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Baby Let Me In

Novel By: NikkiLibby

After a destructive relationship, Tawny Dawson's friend takes her to a gym to learn to defend herself. She takes a liking in her trainer, Carson Reynolds. Carson likes her, but can he risk letting her into his life? Is Tawny willing to risk being with a man again after what happened to her in the past few years? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 5, 2012    Reads: 685    Comments: 13    Likes: 3   

*A/N: I am updating like crazy right? Well, tomorrow I will officially be on spring break from college YAY! I am glad that people still like my writing and I am glad I am getting back into the groove of things! I love you all and remember to comment, I just love reading comments and I love reading them to my hubby, he thinks they are awesome as well!*

Chapter 3

I sipped on the beer and ignored the bad taste of it but I enjoyed the coolness of it going down my throat. Carson looked at me and he smiled.

"You know, you seem different to me," Carson said and I tilted my head to the side.

"How am I different?" I asked him.

"You seem like the no takers kind of woman and you seem like you can take anything."

"I sure did for three years!" I chugged the beer down so I can drown the memories of Chris and the abuse and almost dying a few days ago. Carson walked me to the game area, from what I can guess because there is a pool table, and the women I seen outside and one of them smiled at me.

"I am Camille, nice to meet you, Tawny. I am Max's girlfriend," Camille said and I just nodded. Camille seemed like the pretty, preppy girl I went to high school with. She has long, flowing brunette hair with dark blue eyes and boobs the size of New York City. "Carson, let me have her for a few minutes, I want to get to know her," Camille said and Carson smiled. Camille grabbed me and we walked to the back porch and its nice and quiet. She grabbed her cigarettes and she lit one up.

"Did you really meet Carson at the gym? Is he your trainer?" Camille asked me.

"Yeah, a friend of mine started us in a program and he just so happens to be my trainer, why?" I asked her.

"Because I have not seen him this happy in about a year. Since Rose died, he has not been with a woman or wanted to be around a woman. He acted like I was a disease for two months and we grew up together!" Rose? Who is Rose?

"Rose? He never mentioned a Rose. Well, I don't expect him to mention her since we just met today," I said and Camille sighed.

"He will tell you soon enough. Rose was a wonderful woman and was full of life until it ended so quickly."

"What happened?"

"If Carson likes you enough, he will tell you about her." I quit talking about this…Rose woman and we talked about other things. I found out that Camille and Carson grew up together in Spartanburg and they are both twenty-seven years old. Camille is a kindergarten teacher here in Gaffney and since high school, Carson wanted to be a trainer. He went to Clemson for his fitness degree and now…well, you know where he is now!

"I never thought Carson would go to college. I thought he would do what all our fathers done, factory work. He was one of the few that got out of the factory and went to college," Camille said and I looked away.

"I was accepted to Clemson, I was in yearbook when I was in high school and I knew journalism was my love," I said and Camille looked at me and gave me a puzzled look.

"Was your love?"

"Well, a guy changed that. I stayed behind for him, now its too late to go to college."

"It's never too late to go to college. Have you thought of online courses? You don't have to drive all the way to Clemson everyday."

"Yeah, but…I don't know. He got me not wanting to do anything anymore."

"Who, this guy that made you stay behind?" Camille is so straight forward, she reminds me of Reggie, a lot!

"He is my ex, it was…a rocky relationship that I got out of three months ago," I said and I don't know her well enough to tell her about the abuse, but I can tell Carson. Strange!

"Max just came into my life six months ago. I got a two year old son name Jax and his father was not the nicest man to me. He is a very good father to Jax, but lack the skills to be husband material. Max found me in a bar when I went looking for my ex and well, Jake dragged me out of the bar and beat me because I didn't let him have visitation rights that day. He became abusive before I got pregnant. Max found me outside and beat the living shit out of Jake and Jake ran away. Ever since, Max and I became inseparable and now we are madly in love," Camille said and my mouth went agape. She went though the same shit as me, but she is a lot worse than me, she has a son to think about!

"Does Jax like Max?" I asked her and she smiled.

"Max thinks of him as his own son and Jax calls him daddy. I don't care that he does, Jake is in prison for manslaughter against his girlfriend and going to be in prison for a good while. He is no father to Jax now."

"I had a abusive boyfriend as well…" Camille looked at me and I sighed and looked out in the night sky and looked at the stars. "His name was Chris. First two years was okay, he took my virginity and I sort of didn't want it taken. It began when I was accepted to Clemson then it got worse. I met Carson because my friend signed me up to his class to defend myself. Chris found me a few days ago and we broke up three months ago. When he found me, he almost beat me to death cause I broke up with him, I think. I have a restraining order on him."

"Did you tell Carson about it?"

"He found my bruise on my arm and I still have a black eye, so he got suspicious and I told him. He got pretty mad."

"Yeah, he hates men that beat women. He about killed Jake when he found out he beat me in front of Jax." Carson came out and he asked for Camille to go back in politely. I looked out in the stars and I felt his arms surround me and I closed my eyes.

"I don't want you to go anywhere, Tawny," Carson whispered. I turned around and looked at him.

"I am not planning to, I will stay right here," I said and I reached up and kissed his cheek. When I try to turn around to go inside, he stopped me and he placed his lips on mine. His lips moved with mine ever so slowly that it drove me wild. I never been kissed like this, its full of lust, passion and a little bit of love. I gasped a little as his tongue slowly went inside my mouth and made love with my mouth.

"Carson, we just met today…" I said and he looked down at me and move a strand of my blonde hair away from my brown eyes.

"I know, but when I seen you, I wanted you. I never felt this way in a very long time, Tawny," Carson said and I swallowed.

"I never been kissed like that, ever!"

"Not even with your ex?" Carson raised an eyebrow.

"No, it was kind of lustful and slimy and rough." Carson leaned down and he kissed me again and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I pulled myself to him and pressed my hard breasts against his broad chest, letting him know what he is doing to me.

"Tawny…" Carson moaned when my nipples pressed against his chest.

"I am not rushing you; you are starting feelings in me that I never felt before and its very exciting," I said and he nibbled on my ear lobe and pressed his bottom half against me and I felt his hard on against my thigh. I am not the only one that is horny as hell.

"I am not rushing you either, Tawny, but I really want to make love to you right now." I closed my eyes and my breath shook with emotion. I just met this man today and I already quivering with need for him. I opened up to him about my life like I knew him all my life. I am a grown woman, able to make my own choices, so I am going to enjoy my night with Carson.

"Then what are you waiting for, Carson?" I said and he smiled. He grabbed my hand and he took me to the bedroom. When he closed the door behind me, my heart raced. This is the first night I decided to have sex and I actually wanted it. This is the night I will lose my virginity emotionally and mentally.


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