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Baby Let Me In

Novel By: NikkiLibby

After a destructive relationship, Tawny Dawson's friend takes her to a gym to learn to defend herself. She takes a liking in her trainer, Carson Reynolds. Carson likes her, but can he risk letting her into his life? Is Tawny willing to risk being with a man again after what happened to her in the past few years? View table of contents...


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*A/N: Hey! Sadly enough, this is the last chapter. This is a very happy chapter cause a major event is happening! The new story I am writing is going to be called "I Have A Crush On You" and its gonna be something like a kidnap story but its a romance as well. I got the book cover done and everything! Thank you for all who read this and I hope you want to read my new story!!!*

One year Later

"Mrs. Reynolds, you are at six centimeters, do you want the epidural now?" the nurse asked me. I laughed and I knew I am hysterical due to the labor pain.

"Hell yes I want an epidural, this fucking hurts!" I yelled and Carson put a damp, cool wash cloth on my forehead. Carson and I got married a month ago in a simple ceremony and of course I got pregnant. I knew this baby is not Chris' because of the timing, I got pregnant a month after the incident, but Carson wanted to make sure its not Chris'. We had DNA tests done and we found out that its NOT Chris' baby. Chris is serving twenty-five years in prison, so he is gone for a very long time. We are expecting our first child, a little boy we are going to name Jason.

"I love you so much, my beautiful wife," Carson said kissing my forehead. "You're doing a beautiful job!"

"I love you, too, but this really hurts!" I said with tears coming from my eyes as another contraction happened. About fifteen minutes later, the anesthesiologist came in with my epidural and he looked at me.

"Remember Mrs. Reynolds, you cannot get up without somebody being behind you after this takes effect," he said and I nodded.

"Just give me the damn thing, I am hurting so bad!" I said and Carson assisted me in sitting up and I leaned against him. I felt the huge needle go into my back and I cried out. I breathed through my pursed lips and when he told me its all done, Carson lay me back and he kissed me again.

"Just think about it baby, we will meet Jason soon!" Carson said rubbing my huge baby belly. They induced me at 39 weeks this morning around six and its now almost two in the afternoon. My doctor said that I am progressing faster than normal, which is good. I might see Jason before I know it! I wonder if he is going to look like his daddy with his dark hair and gray eyes, or a mix of both of us, blonde or black hair and either gray or brown eyes. About an hour later, I heard my cell phone ring and its my mom. She finally met herself a man in Columbia, which is about an hour and a half way. Yes, she moved down there with him right after the wedding.

"Honey, I am waiting on Greg to get off work so we can ride up there, did they check you yet?" My mom said and the doctor came in to check me. I told her to hang on for a second and the doctor checked me.

"Well Tawny, you are at seven centimeters now. If you go up a centimeter an hour, you will have this baby in three to four hours!" He said and I smiled.

"Heard him mama, I am gaining a centimeter an hour! Better get your ass up here now!" I said and she laughed. Oh yeah, forgot to mention also, Carson and I moved to Spartanburg. Reggie and Bailey are getting married in a few weeks and they are in a process of moving here also. Sorry, give me a break, I am drugged up right now! Mom showed up about two hours later and like the doctor said, I am now at nine centimeters. He is now coming in almost every fifteen minutes and checking me.

"I don't know, but you may be delivering this baby soon!" He said and my heart raced. I am getting so nervous about the delivery.

"Carson, I don't know if I can do this!" I panicked and he kissed me and ran his thumb across my cheek.

"You can do it baby, I know you want to meet Jason!" Carson said and I nodded.

"I want to meet him so bad!" I said and he smiled. A half hour later, my doctor, which is Dr. Thomas, looked at me after checking me and he smiled.

"Ready? You are at ten centimeters!" Dr. Thomas said and the two nurses in the room set up the delivery table. They put my feet in stirrups and I slid to the end of the table. Carson grabbed my right hand and knee and my mom grabbed my left hand and knee.

"Now, listen Tawny, when I say push, you push with all your might!" Dr. Thomas said and I nodded. "PUSH TAWNY!" he yelled and I began to push.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and relax!" the nurse counted and I leaned back and rested for a second. The doctor asked me to push again and around second 5, the doctor said I am crowning. Carson looked down and when he looked up at me, he has tears in his eyes.

"I see our son, Tawny and he has hair!" Carson said and I started to cry. I relaxed a little bit and the doctor started to get happy.

"Just one more push, Tawny then Jason will be here!" Dr. Thomas said and I sat up again and pushed harder than I did before. I screamed when the pressure in my pussy got intense as Jason came out and I slouched back and then…I heard him cry.

"He is a big boy! Daddy, come over her and cut the cord!" The nurse said and Carson went over and he cut Jason's cord. Jason wailed loudly, announcing to the world that he is a healthy baby boy. Carson walked over to the warming table as my mom stayed with me.

"I love you baby girl, I still remember this when I gave birth to you twenty-one years ago," my mom said and she kissed my forehead. "You done so good!"

"I love you mom, thanks for being here!" I said.

"Carson is crying more than your dad did. He cried for a few seconds, but Carson is still crying!" I looked over and I seen the tears coming from Carson's eyes as he watched the nurses clean Jason up.

"Eight pounds, seven ounces and twenty-one inches long! You got yourself a big baby, Mr. Reynolds!" the nurse said handing Jason to him. Carson didn't bring him to me right away. He looked down at his son and ran his finger down his cheek and the baby calmed down. Carson began to laugh and I looked at him funny.

"He is looking at me and smiling at me. Yes baby, I am your daddy!" Carson said rocking him and the baby cooed. Carson walked over and gave me my son, Jason Isaiah Reynolds, and I looked down at him. I seen his gray eyes and I smiled. Yep, he is going to look like his father!

"Hey baby, I am so glad to meet you!" I said in my high pitched voice. I kissed his forehead and Carson wrapped his arm around my shoulder and we kissed.

"I love you so much, Carson," I said and he smiled.

"I love you, too, you never looked so beautiful as you look right now. You have a glow to you as you look at our son." I looked down at Jason and he is licking his lips as he looks at me, checking me out. This has to be the happiest day in my life!

One Month Later

"Well Tawny, I see no problem here for you to go return to normal activities!" Dr. Thomas said at my month checkup. I have lost almost all my weight already and the one thing I wanted to do, but had to wait on Dr. Thomas is resuming sex!

"So, me and my husband…" I said going around it and he began to laugh.

"Yes, Mrs. Reynolds, you can resume intercourse!" I smiled and I heard my son waking up from his nap and he began to cry a little. I let him out of his car seat and Dr. Thomas looked at him and smiled.

"Well, I can tell he is going to be blonde. Babies are born with dark hair, and it lightens over time. Last time I seen him, his hair was darker," he said and I smiled. Yes, Jason is going to have my blonde hair and Carson's gray eyes. I thank Dr. Thomas and put Jason back in his car seat. I drove to Reggie and Bailey's new place and she answered the door. Reggie is now Mrs. Vine because they got married last week. They decided to not go on a honeymoon, like Carson and I, and just have alone time at home. When she opened the door, she is holding a pregnancy test and she is smiling.

"It's my turn to have a baby now!" Reggie said and I hugged her with my free hand.

"Can you watch Jason? I want to spend quality time with Carson," I winked at her and she smiled.

"You are allowed to have sex now?" Reggie said and I smiled. "Well, go right ahead, I understand that you need some action! Bailey and I will love to take care of Jason, its good practice!" she said and Bailey came to the door and he is still smiling, I guess about becoming a father. He got Jason out of his car seat and he began to rock him. I closed the door, ran to my car and drove home. I texted Carson to come home because I got a surprise for him. I went to my dresser and pulled out the lingerie my mom bought me for a wedding gift. I put it on and I tried to fix my hair. I want today to be perfect. We have not have sex in about two months, I know Carson is very horny.

"Baby, I am home!" Carson yelled and I told him to come to the bedroom. I lay on the bed crosswise and when he opened the door, Carson just stared at me with his mouth open.

"Come on, I know you want to fuck me!" I said and he slammed the door, tore his clothes off and lay across my body and kissed me. He slid his tongue inside my mouth, which made me moan. When he let go, he looked down into my brown eyes with his gorgeous gray eyes and smiled.

"We got the go-ahead?" He asked and I smiled, letting him know the answer is yes. I don't care about the little stuff, I need his cock inside my pussy now. I let Carson take off my lingerie and when I stood in front of him naked, he kissed my navel. He kissed where his son once slept and his lips went to my breast and licked around my nipple.

"I wish you weren't breastfeeding, I want to taste your nipples so bad," he said and I ran my fingers down his chest and sighed.

"You going to have to wait till he is six months old for me to stop breast feeding," I said and he smiled.

"I don't care, its good for him to drink breast milk anyways. I need your pussy too much to do anything else, get on your back!" Carson demanded and I raised my eyebrow. He is being rather kinky right now! I purred and I lay back and spread my legs and he lightly touched my pussy and he smiled. "Wow baby, you are very wet for me," he said.

"I've waited two months for you!" I said and he kissed me and he sucked on my tongue, which drives me crazy! He slid his cock inside me and I wrapped my legs around his waist and pushed my hips in. I want to feel all of him. He began to fuck me hard and fast and as he pumped into me, I moaned and yelled his name.

"Oh, oh oh CARSON!" I moaned and he grunted my name and bit into my neck as he felt my pussy squeeze his cock.

"Cum for me baby, squirt all over my cock!" He said and he pushed so deep, I never felt so much pleasure in my life. He done that again and I erupted in a very intense orgasm. My whole body shacked as the orgasm erupted and then I felt him push in one more time and he filled me up with his warm cum. He grunted as he emptied himself and he rolled off of me. I lay against his chest and he ran his fingers up and down my back.

"You want another baby?" Carson asked me. I sat up and looked into his eyes and I smiled.

"Maybe in another year or so, I would like to have a little girl," I said and he ran his fingers through my hair and he smiled.

"Same here, Jason can protect her from mean boys," he said and he leaned up and he kissed me. I never regret that I fell in love with Carson within a week. We are married, I gave birth to our son a month ago, who can say my life sucks because it doesn't. I have the best life anyone can ask for!


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