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I Have A Crush On Youu

Novel By: NikkiLibby

Ashleigh never expected to be kidnapped in the middle of the night. But she never expected a hot guy like Drake to take her. Drake cannot help to want Ashleigh so bad that he has to take her for himself. Ashleigh wants to escape and run away from him, but can she help the desire and the need for Drake? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 19, 2012    Reads: 2,410    Comments: 21    Likes: 7   

*A/N: Hey! This is my first kidnap erotica, so I hope I done good! I have published the character pictures for this story yesterday, so go check that out! Thanks for all the reads on my last story and I hope you enjoy this story! Well, remember to comment and if you didn't fan me, well fan me!*

Chapter 1

I slammed the door behind me as I heard my parents argue, again. I pulled the sweater around my body to cover any open skin because its freezing outside. I walked down the dark street and I occasionally passed a dog or a cat, there is nobody outside. I looked around in my neighbors driveways and there is only one neighbor home, the new guy. I forgot his name, I think it started with a D, and he is pretty hot. I looked at the house and the lights has clicked off, saying he is either leaving or going to bed. I pulled my hoodie over my head and continued to walk. I want to go to my friend Brianna's house, but I highly doubt she is home on a Friday night. I just take a walk and come back home, hoping my parents quit fighting. I don't know why they are even still together, maybe its me, I don't know. They fight constantly for the past two years when my mom caught my dad cheating. As I continued to walk, I heard something behind me, like change in somebody's pocket. I didn't hear any closed doors, so there is nobody behind me. When I stopped walking, the sound stopped. I shrugged my shoulders and walked again. The sound came back and its faster and getting louder. I stopped, but the sound didn't.

"Who's there?" I yelled and I heard no response. My heart began to race and I tried to walk again but a gloved hand covered my mouth.

"Shhh, I'm not going to hurt you, Ashleigh!" A male voice said. I screamed into his hand and then his hand was replaced by a sweet smelling towel. I slowly lost conscious and the last thing I heard was the man saying something to me.

"You're mine now, baby!" he said and my world went darkā€¦

I woke up in a dim lit room, and nobody is around. I looked at the end table and there is a single red rose and a glass of wine. I grabbed the wine, looked at the bottom, make sure there is nothing in it and even smelled it. It smelled like a fancy red wine to me, so I drank some. I grabbed the rose and there is a note attached to it.
My Dearest Ashleigh,
You are mine now, forever.

Who the hell did this to me? I ran to the door and tried to open it, but its locked. I went to the window and opened it and they put iron bars around it. I looked outside and we are near a frozen lake and that is it. There is no houses around. Great, I've been kidnapped by some ugly ass dude! I walked around, checking out my surroundings and it's a pretty nice room. The bed has gold silk covers and there is bookshelves filled to the rim with books. I heard the door knob turn and the door opened. I looked up at my captor and my mouth dropped. He has to be only twenty-six years old or a bit younger and he has golden locks, dark blue eyes, strong facial features and I can tell he works out.

"Oh, I can see that you woke up, Ashleigh," he said and I crossed my arms across my chest.

"How do you know me, mister?" I said and he laughed.

"I know a lot about you."

"Then tell me what you know about me."

"Your whole name is Ashleigh Lynn Carpenter, you are nineteen years old, you have brunette hair, blue eyes, your bra size is 36 C, you are still a virgin and you had one boyfriend in the past year and he cheated on you with some girl from university." My mouth dropped. How did he know this much stuff about me? How does he even know my bra size? Oh no, he stalked me! He began to walk towards me and I began to back into a corner and I slid down the wall.

"Get away, get away from me!" I said and he grabbed my wrists and pulled me up. He wrapped his arms around me and I began to push his hands away. "Get your hands off of me!" I said and he smiled.

"Sorry baby, but I can't. I've wanted you since I seen you when I first moved in," he said and his hands roamed my back and his lips touched my neck and I tried to fight back a moan, I don't want him to know I am actually sort of enjoying this.

"This may be all scary at first, but once you get use to me, you will want me to take your clothes off and make love to me," he said and I shook my head.

"I will never have sex with you!" I said and he said.

"You will, one way or another!"

"I don't even know your name!" he let go of me and he looked at me. He smiled and leaned against the book case. Why does he have to do that. His muscles are showing though the wool sweater he is wearing.

"Sorry about that, my name is Drake Stephens," Drake said and I nodded.

"Don't expect me to want to have sex with you, Drake. Why would I want to fuck a man that kidnapped me in the middle of the night?"

"I knew your parents usually fight on Friday nights and you leave to get some air. It's the perfect time for me to take you.

"What do you want from me?"

"I want you, Ashleigh. You don't understand how much I want you. I had women beg me to fuck them, but I couldn't. Ever since I seen you in a bikini, I had to have you. Every time I think about you, I get so hard and horny that I have to make myself cum." I wanted to throw up then. I hated when men talk about cumming and jacking off to girls. Its disgusting to hear about a man almost ten years older than me jacking off to me! "But now that you are here with me, those fantasies will come true. Not now, not tomorrow, but they will," he added.

"Sounds like to me you really like me," I tried to be sarcastic, but he just smiled and placed his hands of my cheeks, and I tried to pull away but couldn't.

"I have a crush on you, Ashleigh." he planted his lips on mine and I sealed my lips so his playing tongue cannot get in, but he moved on his hands down to my chin and pulled my mouth apart. He slid his tongue inside me and I held my arms at the side. My body reacted and I squeezed my eyes shut. Why am I liking this? This man kidnapped me so he can have me for himself. He is crazy! Crazy and fucking hot. He tasted so good. My body began to relax and I placed one hand on his hip as the kiss deepened and I just gave up. I responded to the kiss and he let go to get some air.

"See, you eventually wanted to kiss me, you cannot help it!" Drake said and I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever, I am going home!" I stormed to the door and he closed it with his foot and stood in front of it.

"I am sorry, baby, but you ain't going anywhere. You're stuck here, forever and with me."

"I want to go home!"

"You are home, Ashleigh! You got a lake, I know you love to ice-skate! You and your friend Brianna use to go to the Mall of America all the time and get in the rink! Its frozen solid, enough to go skating on, so we are going ice-skating tomorrow. Get some rest, I will join you later." Drake went to the dresser and pulled out a lacy gown for me to wear. "I don't want to get rough, Ashleigh, but if you don't put that on, you will get punished!" He closed the door behind him and I grabbed the barely there red lingerie and I sighed. I don't want him to punish me, or do anything with me, so I took my clothes off and slid the lingerie over my body. I closed my eyes and turned the light off and covered myself in the silk covers. I didn't know how I could fall asleep in this house, with Drake in the next room over. I heard the door creak open and then the bed went down a little as Drake got in bed. I slid to the edge of the bed, hoping he won't get near me, but I was wrong. He pulled me to his body and his hard-on poked at my legs.

"Mmmm, I can feel the lingerie on you. I bought them, just for you. Red is your favorite color," Drake said and I closed my eyes.

"I am sleepy, let me sleep!" I said and he turned my body over and I seen him shake his head.

"No, I am too horny right now, you have to suck me off so I can go to bed. Tomorrow, I will reward you with pleasure and you will like it."

"I am not sucking your dick!"

"You have no choice in the matter, Ashleigh!" I heard him pull his boxers down and I began to cry. I have to do this, or he will probably hurt me. I closed my eyes and got under the covers and placed my lips on his dick. He is pretty damn big and I began to think about the moment when he fucks me. It will probably hurt like hell, but he will eventually hurt me. I am not going to give in like I am doing now. I heard him groan from above the covers and he laced his fingers through my hair and pushed my head down to get more of my mouth.

"Oh baby, that's it, ahhh!" Drake moaned and then he let his load into my mouth and I swallowed it. I felt like throwing up right now, but I just slid back up to the surface and curled up in a ball. Drake slid his arm around my waist and he finally went to sleep. I never went to sleep, I am so afraid about what he is planning to do to me. He may be hot, but he is fucking insane!


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