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The Re-union

Novel By: Noradi Luvsadi

Emily couldn't believe it, finally the day is here… 6 months ago, Emily quits her job and flew back to Singapore from Sydney, where she’s been staying and working for the past 5 years. Since she got back, she’s been helping her former class adviser, Mr. Adriano, to prepare for her class reunion. This event is her baby, she plan every single details, and was actually very surprise when Mr. Adriano agree with her plans and let her be the planner and organizer single handedly. She just couldn't believe how much trust he had for her.

5 years ago, on her graduation day, she found out that her 3 years boyfriend, Zacky, had been cheating behind her back, and he chooses the happiest day of her life to break the news and to “introduced” the girl of his life to her. When she found out, her whole world came crashing down. The last thing she remembered asking herself before her world turn pitch black was “How could she……”
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The Crush

"Here you are, I've been searching for you every where…" Emily turns around towards the voice. "Oh hi Mr. Adriano, I'm sorry I just need to calm my nerves… 1 more day to… 5 years is long time…" Mr. Adriano smile and sudden he took her hands look in her eyes and says "Emily, I've always wanted to say this to you, since the first time I saw you…." Emily was so shock that she start to jerk her hands away but to no avail. "Wait, listen to me first Emily…" Emily finally relaxes her muscle and look back at him, trying not to show how nervous and shock she really is. "Mr. Adriano…." Before she could finish her sentence, he place a finger on her lips and says "Emily baby, How I love when you call me Mr. Adriano but I'm no longer your adviser nor your lecturer, Please call me Charles…." "Baby!! Charles!! Am I hearing what I'm hearing???" Emily shouted in her mind… As she was still in dazed by the latest events that had just happen, sudden she realize that they are in the lift of the hotel and going up to the 13th floor, and somehow got in Charles room…

"WOW!" She exclaimed she doesn't realize that Charles room was a suite; She thought that his room was the same as hers and the rest of the classmates. He pulls a chair at the dining table and asks her to sit down and he sits right beside her. She tries her best to avoid any eye contact with him but to no avail as he puts his fingers under her chin and push it up. "Am I making you awkward baby?" He asks with a smile. Never had Emily sees this expression on him, she couldn't reply, just nod her head. "Well, let me explain, what I'm going to tell you, I want you to really think hard by the end of my conversation, can you do that?" Right after his question, Charles kisses Emily chin and smiles…. "I have always wanted to do that to you… I like you Baby, more than a lecturer should. For 3 years, I became you advisor, I have always know I wanted you, physically. Every time I see you and Zacky, I get very jealous and pissed off but I can't do anything about it. Then on graduation day, when you came up the stage with swollen eyes, For the first time, I started to get worried, I kept asking myself, what could have made you so sad that you cried your eyes out. After the graduation ceremony, I start searching for you, and then I saw you with Zacky, so I just decide to sit and watch… I was so shock when I heard that he and Natalie had been having affair with each for the past one and half years, And then I heard you ask him whether he is joking , and he says with a very proud tone that Natalie was the love of his life and they are getting married. And the next thing I knew, you fainted and I just rush over, punch his face and carry you to my car and take you to the hospital."

Charles stop talking waiting for Emily to look at him and he continues. "For the whole week after that incident, I couldn't see you, had to settle all the paper work and explanations about the incident to the school board. When I came down the hospital the next week, they say you had already check out and when I went to your house, your parents says that you pack your stuff and took a job in Sydney, I was upset and hurt you didn't inform me. I tried to find out where you exactly work and stay but no one wants to tell me… As the years gone by, I can't get you out of my mind, and I kept thinking of you. Then a year ago, just when I think I couldn't take it anymore, I receive your email, asking for help to complete your company project. I was over moon. That's when I finally admits that, I not only likes you, wants you but I also loves you." Emily was dumbfounded with Charles long declaration.

When Emily first saw him, she had a crush on him but he was cold towards her, and Zacky was sweet and romantic. She ignored her feelings for Charles and accepts Zacky as her love, although every time she sees Charles, he would make her heart leaps. She was still in her thoughts when she realizes that Charles was kissing her lips, and she gasps, he took the chance and slips his silky tongue in her mouths. Emily tries to push him off her and she tries to move her face away but Charles hold her face before she could do it. As sudden as his kiss, he stops. He stands and looks at her with a smile. Emily tries to run to the door and before she could even take a second steps, he caught her and carry her in his bedroom, lay her down on his bed.

He starts to kiss her again and this time more passionately then the previous one, when he pull his mouths away, Emily look at him and says "Please Charles, don't do this, I don't want to do this, please let me go". He smile and starts to kiss on her lips again, before she knew it, his hands went under her shirt and her bra, and starts to play with her nipples, She starts to cry and he slips his tongue in her mouths again. Emily could suddenly feel a sensation she has so long forgotten, she felt that her blood starts to pump faster and finally she realize that she's having difficulty in breathing, she shut her eyes tightly, trying to ignore the sensation that's playing in her body.

She was shivering, trying to ignore the impulse and excitement of her body, suddenly Charles stop kissing and says "Baby, relax your body please" just as he finish his sentence he pulls Emily shirt off and like a pro, he snaps the straps of her bra and slid it of her. He then took her nipple in his mouth and starts to suck and bite, the sensation was over powering,, Emily knew that if he do anything more, she's going to lose control of her body totally. She bites her lower lip as he continues to play with her nipple and keep on teasing her.

Charles stop teasing her and look at her face, he smile and then he kiss her head, her eyes, lick her ears, kiss her nose, lick and kiss her mouth, kiss her pointed chin, lick, kiss and suck her neck then down to her nipples. He could feel her tremble, not of fear but of trying to keep her body in control. He continues down to her stomach, kissing and licking and biting and sucking, he paused a moment, knowing that she's trying her best not to let her body get excites but to no avail. Then he snaps open her jeans button and slid down the zip as he continues to play and distract her on her stomach. Before she knew what hit her, her jeans and panties were thrown on the floor.

"Oh Baby, you look so cute down here, not a single hair, I love it…" Right after he said it, Emily felt his tongue on her secret lips. She snaps open her eyes, and tries to pull her body back… "Please Charles no, don't do it, STOP CHARLES!!" She beg but Charles just turn a deaf ear, and force her legs open and keeps on licking and sucking her clits. She continues to struggle and she felt something went in her secret lips, the next thing she knows, it starts to move in and out and she starts to moan, Emily knew she can no longer control her body….

Charles keeps on licking her clits and letting his middle finger, in and out of her secret lips… When she starts to moan, He smile with satisfaction, he knew she lost all control and that's what he wants her to do… His fingers start to slid faster in and out, and her moaning grew louder and louder. Then he pulls out his middle fingers and tries to insert two fingers, he was shock when he realize that it's tight. "Ah… Baby… My Emily is such a sweet VIRGIN baby…" He says while licking her clits and smiling. He knew Emily couldn't hear him anymore because right now, it's her body that is in control… He moves up to her lips and start kissing her with passion and love, one hand playing her tight erotic nipples and the other had stays on her clits…

He could hear her moan in his mouth when she tastes herself on in his mouth and he loves it. He takes his hands and play on the other free nipple, slowly he pushes her legs apart, and lie on top of her and starts to grind her slowly, and she keeps following his momentum, he says "Trust me baby, I love you so much, and when I did this, I mean you are mine forever" and he thrust his long and thick manhood deep in her. Emily let out a cry of pain and tears fell of her eyes, Charles stop moving but continues to kiss and caress her breast, he look at her face, took his hands and wipe her tears away and says "Trust me baby, I will never hurt u, love me baby"… And he starts to slide his manhood in and out of her slowly and she sudden starts to moan louder than before, with more ecstasy, and she starts to beg him "Please Charles love, move faster, I want you deep in me, please Charles"… Charles never argues and did just what she asks.

Emily felt like she's in heaven, and she wants more, unknowingly she push Charles body flat on his back and she ride on top of him… She heard his groaning and moans as she moves faster and faster. Suddenly Charles tries to push her off and he says "Baby I'm going to cum, slow down or I might cum in you…" "I want to cum with you in me…" Emily replied as she keeps moving faster and ignoring Charles pushes… "Baby, I love you so much but I don't want to make you regret and get pregnant, please slow down..." Charles groans…. "It's too late, cause I love you too" Emily reply and She keeps moving faster and just as Charles felt the muscle in her contracts he relieves in her…

After a feisty night, Emily falls asleep instantly, dreaming of her new known love and tomorrows Reunion dinner & dance… She felt like she just fell asleep, when she starts to fell arouse again, When she open her eyes she realize that Charles was licking her secret lips again "Mr. Adriano…" She whispers softly… Charles looks up and smile, he moves up and face her "Baby, I don't sleep with my students" and instantly Emily face goes bright red… Seeing how she blush makes Charles love her more and then he remembered something that she said last night, "Baby, did you really mean what you said last night? Or is just a sex talk?" Emily instantly push him off, turns away and starts to cry, "I'm not a whore, I don't sleep around not even with Zacky, I don't even know how to sex talk, how could you!!" Charles was shock with her sudden outburst and instantaneously realize his mistake, "I'm so sorry baby, I should have known better" He kiss her hair and pull her face towards him and suddenly he remembered and important fact "Baby, I shoot in you last night, I want you to promise me that no matter what happen you are going to tell me if you miss your period." Emily look at him with an innocent eyes and ask "Are you going to make me throw it away if we had a baby?" "BABY! It's our lovechild, I love you, and how could I want you to throw it away, we going to keep it…" Emily smiles, happy with Charles reply… Suddenly she sits up and looks horrified, she turns her head to look at Charles and ask "What am I suppose to tell my classmates about us? I don't want to lie to them"… Charles smile and replied "Come on baby, you need to prepare for tonight, I bought you a dress, we are wearing the same color… The rest leave it to me…." He kisses her gain and pulls her up into the shower…. Emily manage to look at the clock on the wall "Shit, its 3pm, only got 2 hours left", she exclaimed as she rush to the toilet…


Author's note:

Hi guys, this is my first time writing it down..Looking forward to hear from you guys soon... Appreciates any comment, good or bad... Hoping to improve my writing... Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy reading it...


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