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Into The Darknesss *Cancelled*

Novel By: NikkiLibby

Jamie Day has been abused and raped for the past 2 years by her husband, Brian. She wants to get out of there and save herself and her daughter, Sandy. She knows there is no way out. She meets Daniel Grindstaff, a man that likes Jamie and Sandy and wants to help them escape, and make her feel loved again. Can Jamie trust another man with her heart? Will Daniel save Jamie and Sandy from Brian? View table of contents...


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*A/N: I know, the updates are getting father apart. I am working full time and I try my best to write when I get home. I have decided to finish Hungry For Love, if you remember that story from my profile, Nikkibeth. If you want that to happen, please mention it in the comments. I keep reading it and hit myself for stopping it! Well, read on my lovelies, oh yeah it will get very hot between Jamie and Daniel in the next chapter!*

Chapter 4
Can I Trust Him?

I went to court the next day and filed for a divorce. They asked me if I want to deliver the papers myself. "Um, no, I rather have the police give it to him or mail it," I said and they nodded.

"That is fine, we will send the police out to get them signed," the woman said and I walked out. Daniel is waiting in the car and he is playing with Sandy. I seen him wave his hands in the air and my daughter is smiling and laughing. I went to the car and Daniel smiled at me.

"How about we go out for lunch?" He asked and I agreed. I never felt this nervous around Brian, but I feel like a teenager again around Daniel. We went to a family restaurant that has a play area for kids, so we sat right beside the area so I can keep an eye on Sandy. When Daniel and I was alone, he grabbed my hands. He laced his fingers through mine and I wanted to jerk away, but I didn't. "I really care about you, Jamie. I care about Sandy as well," Daniel said and I looked away.

"This is too soon, Dan," I said and he smiled.

"I have been watching you for a while and I think you are a very caring woman that deserves a better man, and I think I can be him."

"I know you can, but I don't know if my heart can take another beating. I don't know if I can trust another man."

"I know it will take some time for you to trust a man again after what Brian done to you. You will be treated like a queen with me and Sandy will be adored and cherished with me." I looked down at Sandy and she is giving another baby a block and making sounds for her to grab. I highly doubt Brian will have anything to do with her, so she needs a father figure in her life. My father walked out on me and my mom when I was three years old. Mom said that he wanted a change in his life and he knows a family life is not for him. I seen him in town once in a blue moon, and he knows that he is a grandfather. He just walks off, pretends that I don't exist to him. Maybe that's where my trust in men began to fall, with my father. "How about I take you to dinner tomorrow? I know a nice place in Birmingham that I know you will love," Daniel said and I gasped.

"Birmingham is two hours away, how are we going to go on a date and deal with the drive?" I asked and he smiled.

"I was hoping we can stay the night out there. I know Devlin will take care of Sandy, or your mother. I just want you to experience a good time, Jamie. I want you to gain some trust in me by staying the night with me. I am not promising that we won't make love, but I will try my best and control it."

"Trust begins with honesty and I like your honesty. I will go, I need to do adult things in my life." I might as well. I don't have the strings attached to me known as Brian. I want to go out with other men, hopefully Daniel will be the only man. How can you NOT have feelings with Dan? He is hot, friendly and very caring. The food came and I got Sandy in her high chair and fed her some of the food, which she enjoyed. We finished eating and Daniel took us home. When I got inside, Devlin is in the floor playing with Vince. I sat Sandy down with Vince and Devlin got up. "So, did you file?" Devlin asked me.

"Yes and the police is going to take it to the house. Also, can you watch Devlin tomorrow night till the morning? I…um, going on a overnight date with Daniel," I said and Devlin smiled.

"Of course I will, you deserve a man like Daniel. I need a man myself, but Vince is all I want in my life for now," Devlin said and I smiled.

"I haven't been on a date, or had real sex, with a man for a very long time. I am so nervous if we end up making love."

"Don't worry, I can tell he is a good fuck by just looking at him. I wondered a couple of times what it will be like to ride that stallion. But, Daniel has his eyes on you, not me and I am glad." I laughed and I called Daniel and told him that we can go tomorrow. I feel so nervous right now, does this mean I want him?

The next day, I am packing my overnight bag and I breathed in deeply. How can I trust him, a man, so quickly? My heart is telling me because I want to. I trusted Brian for years and look what it got me. My father left me and I am still hurt, even though it was twenty-one years ago. I want to get involved with Daniel, I haven't been touched by a man since the madness with Brian started. I put a piece of lingerie that I bought to wear for Brian three years ago, and I never wore it into my bag and smiled. I finally get to seduce a man again. Do I really want to make love? HELL YES! I finished packing and Devlin mentioned that both babies are taking naps and I walked around the yard. I began to wonder to myself, will Brian find another woman? Will he abuse her? Probably.

*Daniel's POV*
This is a new one for me. I have to get a woman to trust me. She doesn't understand that I had my heart broken many times, but I still want to be loved. But, I was not abused for two to three years. I plan to pamper and cherish her tonight like a woman should be. I want her to feel special and let her know that not all men are bad. There is still that fear in her that Brian will come back and hurt her, but I will never let that happen. If I even hear that he threatened to hurt her or even look at her in the wrong way, I will kick his ass. Jamie called me and told me that she is ready and I got in my car and threw my overnight bag, which has condoms in there just in case, and I drove over to her home. Jamie is standing there, holding her bag and she looks highly nervous. I got out of the car and I know one way to make the nerves of a woman go away. I went up to her and lightly brushed my lips across hers. I thought she would resist it, but she didn't. Her lips are so soft and very responsive with mine. I am guessing she has not been kissed like this in a long time. When I let go, she smiled. "Wow, so that is a kiss," Jamie said and I laughed.

"Yes, kisses don't have to be rough," I said and she sighed.

"Let's get going." I grabbed her bag and put it beside mine in the backseat and Jamie went to Devlin, which is holding Sandy and she gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek and Sandy began to grab at her. I felt sorry for Jamie, this is probably the first time she left her daughter for a whole night. I will make her feel important, and make her trust me.

*Jamie's POV*
"Ma…Ma?" Sandy said and I kissed her cheek again.

"Baby, I am going out with a friend, remember Daniel?" I said and pointed at Daniel. Sandy smiled and reached for Daniel and he walked up and he grabbed her. Sandy immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and calmed down. "I will bring mommy back, okay?" Daniel said to her and she nodded. She is a very smart baby, so she reached for Devlin and Devlin said bye and Daniel and I are on our way. I kept thinking about how can I trust Daniel after what Brian done to me. Daniel is a very sweet and down right sexy man. I have to admit, he is more attractive than Brian. His kiss, OH MY GOD, his kiss is to die for. I melted when he kissed me and that's when I knew that Daniel is worth trusting. We reached Birmingham about two hours later and we checked into a hotel so we can get dressed for dinner. He gave me privacy to get dressed and ready. I put on a dress Devlin let me borrow and it's bright red and it hugged my body like a glove. She gave me matching stilettos, which I never wore in my entire life and put on some makeup. I walked out and Daniel is in a white tuxedo and has a red tie on. I cleared my throat and his mouth dropped. He went to me and kissed me again. I never been kissed like this, ever. Brian was always too forward with his kisses, ever since I met him. Daniel is very gentle and didn't lead on with the kiss. He let go and I smiled. "Wow, you look beautiful," Daniel said.

"Thank you, you look sexy in that tux yourself," I said and he laughed.

"I don't wear these often, ready to eat?" I nodded and grabbed his hand. I keep thinking to myself, I can trust him, I can trust Daniel Grindstaff!


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