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The Diary of Sydney: Book Two of The Diary Series *Cancelled*

Novel By: NikkiLibby

Sydney moved to Sturgis, South Dakota because there is nothing left for her in her hometown. Her two childhood friends left right after graduation four years ago. Now the night manager and bartender at a bar, her life is great. One night, her childhood friend comes to her bar. RJ Quinn has traveled the USA and had many adventures from traveling to women. There is one women he wants, and that is Sydney. Can Sydney overcome her shyness and want RJ too? Can she see pass their childhood friendship and make it much more than that? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey everyone! Sydney's story finally YAY! This is the first story I am using characters from a previous story! Hope you enjoy this because I know I am gonna enjoy writing this! Thanks for reading my pass story! Well, read on my Lovelies!*

Chapter 1

"SYDNEY LOOK OUT!" My friend Holly Rhodes yelled. I scooted out of the way and watched the flying drunk hit the ground behind the bar. I looked at him and he smiled at me.

"Are you an angel that came from heaven?" The man asked and I rolled my eyes.

"Frank, get your ass out of here before your wife finds ya!" I said and I hollered for the bouncer and he ushered him out. I leaned against the bar and the culprit of Frank's demise is Jack, another regular at my bar. I knew moving to Sturgis, South Dakota, biker heaven, that I will run into so many drunk bikers it will drive me nuts. Well, I am not nuts, yet. My mom, Ashleigh, wants me to come back to Minneapolis, but I have no use there anymore. My childhood friends, Cynthia and RJ Quinn moved out as soon as we graduated. I am now twenty-two and I am the night manager/bartender at a Sturgis bar known as Flames. Everyone has heard of that "Full Throttle" bar, well we are a good bar as well. If Full Throttle is full, they come here.

"So, the Sturgis rally is in two weeks, your first one, are you ready?" Holly asked me. She has this gorgeous long brunette hair and dark eyes. She is twenty-six years old and she is also my roommate.

"Yeah, ready as can be. I need to get with the day manager and owner to see if we got a band," I said pouring a draft beer for someone.

"He mentioned Poison or Motley Crue coming in, that would be so awesome. Full Throttle mentioned something about Jackyl coming in again."

"I thought that was their band last year, well the singer is the owners brother."

"Jesse Lee is fucking hot!" I laughed and more local bikers came in and I gave them their beer. After a while, it got boring and I sat around and Holly and I went outside for a break. I don't smoke, but Holly has been wanting one for the past few hours.

"You've been in Sturgis for what, a year?" Holly asked.

"Yeah, I came in right after last years rally," I said. I messed with my shorts and my tank top is rolled up from the sweat. The air conditioner works but with the drunk sweaty men, it makes the place hot.

"You need to find yourself a man, Sydney," Holly said and I laughed.

"I am so shy around men, I about pass out when they just say hi to me. What about you, you need a man as well!" I said and she huffed.

"After my failed marriage with Greg, I don't want anything to do with men!" She threw her cigarette in the bucket and we went inside. The chef gave us a chili dog and some fries. When our shift ended at eleven, we went home and I went straight to my bedroom and called home. My dad answered and I smiled. My dad, Drake, is a very good looking man but had a twisted mind. I mean, he kidnapped my mom so he can have her. I still question to this day why couldn't he just ask her on a date? "Hey daddy," I said and I can hear his smile.

"Sydney baby, how was work tonight?" He asked me.

"Good except for almost being knocked over by a flying drunk."

"Life of a bartender, but I know you love it."

"I love the public."

"Be a nurse baby doll, you we're thinking about going to RN school."

"But I didn't make high enough on the SAT to even go to University of Minnesota. Cynthia went to school all the way on the East Coast…"

"Matter of speaking, Ricky called and said that Cynthia got a journalist job here in Minneapolis and her and her boyfriend is moving here."

"Cyn's got a man?" I began to laugh. Cynthia is a lot shier than me. If she can get a man, why can't I? I melt every time a good looking man even says hey to me.

"Yeah, some dude name Josh Richardson. He is from London and they been together for a year and a half," Dad said and I sighed.

"Have they heard from RJ?" RJ and Cynthia Quinn are my childhood friends. They are actually about four hours or so older than me. Cynthia went to New York to go to Journalism school and RJ just vanished into thin air. He rarely calls and every time he does call his mom and dad, he is in different places in the United States.

"Last time they heard from him, he is heading to Sturgis for that rally. You might see him," Dad said.

"Well, he will get a major whooping when I see him for deserting us. Can I talk to mama?" I asked and I heard him hand the phone to my mom.

"Hey baby girl, how's the bartender life?" Mom asked.

"Very good, how is Jeff?" I asked her.

"Jeff is going good. He has not had a lung infection in a few years. The doctors thinks he grew out of that stage. He is sixteen, so he should be grown out of it!"

"I just remember him being so sick all the time because he was born early. I am glad he is doing better."

"He is just small for his age. He barely has any muscle mass, but he signed up for weight training when he applied for his Junior classes. God, I am getting old!"

"You're forty-two mom! You are not old! Daddy is forty-eight and he looks like he is in his thirties!"

"Thanks honey, but I have to get off here, Drake has something planned for tonight!" I laughed and said I loved her and bye. Holly came in with two Strawberry Daiquiris in her hands and she sat down on my bed. We drank and we talked like usual and Holly told me about her ex, Greg. They we're married for five years until she finally realized that Greg has been cheating on her the whole time. She has been divorced for two years now and she has not been happier than right now. "I mean, I am a bartender at one of the hottest bars in Sturgis, have wonderful friends, I don't need a man!" Holly said and I sighed.

"I wanted a man once, but it would never have worked out," I said and sighed again.

"A high school crush?"

"You can say that, he was everything I dreamed of, but he never seen me the way I seen him." Holly finished her drink and I finished mine. We decided to go to bed early, so we can have a early start tomorrow.

Next day at work, it is busier than normal. The crowd is getting bigger due to the rally coming up. I went to the mirror and put my wavy blonde hair in a simple bun and fixed the eyeliner around my brown eyes. Someone already has the jukebox going and it is very loud. Holly already got hit on by a drunk man, which we had to call our bouncer. While he was dealing with him, two more men got in a fight. "We have to do something, Sydney, we need another bouncer!" Holly said.

"I know and when the rally starts, it's gonna be fucking hell!" I said and some more people, including a young guy, came to the bar. I went the young guy and smiled. "What is your poison dear?" I asked and he looked at me. I gasped and cover my mouth. No way, it is not him!

"Well hello Sydney, I haven't seen you in what, two years!" RJ said and I smiled.

"Hey RJ, yeah its been two years!" I said then he stood up and opened his arms. I walked over and hugged him tightly. He looked at me and he smiled even wider. Fuck yeah, my night just got better!


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