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Into The Darknesss *Cancelled*

Novel By: NikkiLibby

Jamie Day has been abused and raped for the past 2 years by her husband, Brian. She wants to get out of there and save herself and her daughter, Sandy. She knows there is no way out. She meets Daniel Grindstaff, a man that likes Jamie and Sandy and wants to help them escape, and make her feel loved again. Can Jamie trust another man with her heart? Will Daniel save Jamie and Sandy from Brian? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Sorry it took so long! I had a very busy week. First, I finished school and got pinned and graduated. Then I got a new full time job at a nursing home on 2nd shift. That means I probably won't be updating as much. Sorry this chapter is sort of short and not that interesting, but I promise it will!*

Chapter 3
My Saviors

*Daniel's POV*

I have been watching Jamie for quite some time, for about a year now. Well, I am a private investigator, I watch people for a living. When Jamie called me and begged me to save her, I had to go save her. I know all about Jamie and her life for the past few years with her husband, Brian. There has been reports of Jamie coming into businesses with black eyes, bruises and other injuries that scream out physical abuse.

"Dan, please come get me, my address is 2547 Spruce Road. Hurry before he comes back!" Jamie cried out.

"Call that woman, Devlin, she can come help, okay? I am on my way!" I said and she said she would. I grabbed my keys and my gun, in case that bastard comes before I show up and causes more harm to Jamie. I would do this if Jamie didn't have a daughter, but the situation is MUCH worse with a nine month old daughter hearing everything that is going on between her mom and dad. I need to get her out, quit thinking Grindstaff and save that woman and baby!

*Jamie's POV*

I called Devlin and told her that she needs to help me and Sandy. She said I can move in with her and Vince and there is no time limit. I can stay there for the rest of my life if I need to. That is called Southern Hospitality! I finally got the energy to get off the bed and my jaw and stomach hurts. I have a major headache where Brian dragged me to the bedroom. I put on some pajamas and went to Sandy's room and she is sitting up in her crib, smiling at me. I am glad she doesn't understand blood yet, she just think I have paint on my face. I grabbed a duffle bag and threw all of her clothes and supplies in it and I put it and Sandy in the living room. As I tossed her bag on the couch, someone is knocking on the door. I walked and opened it and it's Daniel. I just stared at him and he pushed his way in. "Where is the son of a bitch? I want to kick his ass for hurting you. Your jaw is broke!" Daniel said and I sighed.

"He went to the bar. He said if Sandy and I are not out of the house, he will drag me outside with our stuff and hurt me some more, so we better hurry!" I said and Devlin came in and went straight to Sandy.

"Jamie, finish packing, I'll watch Sandy," Devlin said and Daniel and I went to my bedroom. I grabbed my suitcase and threw everything I ever owned into that bag. I pulled a picture out of the closet and I began to cry. It was when Brian and I we're seniors in high school and we went to prom. We we're so happy. He has his arms around my waist and kissing my neck. I was smiling, I haven't smiled in so long! I wiped the tears in my eyes and threw the picture back into the closet and I heard the glass break. That is the sound that my heart made when this abuse started. Glass can be fixed, so my heart can too. We got everything we needed and we went to the living room and Devlin and Sandy are playing with her toys. "Ready to go?" Devlin said and I nodded. Daniel told Devlin on the way out to take Sandy to her place and he is taking me to the emergency room to fix my jaw. I really didn't feel like going, but Daniel insisted.

"You got to be in a lot of pain and this will keep Brian away from you. Do you know what I do for a living, Jamie?" Daniel asked me and I shook my head.

"I am a private investigator. I work for the police department here. I will make damn sure Brian won't hurt you or Sandy. We will lie for now because he is still Sandy's father, but if he hurts you again, I will either turn him in or kill the fucker."

"Thanks Daniel, for everything," I mumbled, my jaw is starting to really hurt.

"I am doing this, for you, Jamie. I knew what was going on from the gecko."

"What?" Has he been spying on me?

"Well, I seen you the first time about a year ago all bruised up and beat up, so I wanted to figure you out. I still confused about something though."

"Which is…"

"You never turned him in. Usually in an abuse situation, the man has at least one charge of assault and battery on him, Brian doesn't." I looked out the window and I sighed. I wanted to for the longest time, but Brian threatened me that if I do, he would really hurt me. Basically I was scared out of putting charges on him.

"He threatened me when I was on the phone to call the police. He told me that if I press charges on him, he would make my life a living hell, which it was already a living hell," I said and he squeezed the steering wheel tighter. We made it to the local hospital and I am guessing private investigators don't go into hospitals often because no body knew him. We told the triage nurse a lie saying how I was in a car accident and I hit my jaw against the visor. They done a few x-rays and the doctor said my jaw was not broke, but dislocated. He got me to sign a consent to pop it back into place. "Now Mrs. Day, I will give you some pain medicine because it will hurt," the doctor said and I looked at him.

"I am not Mrs. Day anymore, I am getting a divorce. Call me Miss Franks," I said and he nodded. The nurse gave me some morphine and when he came back, I grabbed Daniel's hand, scared to death. "Please don't leave me!" I said and he kissed the top of my hand.

"I am not going anywhere," he said and the doctor got into position and he warned me. Daniel is holding one hand and the nice triage nurse is holding the other one, calming me down. He counted to three and I felt this sudden pressure and my eyes watered up.

"There, we will send you home with some pain medicine and come back in a few days and we will x-ray it again to see if it back into place. Just eat some soft things until we know for sure," the doctor said and we we're out of there in fifteen minutes. Daniel took me to a café because he seems to think I need something to eat. When we sat down, I didn't care that everyone seen me. I have bruises all over my face and my mouth is swollen and I am missing a tooth. Thank god its in the back of my mouth where no body can see it. Daniel ordered us some soup, since I cannot have a regular diet until my next x-ray, and I sensed a little accent other than his southern accent.

"Are you from around here?" I asked him.

"I am half German, actually. My mom was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany and my father was born and raised here in rural Alabama. I spent my first eleven years of my life in Germany and came here. I guess my slight German accent is still noticeable even though I been here for over twenty years," Daniel said and he laughed. "I am an old man, ya know?"

"You are not that old, you look thirty!" I said and he smiled.

"I am thirty-four."

"Ten years older than me, and I don't care." I ate my soup when the server gave it to me and then he took me on home, well my new home. Devlin is sitting outside and she is holding Sandy in her arms and she is asleep. I walked up the porch and Sandy half way opened her eyes and I grabbed her. "I put up her bassinet in Vince's nursery if she is ready to go to bed," Devlin said and I nodded. I went to Vince's room and place Sandy in her bed and she went straight to sleep. I walked back into the living room and Daniel and Devlin is standing, waiting on me. "Jamie, I believe you are safe here for now. Like I said, I do not expect anything from you and you can stay here as long as you need to," Devlin said and I reached up and hugged her.

"Thank you so much, Devlin. You and Daniel are my saviors!" I said and wiped the tears from my eyes.

"I just hope that son of a bitch doesn't find you!" Daniel said and I sighed.

"The only way he will see me is when he gets Sandy for a visit and he ain't coming over here. Devlin will be there beside me to make sure nothing happens to me." I just hope that works. What if he figures out where I live now? He has connections with some people and I am still scared for my life and especially my daughters life.


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