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I Have A Crush On Youu

Novel By: NikkiLibby

Ashleigh never expected to be kidnapped in the middle of the night. But she never expected a hot guy like Drake to take her. Drake cannot help to want Ashleigh so bad that he has to take her for himself. Ashleigh wants to escape and run away from him, but can she help the desire and the need for Drake? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey guys! Thanks for all the reads. Still having man problems (Today he is a total ass! I told him to stay in bed and wake up happy!) but it didn't stop me from writing! Hope you enjoy this chapter and remember to comments, I always love comments!*

Chapter 3

I shook my head and I laughed.

"When did you think I will enjoy having sex with you?" I said and he smiled.

"I see that it has changed from 'rape' to 'sex' now. It's possible for you to fall in love with me. Monica fell in love with Ricky and now they are married!" Drake said and I looked away and hugged my knees.

"Drake, that will never be us. I know there is no hope for me to leave here, but I cannot fall in love with you."

"Is it because of what Greg done to you?" Greg, the guy that broke my heart when he cheated on me, yeah, that Greg.

"Greg has nothing to do with this!" I growled and he ran his hand through his hair.

"Then I fail to see the problem in you falling in love with me." This is a lost cause, might as well give up. He will always win. I grabbed my underwear and the sweat pants and put them on. I went to the bathroom again and I am shocked from what I see. My face is shining and I see a faint coloration where I blushed. I may not feel it, but I think my body is falling for Drake! I ran some cool water over my face and when I opened my eyes, Drake is leaning against the door frame in only his boxers and he is holding some change of clothes and a towel.

"There is one way you can use to me," Drake said and my heart went to the floor. Oh no, I have a bad feeling about this. "You are going to take a shower with me," he added and I knew to not fight him. I just let my arms fall to my sides and I walked pass him. I grabbed a new pair of underwear and some pajamas. I went back to the bathroom and the shower is already started and he is standing there, waiting on me.

"Do whatever you intend to do, Drake," I said and he smiled. He went behind me and pulled my tee shirt off and then my bra. I held my arms across my breasts and he laughed.

"Shy aren't you?" Drake said and I just nodded to agree. He pulled my pants and panties off and I felt no shame because well, he seen my pussy a few minutes before.

"Now, take my boxers off," Drake said and I got on my knees and pulled his boxers down. I started at his semi-erect dick and stood up quickly. I stared at Drake's naked body as a whole. He is one sexy man. Nicely tan, six pack abs and very strong arms and legs. His dick has to be at least 9 inches in length. I closed my eyes and let out a shaky breath. I am feeling mixed emotions now. I am aroused, no denying that. He is the first fully naked man I ever seen. When I sucked his dick, it was dark so I couldn't see anything. Drake grabbed my hand and pulled me into the shower. He let me under the warm water first and I rinsed my hair and body and then I scooted over and let him rinse. I feel so numb, I hardly moved and never spoken a word. I tried to think about how I felt other than horny. I felt scared, thrilled, and a little anger. I think the anger part faded away when I accepted that I am not going anywhere. Drake put some shampoo in his hand and put it in my hair and lathered me up.

"God, I love your hair!" he said and he allowed me to get under the shower head. I knew he wanted me to lather his hair so I grabbed the shampoo, put some in my hand and then lathered his hair. I can tell that surprised him. He gasped and then he kneeled so I can reached his head. He has to be at least a foot taller than me.

"What made you want to lather my hair, Ashleigh?" Drake asked.

"You would've made me anyways," I said and he laughed.

"No, I wouldn't." I kept going, massaging his head and he groaned. I bet it felt good, I love getting my hair shampooed by somebody else. I have to admit, when Drake shampooed my hair, it felt very good! When I finished, he rinsed his hair and he grabbed the bar soap. He grabbed the wash cloth and lathered the soap and my heart skipped a beat. My pussy began to tingle at the thought of him touching me. I closed my eyes as he came to me and he started at my neck. He made circles between my shoulder blades and then he went to my breasts. I opened my eyes and I wanted to see how he reacted. Fuck, why am I wanting to enjoy this? I am falling under his spell. Drake looked up at me and then he proceeded to my breasts. He went around the first mound then over my nipple, which made me gasp. He done the same thing to the other one, then it was over. He went down my navel then down my legs and then up. He pulled my legs apart and he cleaned around my pussy.

"Rinse off now," Drake said and I got underneath the water. I ran my fingers all over my body, knowing Drake is loving this. Damn, I am defiantly falling under his spell. When I looked at him, Drake is stroking his dick, which is very hard. I just looked at it and amazed how HUGE it is. How is it going to fit in me? Will it hurt other than the first time pain? I shook my head and he gave me the wash cloth. I grabbed the soap and I started at the base of his neck. His dick is hitting my mound and I sighed. I scrubbed his chest, his washboard abs, his arms and legs. The last thing is his manhood. I closed my eyes and swallowed. Here goes nothing! I started at his balls and then I went down with the cloth on his dick. He moaned as I done that and I stood up and he rinsed himself off.

"What are you going to do about your hard on?" I asked, I am very curious.

"Well, you can suck me off again or I can go to the next room and jack off," Drake said and I smiled. He doesn't want to fuck me yet! I got on my knees and touched his dick. I pushed my head down on his dick and I sucked his dick. My head went up and down and I looked up and watched Drake's expressions. His eyes are closed and he is breathing through his pursed lips. I kept going and I went faster and his fingers went through my hair and he pushed my head to help me suck him.

"That's it baby, oh my god it feels so good!" Drake said and he groaned deeply, I knew he is close. I went faster and I began to jack him off as well. He moaned loudly when I done that and he let his load inside my mouth. I jerked away and he smiled. He pulled me closer and even with his cum in my mouth, he kissed me. I let him kiss me, because I wanted him to kiss me. His tongue went along my cheek and I moaned. I let go and he smiled.

"Are you liking me now?" He asked and I half smiled.

"Yeah, I guess I am liking you now," I said and he smiled wider.

"Good, well, lets get out of this shower before we get all pruny!" he said and I stepped out of the shower. I got dressed and I waited on Drake. I didn't know if he wanted me to do something, so I waited.

"I have something to show you," he said and he grabbed my hand and he took me to a little office across the house. He has a huge bookshelf of books and I smiled.

"You always read, so I thought I will give you books," he said and I got on my toes and kissed him. I am just excited that he got something in here that I love. I went to the bookshelf and I grabbed a Sandra Brown book. I went to the couch and I began to read. Drake went to the kitchen and he began to sing.

"You're my ANGELLLLLLLLL!" he sang and I smiled. He also knows that I am a huge Aerosmith fan. I hummed the song and I began to sing along with him. Aerosmith gets me in a wonderful mood and I began to dance. I stood up and rocked my hips and I heard the singing stop and I looked behind me and Drake is standing behind me. I just stared at him and he is smiling. I breathed heavily and my heart raced.

"That's my favorite song," I said and he nodded.

"I know, I seen you dance to it all the time," Drake said and the ache in my stomach started again.

"Did you…"

"Yeah, I watched you undress through my window before."

"What else did you see?" I needed to know, I need to know how much of a creep he is!

"I seen Greg almost forcing you to give him a blow job. You turned your head when he unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. Greg was never meant for you, Ashleigh, and you know it." I looked down and I remembered that night. He was literally begging me to give him a blow job. I refused. I was scared to and when he undid his pants, I turned away and told him I will not look at his dick and he put it back in and he stormed off. I guess me not wanting to do sexual things to Greg got him to cheat.

"Greg is nothing to me anymore, Drake. He made his bed and he is lying in it now!" I said and he smiling. He came over to me and placed his hands on my face and ran his fingers down my cheeks. He placed his lips on mine and he brushed his soft lips on mine. I can get use to these kisses. I am sort of getting use to Drake. I have to get over the kidnapping thing, but I think I can forgive him for that when I can. He slid his tongue in my mouth and I sighed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me closer to his body. When he let go, he looked me into my eyes and he is smiling.

"I love you, Ashleigh!" he whispered to me.


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