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Into The Darknesss *Cancelled*

Novel By: NikkiLibby

Jamie Day has been abused and raped for the past 2 years by her husband, Brian. She wants to get out of there and save herself and her daughter, Sandy. She knows there is no way out. She meets Daniel Grindstaff, a man that likes Jamie and Sandy and wants to help them escape, and make her feel loved again. Can Jamie trust another man with her heart? Will Daniel save Jamie and Sandy from Brian? View table of contents...


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*A/N: So, everybody likes my dark side LOL. This chapter is very fast and short, but don't think its over! Thats all I am going to say before I spoil it. Just don't think she is home free just yet!*

Chapter 2
Getting out of here

I heard the door slam and the sound of Sandy waking up from her nap. I ended up napping myself after that bath I had. I went into the living room and Brian is holding Sandy and she is pinching his nose and he laughed at her. He is a pure dick head to me and treats me like shit, but he really does love his daughter. "So, um, how was work?" I asked him almost in a monotone.

"Normal as usual, did you do your shopping already?" Brian asked me as he sat Sandy down on the floor and gave her a few toys to play with.

"Yeah, but Brian, I cannot stay in this house all day long. I would like to start taking Sandy to the park and let her meet new kids her age and talk to other mother's." Brian looked at me and then looked at Sandy playing with her doll.

"I guess you can do that, but if I heard about any funny business, I swear you will get punished," he said and I sighed and nodded. Brian almost makes me not want to go anywhere. I went to the kitchen and began cooking dinner. I chopped some onions when I accidentally cut my finger. "FUCK!" I yelled and jerked back. Brian came in and he seen the bloody knife and me running the water on my finger.

"What the fuck did you do?" Brian yelled and I looked back and he looks very mad for some reason.

"I cut myself by accident. Why are you mad about that?" I said and he walked over and pulled my hair.

"You fucking idiot, where did you learn to cook? Your stank of a mother?"

"As a matter of fact, I did! You know it was only me and her my whole life!"

"Cause your mom was a hooker!"

"MY MOM IS NOT A HOOKER AND NEVER WAS!" I screamed and my little girl began to cry. I pushed my way passed Brian and grabbed her and shushed her. "Sorry baby girl for yelling like that. Mommy didn't mean it!" I said and Sandy calmed down. I sat her down and handed her doll back and went back to the kitchen. Before I can even get to start cleaning up the blood, Brian punched my stomach. He has never punched me! It hurts so bad and I kneeled down and held my stomach, hoping the pain will go away soon. "Fucking bitch, screaming and scaring Sandy like that!" Brian said and slapped me.

"Brian, please quit it!" I cried out in pain and fear.

"Jamie, you need to be punished for what you do wrong. If I hear that you are talking to a guy in the park, it will be much worse than punching you in a stomach." Brian walked off and I sat on the floor and began to cry. I have had it! Sandy cannot be raised around Brian and me getting abused everyday. It will only get worse, he will probably kill me. I need to start making a plan to get out of here!

I took Sandy to the nearest park and it has a track for runners and a playground for the children. I put Sandy in the sandbox and she started to smile. Another woman placed her son around the same age as Sandy beside her. "Hello, can Vince play with your little girl?" she asked me and I nodded.

"Sandy would love a play partner!" I said and we went and sat down. Vince, her son, kept giving her toys to play with and Sandy is too modest to take them. "This is the first time she has been around children her age, or any children," I said and the woman nodded.

"Oh sorry, I am Devlin Banks, what is your name?" Devlin said and I grinned.

"Jamie Day," I said and she smiled.

"So, you married?"

"To an ass hole, I am going to try and get a divorce." I decided about the divorce last night. I think we have been together for too long and Brian needs to go out. I will let him see Sandy as much as he wants, but the abuse needs to stop.

"I am sorry, I am recently divorced myself. My ex cheated on me with about twenty women in our three years of marriage. I thought Vince would stop his cheating, but he didn't stop. What is your husband doing to you? That lip looks very nasty."

"Might as well tell you, he hits me and our daughter hears it all," I said and I looked over at Sandy and she is smiling and giggling at Vince.

"Oh My God, if you need a place to stay, I know we just met, but you and Sandy can stay with me!"

"Hopefully he won't freak out about me wanting a divorce and give me money to find a place, but thanks anyways."

"The offer is still up!" I looked at Devlin and she is a very beautiful woman. She is the same age as me at twenty-four, blonde hair and blue eyes and model skinny. I looked at the runners running behind me and I seen a very familiar face.

"Well, well, well, hello Jamie!" Daniel said and he stopped and stood behind us.

"Hey Daniel, exercising this morning?" I asked and he nodded.

"How is the married life?"

"She is going to get a divorce!" Devlin said and he looked at me and gave me a puzzled look.

"I remembered the way you acted yesterday when you talked about your marriage so I am glad your getting out of it."

"Well, lets see how he reacts to it."

He didn't like the idea too much. After he came home from work, I put Sandy down for a short nap because in case he went berserk on me. He sure did. "What the fuck, what do you mean you want a divorce?" Brian yelled and I covered my face as he tried to slap me. He didn't slap me, he punched me which caused me to spit out a tooth and bleed more than usual.

"I cannot stand this anymore, Brian. I want us to work out for Sandy, but I just can't anymore. I fear for my and Sandy's life. We cannot be together!" I said and he punched me in my stomach and grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to the bedroom. He slammed the door and he slapped me probably five times before he even uttered a word.

"What if I don't want a divorce, Jamie?" Brian said and I cried.

"Because I want one! You can come see Sandy anytime you want to! I can't go through this anymore, Brian. There is no love here anymore. I still love you, but I am more scared of you than love you."

"I love you, Jamie, but I just fed up with your attitudeā€¦"

"What attitude, Brian? I have been monotonous for the past two years because of the abuse!" He punched me and I felt my jaw pop and instant pain hit me within seconds.

"Okay, you can get your divorce, if you fuck me right here, right now!" Brian said taking his pants off. I shook my head as he jerked me up and threw me on the bed. He tore my clothes off and he spread my legs and ran his finger down my slit. "We will still fuck anytime I want to. When I come get Sandy for the day or weekend, I will fuck you!" Brian said and I began to cry. He pushed his cock inside me and he was gentler than usual. It still hurts due to the fact that he punched me in the stomach. When he cum, he stood up and put his clothes on.

"If you want a fucking divorce so bad, I am going to the bar. When I come back, you better be fucking gone or I will drag you into the street with your and Sandy's shit," Brian said and slammed the door. I lay on the bed, crying due to the fear and the pain I am feeling right now. I barely had any energy to grab the phone. I reached for my purse and pulled out a card with a phone number. I dialed it and he answered. "Daniel Grindstaff," Daniel said and I began to cry. "Jamie? Jamie, is that you?"

"Dan, please, help me!" I cried out.


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