the same age: eighteen. She was utterly freaked out when she awoke in this strange land. The grass was green, just like it was in the real world; however, she didn't get to see it very often. When she arrives here every night, she is always in a strange castle like place. She has always been in a cell in the dungeon. She has been upstairs one time, but woke up before she could look around.
By the second night it happened, Kinsley had told her mother of the occurrences. Her mother didn't think anything of it until the morning when her daughter awoke with a giant gash down her arm. She had been fighting to get out in her dream, and had been attacked by a man with a sword. She awoke just after the injury to her arm.
Her mother, Jane, immediately rushed the girl to the hospital. She was treated for the arm, but after the doctors suggested psychotherapy, Jane refused and took her daughter home. She knew what the problem was, and no kind of therapy was going to cure it. She had to keep her daughter awake for as long as possible. She brewed a pot of coffee and got out all of the energy drinks she could find. Along with some chocolate. She let the girl have some of it all.
While Kinsley was chowing down, Jane was calling her own mother, and her sister. They had all experienced it, and they had to figure out how to help Kinsley with it; because if she wasn't warned in time, she could die, not only in this strange land, but in the real one too.


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