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Demon's Pet

Novel By: PatriciaB

A deal with an handsome demon, what could possibly go wrong? Susan couldn't think of anything. She needs to be beautiful and that demon can grant her this wish, for a prize.
Let's be honest here: This story is for girls/women. Handsome, charming demon, not too explicit sexscenes, a sprinkle of romantic but also dominance. If you like that, you'll probably like this story. View table of contents...


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"Highness. Your presence honors me.", The woman infront of Alloces smiled gracefully and did a deep bow. He knew her words were nice-sounding, but didn't mean a thing. Her loyalty was tied to power. A moment of weakness and this beautiful, petite looking demoness would stab him in the back with the same graceful smile on her face.

"Severen, my beloved servant. You look as flawless as always.", He indicated her to stand up. The long white hair fell back, framing her youthful face perfectly. Everytime Alloces saw her, she reminded him of a skillful ice-sculpture: white, lucent, with cold, light-blue eyes, sparkling like diamonds.

"But enough with the exchange of pleasantries already. You sent for me. Hope ya got a pretty good reason. Would hate to destroy your pristine face in order to punish impertinence."

Alloces clenched his fist, sending the demoness to her knees without even touching her.

"Forgive me Sire. Since you answered the call of a mortal, I thought I'd be allowed to contact you with urgent information."

"So, you already know."

"Demons talk."

"And you listen."

"Isn't that the reason I'm of value for your Highness?", she sank her head subserviently.

"Indeed. Those vigilant ears of yours tend to be useful."

Like him, and every other higher demon for that matter, Severen had unique abilities. One of which was hearing all the things, that were said by demons. An endless stream of words, in which it was impossible to make out a single person, but perfect for getting an idea about predominant topics and opinions.

He grabbed Severen's white hair, pulling her head way back.

"I'd appreciate it though, if you'd use that nifty little skill in behalf of, and not to snoop on me."

"Forgive me...once more.", every word was a struggle against the force Alloces was performing onto her body. "There...is a...connection...Sire."

"Connection?", Alloces had shown enough dominance and released her, both from the grib and his force.


"There are whispers of doubt. Enough whispers to be dangerous."

Alloces frowned. "Doubt about what exactly?"

"About your leadership, about the way things are since the queen...", Alloces' finger made her choke for a second. Severen understood the not so subtle hint.

"...since your Highness obtained the throne, since the rules have been changed. Whispers about breaking the seal are repeating more and more."

"I see.", He had heard enough to picture the rest. He was the most powerful, had fought single demons more than once and always succeeded. This was different: An alliance against him, against the order he was protecting, the order the seal preserved.


He didn't show any disturbance. Appearing weak was the worst thing he could do in a situation like this.

"How is this, in any way, connected to my mortal plaything?"

"Living in their world for so long, now treating a mortal like a lover. Some see her as a weakness."

Not even two days and all of hell knew about his pet. "Demons, what a bunch of stupid blabbermouths!", he thought.
"A weakness? More like a diversion. As soon as I'm done with her, the whispers will fall silent."

He grinned in the most sadistic way he possibly could.

Severen tilted her head. "If your Highness says so."

Alloces glared deep into her cold expressionless eyes, once again grabbing her by hair, still grinning.

"You aren't stupid enough, to think your prestigious Highness could ever find a liking in a mortal, are you?"

He moved his free hand, resulting Severen's limbs to spread apart, forming an "X" with her body. He had used her before. The demoness had a thing for power, he had a thing for her petite but strong body.

"Your humble servant would never think something like that. ", she was more breathing than talking. Her breasts rose and fell heavy. For the first time in their conversation, her eyes were showing an emotion: lust.

"Clothes. Such a mortal thing. Guess we should get rid of them first.", He released her head and took each of her nipples between two of his fingers instead. Alloces played with them until they hardened. He slowly pulled them towards him, letting them go and ripping off her silk-dress only when they had reached their maximal length.

"Much better, don't you agree?", he smiled, watching her try to open her mouth for a response. "Forgot. Ya did a lot of talking already. Some was slightly unpleasant. Can't risk for you to destroy the mood with more of that now, can I?"

Alloces reached out to her breasts again. Kneading them, he made use of one of his unique abilities. It started in her nipples, a tingling sensation, making them even harder than before, multiplying the arousal they were able to sense. He then proceeded with a firm grib between her legs, sending the same sensation.

The parts of her body that he didn't hold in place trembled, her eyes looking up in a moony way. Alloces took a step back as he undressed, not freeing his view from the demoness for even a second. He could leave her like this for hours. If there weren't more important things that needed his attention, he probably would. But for now a few minutes had to be enough. He slowly walked around her, positioning himself behind her back.

"Beautiful. Still, a little improvement..."

Severen's arms moved together behind her, pressing her breast upwards. They then slowly rose over her head, forcing the demoness to bend her upper body close to the ground, while her legs were still fixated like before.

Alloces was pleased, he spread her already parted cheeks some more, before finally entering. He would enjoy this: feeling her warm wet lips grabbing onto him needily, hearing the sounds she'd make, when he would release her mouth.

Some day in the future, someone may be able to take away his title, his power, destroy everything he fought for. But in this moment he still got all of that and he would make good use of it.


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