You're Mine Now

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 8,

Chapter 8

A Way Out


Three weeks has passed and I have not talked to Amy, Carter, or anybody since he made me stay. It has been mortal hell for me. Darin is in love with me. This is not puppy love like in romance novels or movies, like possessed love. The past few days, I have seen a man in my window, looking at me. For some reason, I think it’s Carter. I hope its him, maybe he can rescue me. There is one problem, my freaking anklet bracelet. The only way it comes off is when I take a bath, go out with Darin, or when we have sex. Sex has not been fun at all. I am still his pet, his submissive. I have whip marks on my back and they are starting to itch. He even whips my pussy, and I am starting to think I am getting an infection there. When Darin left this morning, I went straight to the bedroom and began working on the anklet. I found a knife in his drawer that seems sharp. I bit my swollen lip, yes he still hits me, and began sawing at the strap. For being a police equipment, this is cheaply made. It is like fabric and I cut a piece off. I smiled because that is one plan working. I have to find time to get away from Darin to give me time to get out of here. There is one thing though, where would I go? Who would I go to? There is one person I would go to, Carter. Darin came home early and I thought of a plan. I went to him and rubbed my pussy and groaned. “I think I have a yeast infection, I need to go to the doctor, Darin,” I groaned and he sighed.


“Sure baby, which doctor do you want to go to?” Darin said and I about showed how surprised I am. I thought he would tell me to deal with it.


“Miami-Dade Medical Associates on 5th and Maroon. What is the use to go somewhere new when they have my record already.” Darin sighed and grabbed his keys. He unhooked me from my alarm and he took me to the doctors office. I knew this is where Carter works, and I will get him as a doctor. I told Darin to go sit down and he did, for once, listen to me. I checked in and the woman asked me who I want to see. “Carter Harris please,” I said and she smiled.


“I don’t blame you, he is quite a looker. They will call you in a few minutes. I advise that you go in alone,” the receptionist said and I nodded. How in the fucking world will I go in there alone. I sat down beside Darin and he grabbed my hand. “Better not be something wrong with you that prevents me from fucking you,” Darin whispered.


“Why does it matter anyways, you love hurting me,” I said and he nodded. “Also, I don’t want you to go in there with me, do you want to see a yeast infection?” Darin made a funny look and then agreed. Whew, that is out of the way. The nurse called me in, done my weight and vitals signs and told me that Carter will see me in a minute. I fiddled with my gown and began to get nervous. I look like a total mess and I lost fifteen pounds in three weeks. I am skin and bones now! Carter walked in and then looked up and dropped his clipboard. “Summer?” Carter said and I began to cry. He locked the door and ran over and hugged me. “Amy and I have been worried sick about you!” He rubbed my tears from my cheeks and he checked me out.


“Carter, help me please! Darin is crazy! H-he is into submission and stuff and I agreed to it for fun and now…” I chocked up and he hugged me.


“Does he hit you?” I stood up and turned around. I dropped the gown and let him look at my whip marks. I went to the sink and wipe the makeup off and let him see me hurt and scarred.


“He is in love with me, Carter. He is obsessed with me and he won’t let me leave. He puts an alarm on my ankle, but I figured out how to get it off without get noticed. I need a place to run to, please help me!” I cried out and he nodded.


“I been watching you at night, so I know where you are at. Meet me at the street south of you. You know what my car looks like.” I nodded and he wrote me a fake prescription of some cream, so it looks like I have been seen. “When are you going to escape?” Carter asked me.


“Be at that street behind the house around nine, I may be late, but please wait!” I said and he grabbed me and kissed me gently on the lips. This was not a friendly kiss, this is a lovely kiss and I liked it.


“I’ll wait all night for you,” Carter said and smiled. I went out and Darin is waiting on me. Carter leaned against the door and looked at Darin and told me to have a nice day and to get better, like a regular physician. I can tell that he wants to beat his ass, but he can’t because it will blow our cover. I cannot wait for tonight, freedom!


Darin actually said he will refrain from sex, for tonight. He got me the cream, so I have to pretend to use it. His cook made us a pot roast and we ate in silence. Darin barely uttered a word about anything. “That doctor took his jolly good time with you today,” Darin said eating a piece of meat.


“He had to test me for it and had to wait,” I said and he nodded. When I excused myself, Darin got up and hugged me tight. He kissed me very hard which I am already use to it and pretended to like the kiss with a fake smile.


“I cannot live without you, Summer, I love you too much,” he said and I walked off, saying I need to take a bath and to not wait up on me. He went to the bar and I looked at the time once I reached the bedroom and its ten after nine. I went to the dresser and grabbed the knife and cut the strap loose, which was easy. The alarm didn’t sound and I opened the door and Darin is not around. I ran to the window and I seen lights at the street where Carter and I are meeting. I opened the window and got on the siding. My heart is racing, knowing that I can get caught at any moment by somebody, but thankfully I didn’t get caught. Once I made it to the ground, I ran down the street, dirty and not caring. I am free, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Carter is standing outside the car and I jumped into the car, ushering him to go. He pressed down on the gas and we flew out of the street, and I finally free. But, I know Darin will find me, but I will not leave Carter’s side. We went to a hotel room and I seen Amy’s car in the parking lot and she is standing outside a room. I got out of the car and ran over to her, crying. She is also crying and we wrapped our arms around her and we hugged for seems like forever. I really REALLY miss my best friend. “I knew there is something bad about Darin, but you didn’t listen to me!” Amy said and I wiped the tears from my eyes.


“I’m sorry, I should have listened to you. Darin has to know by now that I am gone and he is probably out looking for me,” I said and Carter laughed.


“The first place he will look is your house, he would never find you here!” Carter said and I smiled.


“Why can’t I stay with you? He would never look there.”


“We cannot chance it, Summer. I will inform your parents that I found you and they will come over and see you tomorrow morning.” Amy gave me a hug and she left the room. Carter and I are alone now. I sat down on a bed and I crossed my legs. Carter sat down beside me and wrapped his strong arms around me. I never knew how much he cared for me, it seems like he loves me. He is my hero and he will protect me from Darin. “What made you want to…” Carter didn’t finish the sentence, I knew what he was asking.


“For fun, I thought we will have a couple of rounds and be finished, I was dead wrong. He became obsessed with me and he scared me. He hurt me so bad to the point of bleeding and I had to get pain medication. I don’t even know what sex feels like!” I said and Carter just stared at me. I cannot believe I just said that to Carter.


“Summer, I can show you how making love can feel like, but not now. Let’s get you a low profile and then we can see from there,” Carter said winking at me. He leaned over and placed his lips on me and I gasped in his mouth. He is not forceful or harsh, it was soft and loving. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself closer. I never have been kissed like this before. His tongue went inside my mouth and played with mine and I moaned into his mouth and I let go. “I haven’t been kissed like that…ever,” I said and he touched my cheeks and smiled.


“Plan for more kisses like that Summer because I will be kissing you for a very long time.” I cannot wait, for once, I want to be kissed by a man that knows how to treat a woman.

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