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I Have A Crush On Youu

Novel By: NikkiLibby

Ashleigh never expected to be kidnapped in the middle of the night. But she never expected a hot guy like Drake to take her. Drake cannot help to want Ashleigh so bad that he has to take her for himself. Ashleigh wants to escape and run away from him, but can she help the desire and the need for Drake? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Heya! I made a minor mistake in the last chapter. I meant September, not December, as the due date. After this one is the last chapter then the epilogue. Since I want to concentrate on my Annabelle story, I am ending this early. Well, read on my loveys!*

Chapter 8

I sat in front of my mother's vanity mirror two weeks later. My mom and dad became ecstatic when they found out abut my pregnancy. They, on the other hand, was not that happy about Drake and I getting married. I told them I am an adult now and that I love Drake with all my heart and I am going to marry him. I am going to be Mrs. Drake Matthew Stephens. Monica walked in with a daisy veil and placed it on my beautifully done hair. "Are you ready to get married?" Monica said and I smiled. We found out that our due dates are three days apart. Her baby is due on September 5th and my baby is due on September 8th.

"I am more than ready, how is Drake out there?" I asked and she laughed.

"A nervous wreck, he keeps asking people when are you coming out. He is getting along with your parents very good. They will never find out how y'all really met," she said and I sighed.

"I really don't want them to find out. I am in love with him and we will have a wonderful family. We might even add two more kids to this one!" I touched my belly, which of course I am not showing, and smiled. Drake wakes up every morning and kisses me then kisses my belly where our baby sleeps. He wishes it good morning and tells it to hurry up. I stood up and went to the mirror and looked at myself. I have a silk gown my mother bought me a week ago to be my wedding dress and I love my hair with the curls and the little daisy veil Monica made me. My nails are nicely done with ivory colored tips. My father walked in with his tuxedo on and he smiled at me. His salt and pepper hair makes him look very attractive for his age of fifty. "Are you ready baby girl? Drake is about to go crazy out there!" He said and I laughed. I grabbed his arm and Monica walked in front of me. We decided on a small ceremony with just my parents and Monica and Ricky. Brianna refused to come see me because I decided to leave her behind without her knowledge and I moved on. Brianna doesn't know the real reason, but I don't give a fuck about her anymore. If she really feels that way with me leaving, then she was not really a good friend. Monica looked behind her and smiled at me as she opened the church doors. I looked up at the alter and squeezed my rose bouquet tightly when I seen Drake. His hands is in front of him, and they are turning white as he seen me. He smiled widely as I walked down the aisle and I looked over and my mother blew me a kiss. For forty-seven years old, my mom also looks good for her age. She has some silver in her brunette hair, but it looks stylish. When we finally made it to the alter, the minister began. My parents gave me away and I grabbed Drake's hand. I looked up into his beautiful eyes and smiled. We went through the ceremony with no problems and when we said "I do" I began to cry. "Sorry, this is the happiest moment for me," I cried and Monica gave me her hanky. Drake pulled me into his arms and hugged me.

"I am just so glad you are just as happy as I am right now," Drake said and he wiped a tear from his eye. We finally got to finish and the minister smiled.

"By the power invested in me, in the great state of Minnesota, I proud to pronounce you man and wife. Drake, you may kiss your bride," the minister said and Drake pulled me into his arms again and planted his lips on mine. He ran his tongue across my bottom lip then placed his tongue in my mouth. I moaned quietly in his mouth and when he let go, the minister grabbed our shoulders. "I present you Mister and Misses Drake Matthew Stephens!" everyone cheered for us and we walked down the aisle and everybody followed us. Monica and my mom hugged me at the same time and both are crying. My dad hugged me next then Ricky. "Well, what now?" Monica said and Drake wiggled his eyebrows at me and pulled me closer.

"I am taking my wife home and have a hell of a wedding night with her," he said and I purred at him.

"She defiantly got the purring thing from me!" my mom said then purred and my dad grabbed her and smacked her ass.

"If you don't stop that purring, we will have our wedding night redone over!" my dad said and my mom purred again. I love my parents, I think me leaving, or kidnapped, actually done them good. I am not there to hear it all. Mom said that ever since I left, they finally yelled everything they needed to say and never fought again. Drake took me to the car and drove us down a very familiar street. "Drake, what are we doing in our old neighborhood?" I asked and he pulled into his old driveway then smiled at me.

"I think its high time we came back to civilization and start our family at my old place. Plus, you can walk over to your parents house anytime you want. Just one thing though," Drake said and I nodded to hear what he has to say. "I don't want them to find out the real reason we met," he added and I reached and placed my palm against his face.

"Drake baby, I will never let them find out. What did you do with our clothes?" I asked. He explained to me that he got some movers and brought some of our stuff like the bathroom and bedroom stuff, clothes and food down from the mountains and put it in his, our, place. He opened the car door for me and when we made it to the door, he lifted me off my feet, carried me across the threshold bridal style. I lay my head on the crook of his neck as he carried me across the house to our bedroom. When he lay me down on the bed, he untied his tie and I took my dress off, revealing the sexy underwear my mother bought for me. He smiled and touched my breasts lightly and I gasped. My breasts has already grown a cup size and Drake bought me a whole new thing of bras. "Better take a good look at me now, Drake, cause I am going to get very fat," I said and he smiled.

"You will look beautiful pregnant. I cannot wait for the baby bump. I cannot wait to known the gender. I cannot wait to sit with you and think of names. I cannot wait to watch you deliver our child. I cannot wait to hold him for the first time," Drake said and I smiled. He touched my stomach and then went to my thong. He cupped my mound and I sighed and raised my hips to feel more of him. Oh yeah, ever since I've been pregnant, I am a horny dog! My OB/GYN, Dr. Ragaz, says that it's perfectly normal and I am progressing very good. He took my underwear off and I lay below him naked. I watched him take off his clothes and when he got naked, he asked me to stand up. I stood up and watched him lay on the bed. "Lay across me and put your pussy in my face, I want to do a 69," Drake said and I purred. I lay across him, like he asked and I automatically feel his tongue on my clit. I moaned and I put his cock in my mouth and began to suck it. I put my hand and jacked him off as I sucked his cock and he is doing magical things to my pussy with his tongue. He is going around and around and 2 fingers is going inside my wet and hot pussy. I began to shake already because its been three days since we last had sex and I already feel like cumming. "Oh DRAKKKKKKKKKKE!" I yelled.

"Come on baby, come on my face!" Drake groaned and a few more thrusts with his fingers and a few flicks with his tongue later, I squirted all over his face. I collapsed on top of him and my hand is the only thing that has some energy and I kept jacking him off. "Oh baby, oh baby get below me!" Drake moaned and I done what he asked me to do. He grabbed one of my legs and put it over his shoulder and leaned against me as he thrusted his cock inside my pussy. I moaned loudly and he began to pump himself in and out of me. He got faster and harder at each thrust and I already feel like cumming again. I watched his facial features and I see pure love and passion in his face, and lust also. "Oh god Ashleigh, I am so close!" Drake said and I raised my hips and met his movements.

"Fill me up, Drake!" I cried out and one more thrust, he cum inside my pussy and I am not that far behind him. He let my leg down and collapsed on me. I only hear our hearts and breathing right now and it's the greatest sounds ever. "Now, that's what I call a wedding night!" Drake said and I laughed.

"Yeah, it's a wonderful beginning for the rest of our lives," I said and he smiled.

"It sure is."

Eight Months Later

"Mom, please quit it! I may be pregnant, but I am not fucking china!" Monica yelled at our baby's baby shower. I sat on the couch with my feet in Drake's lap and he is massaging them. Mrs. Young, Monica's mom, is very controlling when it comes to her youngest daughter. My mom lets me do my own thing, and she is making some hot dogs on the grill right now. Ricky pulled Monica into his lap and put his hands on her huge baby bump. Monica is having twins, yes twins! She is having a boy and a girl. I am only having a little girl Drake and I name Sydney Grace. Monica's babies names are Richard Edward Jr. and Cynthia Mariah. "Here are the hot dogs! Ricky, Drake get the girls some water! After we eat we are going to open those presents!" My mom said carrying the food. My dad and Monica's step father is at Monica's place putting the two cribs together. They put Sydney's crib together yesterday. Dr. Ragaz said that I am progressing fast and I am actually due any day, and the due date is not for another two weeks. Monica is getting a c-section in two days because RJ and Cyn is growing quick too. Drake gave me my food and I put my plate on my pretty huge baby bump. Sydney must have smell the food because she is now kicking. "Syd, now you can wait!" I said to my belly. Drake got to my belly and kissed it.

"Baby is just hungry, Ashleigh! Feed her!" he said and I laughed. We all ate, and Brianna finally shows up. We made up five months ago and she is very happy for me. She is now engaged to a man name Isaac. Brianna began handing the presents out and my stomach began to feel sort of crampy, but I ignore it. An hour of presents, I now own ten things of diapers, so many hair bows and dresses, bottles and bibs for the next year. I thank everybody for coming and I knew Monica is not feeling good either. Summer in Minnesota does not do a pregnant woman justice. I stayed in all summer or I did get sick. Drake and my mom cleaned up the house as I went to the bedroom and lay down. My stomach began to feel really bad and it comes and goes every thirty minutes or so. Drake came in and I am on my side, moaning. He ran over and began to rub my back. "Baby, what is wrong? Sydney okay?" Drake asked and I moaned.

"I think I am having contractions, I need to go to the hospital," I said and Drake began filling our bag up as I sat up and got my shoes on. As I stood up, water gushed out of my vagina and I looked up at Drake and he dropped the bag. "Drake, I think Sydney is ready to come into this world!" I said and it made Drake pack even faster. Well, Sydney Grace is coming!


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