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Baby Let Me In

Novel By: NikkiLibby

After a destructive relationship, Tawny Dawson's friend takes her to a gym to learn to defend herself. She takes a liking in her trainer, Carson Reynolds. Carson likes her, but can he risk letting her into his life? Is Tawny willing to risk being with a man again after what happened to her in the past few years? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey you guys! I finally updated you. Just had a busy few days. I had an interview today, which I got the job YAY! I made a collabrative account with Jenniirawr and we are going to write stories together so add our account, LoveUs (that's the name!). Also, TakeMe and I have started a contest called "The Erotica Awards" if you have not already, go see the posting in the Erotica section. We are still taking nominations until the 23rd! Well, this chapter seems short so sorry!!! Enjoy and remember to comment!*

Chapter 6

I told Carson that I needed to see my mother today. I haven't really seen her since the abuse started. I seen her after the breakup, but it was really to try and find me a place to stay. I am the only child to my parents, Lisa and Mark Dawson, but they are divorced now and my dad went to Miami to be with his now wife. Carson kissed me and told me to call him when I got home, which I will! I drove to my old neighborhood where I grew up at and its where Chris was raised too. His parents are still living there and I have not spoke to them since the abuse started as well. I really don't want to speak to them, they might not know what went on. I parked my car in the driveway and my mother, with her beautiful blonde hair moving in the wind, is fixing up her flower garden. I got out of the car and I stood there and watched her.

"Hey mom," I said and she turned around and covered her eyes with her hand.

"Tawny? Is that you?" My mom said and I rolled my eyes. Sometimes, she brings her blonde side out.

"I am your only child, right?" I said and she laughed and walked up and hugged me.

"I miss you so much! We should have talked when we went apartment hunting," My mom said and I nodded.

"Mom, we got a lot of things to catch up on!" She smiled and we walked into the house and I sat down on the couch. I remember the good ol' days when Reggie and I ate popcorn and sat around and watch chick flicks all night on the weekends. I remember my mom and I painting each other toe nails and laugh about school gossip. Mom came back in and gave me a cup of soda and she sat down beside me.

"Mom, I got a boyfriend," I said and she smiled.

"Good, what is his name?" She said with a huge grin on her face.

"Carson Reynolds, he is my trainer at the gym."

"Is he…does he seem abusive?" I knew she throw that question at me.

"No, he protects me from everything and he seems like he really cares about me. He held me when I had a flashback today and he kept comforting me."

"Sounds like he is a very decent guy, I would like to meet him."

"Someday, you'll meet him."

"Are y'all having sex?" Oh yeah, my mom is pretty blunt about things too. I looked out the window to hide my blushed face, but I already know that she knew we are having sex. "Are you actually liking it?" she said and I laughed.

"Yes mom, I never knew sex can feel so good. He actually wants me to have an orgasm and we cum together!" I said and she smiled and put her hand on my knee.

"I am just glad you found a man that actually wants to make love to you, not using you as a toy." I looked at her and I reached over and I hugged her. I tried to fight back the tears because I missed her so much. I haven't seen her in three years because of Chris. Not only I couldn't see Reggie, he forbid me to see my own mother. She thought the whole time I ran off because she never really liked Chris. I should have listened to her when I was sixteen. If I listened to her, none of the abuse would have happened. Reggie would have still took me to the gym to work out, I would have still met Carson.

"I love you mom, I missed you so much. I am so sorry for not listening to you!" I cried and she ran her fingers through my hair and she is also crying.

"I love you too, baby girl, we all learn from our mistakes!" she said and I looked at her and wiped the tears from my eyes.

"I just made the biggest mistake ever being with Chris. If I just listened to you when you had your thoughts about Chris…" I said but my mom interrupted me.

"Baby, you we're a rebellious teen, you didn't want to listen to me. I can name several things I should have listened to my mom when I was a teenager, but one of those things would have never gave me you." My mom had me at eighteen. My parents we're forced to get married because she got pregnant. They lasted until I was eight years old and got a divorce. They we're never meant to be together.

"Did you ever love dad?" I asked her and she sighed.

"Yes honey, I loved him then and I still love him now. He just didn't love me as much as I did and I knew we we're never meant to be together. I am happy that he found the one for him. It's my turn and find me somebody to love," She said and I smiled. She does need somebody because she only has me and a couple of her sisters that loves her.

"You will, mom, if I found Carson, then you can find somebody for you!" I said and I hugged her again. I got my mother back, I am so happy that I got my mother back!

I called Carson as soon as I got home and I gave him directions to my place. I quickly put something in the oven, which is a meat loaf, so we can eat tonight. I peeled some potatoes as quick as I can for some mashed potatoes and I am thawing out some dinner rolls. I heard somebody knocked at my door and Missy, my cat, is already on the side table by the door to greet our guest. I opened the door and Carson leaned over and kissed me.

"Did you have a good time with your mom?" He asked.

"Yes, I missed her a lot," I said and Missy meowed to get Carson's attention and he grabbed her and Missy rubbed her head against him. "Missy is an attention hogger, but she keeps me company when there is nobody around," I said scratching her head.

"Well, you won't be alone anymore," Carson said and I smiled.

"Oh yeah, hope your hungry. I am making a meat loaf, mashed taters and some rolls."

"Sounds delicious!" he said rubbing his stomach.

"It's my mom's recipe with my own touches on it. Go ahead and sit down and watch some TV, I have to check on the food anyways." I ran to the kitchen and I could tell that the meat loaf is halfway done and the potatoes just started to boil. I threw the rolls in the oven and went back to the living room. I sat beside Carson and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer. I wrapped my arm around his waist and lay my head against his shoulder and sighed. This feels really good. I never want to leave this very spot ever again. Carson ran his fingers through my hair and he gently squeezed the back of my neck and he kissed my temple. I want him to know that I love him, already this quick and I am not ashamed of it. How would I tell him? During sex? Too obvious! Maybe I should wait when he says it to me. That is the idea, wait on him! It will make me look like a love sick weirdo if I go ahead and tell him.

"I really care about you, Tawny and I will protect you from everything that harms you," Carson said into my temple and I snuggled closer to him.

"I know you will," I said and he smiled into my temple.

"Squeeze me a little tighter and our dinner might have to burn cause then, I have to fuck you."

"Oh, that sounds very kinky, Mr. Reynolds!" I squeezed him tighter and I seen the lust in his eyes and I sat up and sat on his lap facing him. I want to ride him, which I never done it before, so its new to me. I took off his shirt and began to kiss his chest and his hands went to my shirt, which came off too. He undid my bra and his mouth went to my nipple and his teeth scraped across it. I writhed under him and I tried to unbutton my pants, but Carson is already there. He just unbutton my pants then wrapped my legs around him and took me to my room. He backed up into my bed and I sat up and finished undressing. I watched him undress within seconds and I sat down on him facing him and rubbed my pussy against his cock.

"Oh Tawny, please, I'm gonna cum soon!" He said and I smiled.

"Well, we don't want that to happen just yet!" I said and I sat down right on his cock and I had to stay still for a few moments. I just felt pressure because I never rode a cock before.

"You ever been on top?" Carson asked me. I shook my head to say no. He placed his hands on my hips and began to move me back and forth. It feels so good to be on top and I know Carson is liking it because his grip on my hips got tighter as my pussy rode his cock.

"Oh Tawny, please don't stop!" Carson said and I moved as fast as I can and I felt my orgasm build up and Carson began to thrust his hips towards me and I cum all over his cock and I began to scream loudly. Carson came after me and I leaned against his head and panted.

"I loved riding you," I said and he touched my cheek.

"I love you," he said and I sat up and look at him. "I know its been only a couple of days, but I know that if I lose you, it will be unbearable. I love you, Tawny Dawson." I looked at him and tears began to form in my eyes. He feels the same way as me and I leaned in and kissed him. When I let go of his mouth, I ran my finger over his puffy lips and smiled.

"I love you too, Carson. I feel the same way. If I ever lose you, I don't know what I'll do," I said and he ran his fingers though my hair and I leaned against his hand and sighed.

"You don't have to worry about that, Tawny. I am not going anywhere."

"Well, you don't have to worry either, cause I am here and I am staying!"


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