You're Mine Now

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 1, Summer Young is a naive twenty-one year old that has no plans for the near future. One night clubbing with her so-called \"friend\" she meets Darin Roberts, a sexy man that makes her heart race. When they began to be a couple, Darin shows his dark side. Her friend and neighbor, Carter Harris, can sense the change in Summer when she begins to date him. Carter likes Summer more than he should, so he does everything to save her. This is a BDSM story, not for the faint of heart!!!

*A/N: I am so sorry for not releasing this sooner. I have been, and still, sick from bronchitis. I finally can talk but still coughing my lungs out (not litterally, figuretively). Hope you like it! Please comment! I love comments!*


Chapter 1
He Entices Me

I hate the loud club music and the place smells like sweat. But, I need to stay here with Amy so she can get clubbing on. I went to the bar and got me a martini so she can do her thing. “Hate this place!” I said and the bartender, which is a woman in her early thirties, laughed.


“Let me guess, you went with a friend so you can be the DD for the night?” the woman asked and I nodded.


“That’s why I am already having my alcohol right now so by the time we leave, its gone.” The woman nodded and I sipped on my apple martini. I am Summer Young, I am twenty one years old and I am stuck here at a stupid club in downtown Miami with my so-called “friend.” Amy Darrell is not my real friend, she calls me that when I go with her to clubs or buy her things. If I don’t do shit for her, she is out of the picture. We started talking after high school and all of her friends left for college and left her behind. She called me “A lost cause just like her” because I didn’t go to college. College is not me, so I stayed behind. Amy walked over and threw her blonde hair in my face and smiled.


“I am having such a good time!” Amy said and I rolled her eyes.


“This is not my thing, I am just here for you,” I said and she laughed.


“Come on, Summer, come out here and dance with me!” I threw my drink down on the bar and went with her. Hell, might as well have some fun. She dragged me to the middle of the hot, sweaty dance floor with the bright lights and loud music. I began to dance with her and I began to have a good time. Amy is a loud dancer, she hoots and hollers and yells she is having a good time. When the song changed, I turned around and bumped into a muscular chest. “Sorry, I am just leaving the dance floor,” I said and the man laughed.


“Why, looks like you are having a good time, like your friend over there,” the man said and I rolled my eyes.


“Please, she is not my friend!”


“Care to dance with me?” I looked up and from the bright lights, I can see his carefully clipped brunette hair and his dark blue eyes. He is a very sexy man, and he wants to dance with a nobody like me!


“Sure!” I squeaked and he turned me around and he wrapped his arms around my waist. Wow, I am dancing with a complete stranger! I danced with my friend, Carter, but he is just my neighbor. Plus, it was just a cutsie dance in the yard when I graduated high school. We began to move our hips together and I felt his lips against my blonde hair.


“I am Darin Roberts by the way,” Darin said and I smiled.


“Summer Young,” I said and we danced some more. For some reason, I love being in Darin’s arms. He has muscles that held me tight and he really can move. His arms got lower, a little bit too low and I pulled away.


“Hold on, Darin, you’re going a bit too low,” I said and he threw his arms up and smiled.


“Sorry I just got in the moment,” Darin said and I nodded. I went to the bar and got me a soda, I hate being the DD! Darin sat beside me and got himself a beer. I looked out and seen Amy dancing with a bunch of men and I sighed.


“She can get any man to dance with her,” I said and he ran his fingers up my arm.


“You got me to dance with you and you didn’t even ask me,” Darin said and I nodded. “Let’s get back out there, the song is fixing to change.” He didn’t ask, but he told me and I listened to him. I felt this connection with him and I wanted more of him. We got back to the middle of the floor and we danced the same way as we did before. Darin’s hands began to go lower again and I tried to pull away, but he held me tighter. “Relax,” He whispered. I relaxed and his hands went to the front of my skirt and he didn’t do anything. He just placed his hand over my pussy and didn’t try to cup me or whatever men do. Just him doing that is making me very wet. I leaned against him and he pulled me closer and his hard on hit my ass. I looked up at him and his eyes shined in the lights. I began to feel very strange, like he is pulling me into a spell. I hate to admit it, Darin Roberts entices me.


The next morning, I woke up in my bedroom and my mom is already cooking breakfast. I leaned down to get my pajama pants and I seen a piece of paper on my night stand.
Darin Roberts, Call me baby
(982) 555-8701


I slid it in my pocket and went to the kitchen and my parents are talking. Mom looked over at me and she told me to sit down. I sat down in the dining room and she gave me a plate of French toast and sausage links. “You came home late last night,” Mom said and I rolled my eyes.


“I am twenty one years old, I can do whatever I want to,” I said and my dad sighed.


“And you don’t even have a job. You don’t want to go to college and you expect us to support you. I think its high time for you to get a job and start looking for a place on your own,” Dad said and I stood up and got angry.


“You know what, I am sorry for being a sucky ass daughter. I will never be Jessica!” I ran and grabbed my car keys and went to my car. Before I could get in my car, Carter Harris, my neighbor, is getting into his car to go to work at his doctors office. He is a Physician Assistant. “Hi Carter,” I said and he gave me a questionable look. He has black hair down below his ears and he has the most beautiful brown eyes in the world.


“Having a bad morning already?” Carter asked and I nodded.


“Parents are kicking me out soon, I need to get a job and find my own place,” I said and he leaned against his car. He also works out because I hear metal music playing when he gets home from work and a lot of grunting and weights banging in his garage. I can see the outline of his tight muscles in his arms and I began to salivate. What is going on with me? I never looked at Carter like this before! Darin has done something to me!


“My parents kicked me out when I was sixteen because I rebelled against their plans for me, so I know how you feel,” Carter said and I waved at him and got in my car. When I started my car up, my phone rang. I looked at the number and its an unfamiliar number. “Hello?” I asked.


“Hey baby, it’s Darin. We are going to lunch at 12 at John’s Fish Camp. See you then,” Darin said and he hung up. I looked at my phone and shook my head. He could have asked!

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