Baby Let Me In

By: NikkiLibby

Chapter 1, After a destructive relationship, Tawny Dawson\'s friend takes her to a gym to learn to defend herself. She takes a liking in her trainer, Carson Reynolds. Carson likes her, but can he risk letting her into his life? Is Tawny willing to risk being with a man again after what happened to her in the past few years?


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Chapter 1
I threw my bags down onto the dusty gym floor and stared at all the men working out and hearing them grunt and egging each other on to push above their limits.
“Reggie, do I really have to do this?” I said and she rolled her eyes. She pushed against my sore arm, the arm I try using to defend myself from an ex-boyfriend of mine.
“Oh Tawny, you need to learn how to fight. Gerry’s Gym is known to train some of the best fighters, some of them fight professionally!” Regina, my best friend, said and I sighed. I grabbed my workout bag and followed Reggie to the manager’s office and a man with gray hair is turned away from us and talking to the phone very angrily.
“I don’t give a fuck why you cannot come to work, but you need to get here!” The man said and the man on the other side of the phone is yelling. “Well, fuck you too!” the man slammed the phone down and he finally turned around and he looked at us.
“Hello Gerry, I’m Regina Camp, the girl that called you,” Regina said and the man smiled. 
“You the girls that want to learn to defend yourselves? You came to the right place! I got two men, well one man right now, that can start y’all today!” Gerry said and Reggie smiled. We went to the locker room, which is cleaner than the gym itself, and I put my gym clothes on. I went to the mirror and put my sandy blonde hair in a pony tail and Reggie is behind me, putting her black hair in a pony as well.
“You will thank me later for this,” Reggie said and I sighed. We walked outside and Gerry pointed to a man, probably in his mid twenties, in the boxing ring.
“Carson, I got you two more trainees!” Gerry said and Carson looked down at us, but mainly at me. He has these, gray eyes, that I have never seen in my life. He has stubble that is desirable and he began to smile.
“So, you ladies want to learn to fight that doesn’t involve slapping?” Carson said and I laughed.
“I guess you can say that,” I said and Reggie rolled her eyes.
“I’ll wait on the other dude to come, you can take Carson,” Reggie said and I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to Carson. He threw some boxing gloves at me and I just looked at them.
“Do you want to learn how to fight bare handed?” Carson asked me. I shook my hand and put the gloves on and got on the ring and faced him. He walked around my body like he is inspecting me and when he faced me again, he laughed. “You have not a single piece of muscle on your body, we better began on the weights!” Carson said and he hopped off and I followed him. He took me to the bench and put some weights on the barbell. I looked and I seen that he put fifty pounds on it.
“Starting me off small?” I said and he smiled.
“I don’t want you to get too sore on me on the first day!” Carson said and I lay down on the bench and grabbed the weights. “I am your spotter and if you have any trouble, I will help you, okay?” he said and I just nodded my head. I pulled the weights down to my chest and even though fifty pounds sounds puny, it is quite heavy!
“So, what is your name?” Carson said and I grunted when I lifted the weights off of me.
“Tawny…Dawson,” I said and he smiled.
“Well I am Carson Reynolds,” he said and I just smiled and I done my weight training exercises for another fifteen minutes and he finally let me quit and have a break.  I walked outside to the warm, South Carolina air and chugged down my water and Reggie joined me.
“Wow, that hottie Carson gave you quite a work out!” She said and I just looked at her. She barely broke a sweat since she was on the treadmill on a low speed.
“Yeah he did, but why are you not working out?” I asked her and she grabbed the water out of my hand and looked at me.
“Well, because we are here for you. You could not defend yourself when Chris beat you. For one, I am glad you put a restraining order out on him. Still, you need to learn how to fight if Chris comes after you again,” Reggie said and I agreed. I am twenty years old and I dated a jerk name Chris since I was fifteen years old. He took my virginity at sixteen, and he began to be abusive after graduation. I went to him and told him that I was accepted to Clemson University and he slapped me and told me that I am not going to college. After that day, my life was a living hell. It was a living hell for two straight years. Three months ago, I had enough of his shit and dumped his ass, thinking that it will quit. No, it did not quit. Three days ago, he found me at the café I work at and almost beat me to death in the back of the building. I used my arm as a shield so he won’t beat my face in. Reggie found me after he ran off and took me to the hospital. I had no major injuries except for bad bruises and cuts. I went to the court house and put a restraining order on him. I am hoping that it will stop the madness.
“You know I am a sucker for love stories,” Reggie said and I laughed.
“Especially the ones with sex in them!” I said and she pushed me.
“I was just thinking that we will find ourselves a man that will treat us like equals. Your man won’t beat you everyday and treat you like a fucking queen!”
“Like that will ever happen. Fairy tales never happen in real life.” Carson came out and lit a cigarette and I looked down his arms and seen the tribal tattoos wrap around his forearms and wrists. I look down and I have a cute flower design with my name tattooed on my wrist.
“Well, are you up for some more weight exercises? I want you to have some muscle before you learn to fight,” Carson said. I watched the small stream of cigarette smoke leave his sexy puffy lips and I felt my heart race. Even though Chris forced me into sex, I haven’t had sex in three months. I am aching for someone to touch me. Carson’s hands are big, but not scary big and he has muscles to keep me safe and wrap around me during sex. I shook my head and he gave me a strange look.
“Um, yeah, that sounds good. I probably can’t punch a fly right now,” I said and he laughed. A man around the same age as Carson came up with bags in his hands and he looked down at us. He is also quite good looking, but he is not as muscular as Carson and he seems like he has an attitude problem.
“Are these the women that is starting out today?” he asked Carson.
“Yeah, I got Tawny and you got her friend…” Carson looked at Reggie and she cleared her throat and threw her hand at the man.
“Regina Camp, you are my trainer,” Reggie said and the guy told her to follow him. When the doors closed, Carson looked at me and he knew I wanted to know what is going on.
“That is Bailey, my buddy since childhood. He wanted the day off, but since y’all came today, he cannot take the day off till tomorrow. He would’ve just went to the strip club in Spartanburg anyways,” Carson said and I grimace. Chris went there often because I was too sore from sex the night before to have sex again. I hate even hearing the word strip club.  After his cigarette, he took me to the treadmill and set it at a speed that is not that fast for me. Reggie and Bailey is at the same weight set that I was just on and she is at seventy-five pounds. She has more muscle than me, she was into the athletics in high school. I was in the yearbook club and I wanted to be a journalist, but Chris…
“Tawny, watch out!” Carson yelled and that’s when I knew I went backwards and I hit the ground hard on my ass. I need to stop thinking!
“Sorry, my mind wandered off a bit,” I said and he laughed. He helped me up and Reggie ran over to me and she is laughing.
“Never fails to fall off the treadmill the first time,” Reggie said and Bailey is finally smiling.
“I think she needs to take the rest of the day off,” Carson said and I agreed and went to the locker room. I went to the showers and I jerked my clothes off and I took a nice warm shower. I smelled so bad and I didn’t want to go back to my apartment smelling like dirty socks. I walked out of the locker room after I got dressed in my pedestrian clothes and I seen that Carson is also in normal clothes instead of those sexy tight gym outfit.
“Hey Tawny, I was just wondering if you would like to go to lunch with me? Regina said she is not done yet,” Carson said and I just shook my head. Well, my sucky ass day went to a decent one, I am going to eat lunch with a sexy trainer!

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