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I Have A Crush On Youu

Novel By: NikkiLibby

Ashleigh never expected to be kidnapped in the middle of the night. But she never expected a hot guy like Drake to take her. Drake cannot help to want Ashleigh so bad that he has to take her for himself. Ashleigh wants to escape and run away from him, but can she help the desire and the need for Drake? View table of contents...


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Chapter 9

Drake drove to the hospital so fast that it made my head spin. The contractions got stronger every time it comes. I done my breathing exercises like I learned in birthing classes. When we finally made it to the hospital, Monica and Ricky just pulled up. What the hell is going on? "Monica's water just broke," Ricky said and Drake laughed.

"So did Ashleigh's!" Drake said and the men rushed inside and got us a wheelchair. Drake pushed me inside and got me admitted. Monica demanded that she get the room next to me. They gladly let her and we shared a labor and delivery room. Dr. Ragaz came in and he just stood there, staring at us. "Wow, best friends delivering at the same time!" She said and we just laughed and then groaned. "Monica, we need to get you to the operating room as soon as possible, then I better come and check Mrs. Stephens and see how dilated she is," the doctor added and left. Monica reached over and grabbed my hand.

"Our babies are coming," Monica said and I smiled.

"I know, I cannot wait to see Sydney!" I said and our husbands came in with our bags. We told him what the doctor said and Ricky got very excited.

"RJ and Cynthia is coming very soon, baby!" Ricky said and leaned over and kissed her. Drake came over and I leaned against him as a contraction started. I began to cry because it hurts so bad.

"It hurts, Drake, it really hurts!" I said and he held my head against his chest and ran his fingers through my hair.

"Shhh, it will be all over soon baby!"

"Where is that dude with the juice? I want the epidural now!" I said and Drake kept his patience and just put a nice cool, damp cloth across my forehead. Dr. Ragaz came in and she is smiling at us.

"Monica, the OR is ready for you now, so RJ and Cynthia is on their way out now!" Dr. Ragaz said and Ricky cheered and Monica just keep on panting through the contractions. Dr. Ragaz then pulled the curtain and proceeded to check how dilated I am. She pushed her fingers all the way up and it really hurt like hell.

"Well, you are at three centimeters, Ashleigh. One more centimeter and you can get that epidural," she said and I whined.

"Can I get it now, this really hurts!" I said and she frowned.

"If we gave it to you now, we risk delaying your labor." I just nodded and Drake re-damp the wash cloth and kept it on my forehead. About twenty minutes later, the OR team came for Monica and I stood up, with all the IV's in me, and kissed her cheek. "I will see you and the babies later. I want all our babies to meet at the same time," I said and she just nodded.

"They will be the bestest friends," Monica said and I smiled. I lay down back in my bed and about two hours later, a labor and delivery nurse came in and she checked my cervix again.

"Good news, you are at four centimeters now. I will call Dr. Ragaz and she will bring anesthesia in for your epidural," she said and I nodded. I am to the point where I didn't care anymore. The pain is unbearable, I am being a bitch to Drake, and he is keeping his cool about it. Drake came back from seeing the twins and I just smiled at him.

"Epidural is on its way!" I said and he smiled.

"I will be just glad when you are pain free. This is madness, seeing you in this much pain. RJ and Cynthia are so beautiful, Ashleigh. They both have a lot of dark hair and Ricky is refusing to give them to Monica," Drake said and I just sighed.

"He is a proud daddy and I bet you will be the same way. Once you see Sydney, you will probably won't let her go."

"Probably, I've been waiting nine months for her to come into this world. I want her to know how much her mommy and daddy loves her every day."

"I already love he…" A contraction started again and I grabbed Drake's hand and squeezed it. After a few minutes, it ended and a tall guy with green scrubs with a set of something in his hands came in.

"Hello, I am Damien and I am going to administer your epidural," Damien said and I cheered.

"Finally!" I said and he laughed.

"Mr. Stephens, will you help your wife to sit up and hold her still. I got to set up the field." Drake help me sit up and I heard a lot of metal behind me. I felt something cold touch my lower back and he began talking again about the epidural.

"You are not allowed to walk by yourself after this takes effect. This will numb you from the waist down, which you will not feel the contractions. Do you understand, Mrs. Stephens?" he said and I nodded. I felt a very sharp pain in my back, but it doesn't hurt as bad as the contractions. A few moments later, the pain ended and Damien said it is finished. He also said that it will take about a half hour to take effect, so I may still feel a contraction. I know I will because they are getting closer and closer. Minutes became hours and the hours became ten hours. Ten hours later, Dr. Ragaz came in to do her hourly check on me and when she checked my cervix, she smiled. "You are eight centimeters, Sydney is coming in just a few hours!" Dr. Ragaz said and Drake called my parents and told them that they really need to get up here because she is coming soon. Ricky came in a few minutes later and he is still smiling. "My babies are eleven hours old and they both have my heart already," Ricky said and Drake grabbed his shoulder.

"Sydney is not even born yet and she has my heart!" Drake said and I just smiled and listened to the men talk about babies and being fathers. My mom came in and she kissed my forehead and my dad grabbed my hand.

"Are you taking this well?" My mom asked.

"For the first four centimeters, it really hurt and I got the epidural and I am doing fine. I got some sleep, so I should make it through the pushing," I said and my mom kissed me again.

"I cannot wait to be a grandma. I'm thinking about letting this baby call me nanny." I just sighed and we watched TV and the nurses kept coming in and checking if I am tolerating the epidural normally and checking my cervix. About an hour later, a nurse yelled for my doctor.

"Ashleigh, you are fully dilated, Sydney is coming!" The nurse said and my heart began to race. I began to get very nervous and Drake and my mom got on each side. Drake kissed me, kept telling me how much he loves me and how proud he is of me. Dr. Ragaz came in and she began to bark orders and they prepped the delivery table, which is just taking the end part of my bed down, and they prepped me for deliver. My feet went to the stirrups and they put a lot of cleaning solution on me. "Dad, grandma, grabbed her knee and pull her up. Now, Ashleigh, when I tell you to push, you better push hard, okay?" Dr. Ragaz said and I nodded. "Okay, honey, PUSH!" I pushed down, hardest as I can and Drake and my mom is beside me, counting down from ten and when they ended, I relaxed.

"Good job, Ashleigh, she is coming down." A minute later, she told me to push again. When I finished pushing, Dr. Ragaz told Drake to look at the baby because she is crowning. Drake looked down and when he looked up at me, he has tears in his eyes.

"I see peach fuzz!" Drake said and I began crying. I pushed again and then, I felt this onset of pressure, then I heard Sydney Grace. She wailed, introducing herself to the world. They put a sheet on my belly and they cleaned her off on me. I seen light peach fuzz and she is not that big but she is not small. Drake cut the cord and he followed the nurses to the warming station. "Six pounds ten ounces, eighteen inches long. You have a perfect baby, Stephens!" The nurse said and she wrapped Sydney up and gave her to Drake. Drake bounced her and smiled down at her and tears began to flow again.

"You are so beautiful, Sydney Grace Stephens!" Drake said and I just lay my head to the side and watched my husband love on his daughter. I didn't care that I haven't held her yet, this is a joy itself. Drake walked over and he finally gave me my daughter I held for nine months. I looked down at her and her brown eyes is staring at me and then she smiled. I began to cry and Drake allowed my parents to come see her. My mom went to my side and looked at Sydney and she started to cry herself. "She looks just like you when you we're first born. She does share some of her daddy's facial traits as well. She has his nose and eye shape!" My mom said and Drake laughed as he wiped his eyes.

"I'm gonna go tell Monica and Ricky that she is here," Drake said and I nodded. The nurse asked if she can take her to the nursery and get her newborn assessment out of the way and I gave my daughter to her. My parents stayed around for a few more minutes before they had to leave and tell the rest of my family that they are proud grandparents. Drake came back with Monica in a wheelchair and Ricky. Monica is holding two little bundles in her arms. "They took her to do her newborn assessment. She will be right back," I said and Monica gave the two bundles to Ricky and Drake and they brought them over. RJ has cute dark curls in his hair and Cynthia is like Sydney, just dark peach fuzz on her head. I smiled and touched both their smooth cheeks, then my baby came in. "Sydney is a very good baby, she didn't cry once during the assessment," the nurse said giving Sydney to Drake. Drake brought Sydney over to RJ and Cynthia and we got them to meet.

"Sydney, meet your best friend RJ and Cynthia. You three will be raised together and have loads of fun," Ricky said and Drake lay Sydney in my lap and I gave Cynthia back to Monica. I held my daughter and I cannot stop looking at her. I met her father not even a year ago and he gave me life, love and Sydney Grace.


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