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I Have A Crush On Youu

Novel By: NikkiLibby

Ashleigh never expected to be kidnapped in the middle of the night. But she never expected a hot guy like Drake to take her. Drake cannot help to want Ashleigh so bad that he has to take her for himself. Ashleigh wants to escape and run away from him, but can she help the desire and the need for Drake? View table of contents...


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*A/N: This is the end of I Have A Crush on Youu. I didn't mean for it to end this quick but I got caught up with Annabelle that I wanted this to finish quickly. You will be seeing Sydney, RJ and Cynthia probably after Annabelle. They are not gone forever, so don't worry so much! Thank you enjoying this story, which did not turn out as I expected. I wanted this to be dark and scary and erotic, but with my romantic state of mind, well, it didn't turn out. It is still a good story and I very much enjoyed writing it! Make sure to read Annabelle and the other stories I plan to add to "The Diary Series"!*


Sixteen years later…
Sydney's POV

"Mom, I am going to Cyn and RJ's place!" I yelled and mom walked in and she is holding a plate in her hand and my little brother, Jeff, ran between her legs and gave me a hug. Jeff is ten years old and he has to follow me everywhere. He looks like daddy, but with mom's brunette hair. I look like my mom, but I have daddy's blonde hair.

"Can I come, Syd?" Jeff asked and I shook my head.

"No, I want to go alone for once!" I said and my mom sighed.

"Now Syd, if I hear that you are doing stupid things again, you are grounded!" my mom said and I walked over and kissed her cheek.

"I promise I won't do anything stupid. Cyn said that she wants to show me something." I grabbed my car keys and I bumped into daddy and told him where I am going and he kissed my forehead and told me to be careful. I drove to Cynthia and RJ's house and they are outside, playing football in the nice Fall weather.

"Hey Cyn, what do you have to show me?" I said and she told me to follow her. I followed her and RJ to the basement of their house and she kneeled in front of a box.

"RJ and I found this about a month ago when I went to try to find my bike. I bumped into it and I found these…" She gave me a pile of papers and photos. I looked through them and they are pictures of her mom, Monica, when she was around eighteen years old. Some of these pictures are like stalker pictures because they are pictures of her stripping and it is from a distance. I looked through the papers and its just "I love you, Monica Gates," over and over. "What the fuck are these?" I asked.

"I don't know, but mom and dad has never gave us a straight story on how they met. They just tell us that they just ran into each other one day and they fell in love instantly," RJ said and rolled his eyes. "Like that can really happen."

"Mom and daddy never gave me a straight story on how they met also. They just told me that daddy was mom's neighbor and they fell in love and actually ran off to live with each other. When she got pregnant with me, they got married and moved back to daddy's place. I think that is just…strange," I said and now I want to do some investigation for myself. How did Ashleigh and Drake Stephens met? When I went home, mom is cooking dinner and daddy is helping Jeff with his math homework.

"I am going to go to my bedroom, holler when dinner is ready, okay?" I said and mom nodded. I went to the far end of the hallway and opened the door to the staircase to the attic, and walked up. The last time I went up here, I was nine years old and I used this as a hide and seek spot. I looked around and I seen a folder on top of a box. I went over and blew the dust from it and there is nothing written on it. I opened it and there is a picture of my mom when she was about nineteen years old. There is just one picture and then there is a note, its old and has a tear in it. I picked up and read it:
My Dearest Ashleigh,
You are mine now, forever.

How strange is that. There is also a dried up rose petal taped to it and that made it even strange. I heard somebody walk up the stairs and I looked over and it's mom. "Syd, what are you doing up here? What are you holding in your hand?" mom asked and I gave it to her. She looked at it and she sighed. "I hope that you would never find this," she said and she told me to follow her. She yelled for daddy and she took me to their master bedroom. I sat down on my bed and my parents looked at each other then at me. "Sydney Grace, what made you want to look through the paperwork in the attic?" Daddy asked me.

"Cyn and RJ bumped into a box of pictures and notes in their basement that seemed strange and it made me want to dig through our stuff," I said and my mom shook her head.

"The twins found their stuff too. I bet Ricky and Monica are telling them about them as well," Mom said to daddy.

"About what?" Mom and daddy sat beside me and mom grabbed my hand and held it.

"Sydney, your father and I didn't just fall in love with each other spontaneously out of thin air. Your dad was stalking me for a few months when I was eighteen and when I was nineteen, he kidnapped me and hid me in the hills above Minneapolis. For a month, I couldn't talk to my parents. But, I ended up falling in love with your dad and I forgot about the reason we met," my mom said and I just stared at her. Daddy stalked her then kidnapped her? This is highly weird and strange and sort of scary. You never hear about kidnapping often anymore.

"Monica…it happened to her as well?" I asked and mom nodded.

"She was kidnapped a year before me. Same thing happened with her and Ricky, they fell in love and she also forgot about him kidnapping her."

"Why did you keep this note? What is this note?"

"That is the note your dad left me when I first woke up the night he took me. I kept it as a reminder how I met him." Mom looked over at daddy and they gave each other loving looks to each other.

"Honey, I am sorry we kept this from you and Jeff. We didn't want you to know what really happened," daddy said and I just nodded.

"I understand, but I can tell that mom really loves you, so it doesn't bother me as much anymore." I hugged them and left the room and ate my dinner with Jeff.

Ashleigh's POV

I lay back on the bed and sighed. Sydney found out about the kidnapping. I have not thought about that in sixteen years. Drake hovered above me and smiled at me. For being forty-two years old, he is still one sexy man. He has no wrinkles, no gray hair and he still has his nice build. I am thirty-five years old and I am slightly curvy now due to having two babies, which I love them to death. Jeffrey is a special little boy. He was born three months premature, almost didn't make it. He is small for his age and gets frequent lung infections, but excluding that, he is a normal kid. Drake took my top off and revealed my bra less chest. "Fuck, I love it when you do that," Drake said and his mouth went to my nipple. I moaned and ran my fingers through his blonde hair and his hands went to my sweat pants. He took them off along with my thong and he sat up and took his clothes off. "We better hurry before the kids come in," Drake said and I purred. I love the sense of getting caught by Syd and Jeff.

"Oh we better hurry then baby!" I said and he got on top of me, put two fingers inside me, and then thrusted his cock inside me. I bit my lip to fight back a moan because this feels so good. He thrusted in and out of me and very fast. "Drake, oh Drake so close baby!" I moaned quietly and he moaned and pushed in two more times and I feel his cum filling me up. My orgasm erupted with his and I felt myself dripping down his cock. He rolled off of me and brought me closer to his body. "Ashleigh, you are the greatest thing that happened to me," Drake said and I smiled into his chest.

"You are the greatest thing that happened to me," I said.

"I am sorry for kidnapping you sixteen years ago. I should have just asked you on a date." He has been apologizing since our tenth year anniversary since we met. It bothers the fuck out of me.

"Quit apologizing about it. I hated the first two weeks of it, but I don't regret it. You gave me love, a husband and two wonderful kids."

"There is something we can do to make things spicy." He wiggled his eye brows, which made me hot all over.

"Our sex life is already spicy, love!" I said and he laughed.

"But this will be fun!" He said.

"What is it?"

"We can play kidnapper as a sex game!" I laughed and we cuddled a little bit more longer before we went back to our family. This started out as me being scared for my life, but it turned out as love with two people that we're meant to be together, but wish they met another way!


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