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You're Mine Now

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED- AUTHOR THIRD FAVORITE PICK) Summer Young is a naive twenty-one year old that has no plans for the near future. One night clubbing with her so-called "friend" she meets Darin Roberts, a sexy man that makes her heart race. When they began to be a couple, Darin shows his dark side. Her friend and neighbor, Carter Harris, can sense the change in Summer when she begins to date him. Carter likes Summer more than he should, so he does everything to save her. This is a BDSM story, not for the faint of heart!!! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 26, 2012    Reads: 1,469    Comments: 2    Likes: 12   

*A/N: I know I have a lot of explaining to do. My internet got shut off and still is, and I don't know if it will EVER come back on (thank you father in law) but I have a job and I will eventually find a way to get my internet back on. Right now, yes, I finished this story! Enjoy!*

Chapter 6

Somebody Please Save Me

I basically ran home after he told me that I am not going anywhere. He told me I better come tomorrow or he will find me. There is something strange about Darin. I hid my face from my parents because I knew there is a bruise on my face where he slapped me. I closed my bedroom door and went to my mirror. I seen the black eye and swollen lip he caused. I lightly touched it and it is still a little sore. I went to my bed and tried to sleep. Throughout the night, I keep remembering what Darin done to me. I can feel him slap me every time I disobeyed him. There is got to be a way to get out of this, but there is not. Amy and Carter will not believe me if I told them, they will think I am just nuts. I have to find my own way out of this. Amy woke me up by waltzing into my bedroom and sat on my bed. "Summer, you have been ignoring my calls all morning, what is wrong?" Amy asked sounding concerned.

"Nothing, just nothing; I just want some time for myself today before I go see Darin again," I mumbled. She jerked the covers off of me and she gasped.

"D-did he hit you?" Amy asked and I shook my head.

"No, we wrestled last night and it got a little rough. I am fine," I mumbled again. Amy raised her eyebrow and grabbed my hand.

"Summer, you are the only friend I have left. If you want to say something and you can't…"

"You'll be the first one to know, but nothing is going on." I got out of bed and my mom made us breakfast. My dad is already at work so my mom would fill him in with my "wrestling match" with Darin. Amy decided to leave since I am not in a visiting mood. I had this feeling that tonight will get worse for me. There is no way out of this. Darin is a very important man, probably with connections. If I do anything, he can find out and I will get seriously hurt. There is got to be a way I can sneak away from him and he cannot find me.

At nine exactly, I sighed and put makeup on my face. Darin is waiting on me and he cannot say that I am late. I am in his driveway and he can see me. I made sure I cannot see the bruise on my face and my lip tingles and it hurts. I sighed and got out of the car. Darin opened his arms and he hugged me. "Ready for some fun tonight?" He asked. I gulped and I just nodded. He hit the back of my head and I grunted.

"Yes, sir," I said and he smiled.

"You are one tough cookie, you can take a hit. Come on, we will have some fun tonight and I got a surprise for you at the end, my pet." I just followed him, with nothing in my heart for him. He lead me to the room and he has the wall with chains set up and ready. He pushed me to the bed with the leather outfit he picked out for me. I undressed for him with my back facing him. Before I could put the top on, he turned me around and he kissed me hard. I did not whine due to the swollen lip but I didn't kiss back. He bit my lip and I screamed. "Better kiss me back or I will cause more pain than this," Darin said and I kissed him back. He pushed me back and threw my top at me. "Put it on, now!" He demanded and I hurried and put the outfit on and Darin grabbed my hand and pushed my back to the cold wall. He grabbed my left hand and handcuffed my hand into the chain and done the same thing to my other hand and legs. "I think you'll enjoy this, my pet," Darin said and he got on my knees and pulled my bottoms down and I shivered because the room is so cold. He ran his finger down my slit and I didn't want to give in, but my body failed me. I moaned and I knew he didn't want me to moan. He grabbed the strap with a red ball and put the ball in my mouth and tied it.

"Did I say you can moan, huh?" Darin asked and I shook my head. He went back to my pussy and just ran his finger up and down my slit and I bit down on the ball, trying not to moan. He shoved two fingers into my pussy hard and deep and it made me wince. Does he like to inflict pain on me? Sex has not felt good since the night he took my virginity. He pushed his fingers in and out and my body began to disobey me, and possibly Darin. My lower body began to shack and I knew he doesn't want me to come. It feels way too good. Darin's fingers feels so good inside me. I begged my body to not cum until I am allowed to, but of course it didn't listen. I felt my pussy squeeze around his fingers and my liquid went all over his fingers. He just stopped. Darin didn't remove his fingers or hit me, just stayed still. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. My heart began to race. He finally pulled his fingers out and swing my body around so my breasts is now touching the cold wall. I heard a whack against my ass but I knew it was not his hand. The pain in unbearable and I began to scream. "How many times do I need to tell you to NOT FUCKING CUM UNTIL I TELL YOU?" Darin asked, very pissed and hit my ass again. I screamed some more and he hit me again.

"I also remember you have to count how many times I hit you, why ain't you counting?" He jerked the gag off and I breathed in and cried.

"Three sir," I cried out. I heard the zipper of his leather pants go loose and he shoved his cock inside me. It hurts so bad and he didn't help it at all by slapping my ass as he fucked me. I wanted all of this to stop, but I never felt so helpless in my life. I closed my eyes and let him take me. He wrapped his hands around my neck and squeezed it. I began to gag and tried to get loose and he just squeezed tighter. "Take it pet, take the pain!" Darin said and I cried and took it. He pushed inside me a few more times and he cum inside my pussy. He jerked away and put his pants back on. He untied me from the wall and I just slouched down and cried. He rolled his eyes and he left the room. When he slammed the door behind him, I tried looking for my cell phone, wanting Amy or Carter so bad to help me. I emptied my contents of my purse onto the bed and my phone is not there. Fuck, I bet I left it in my car. I put on my normal clothes on and went to the door. I left the room and looked around for Darin and I didn't see him. I tiptoed down the staircase and I looked around for him downstairs. I can hear someone in the bar, probably Darin, so I ran out the front door. I didn't care that he heard me, I need some help. I got in my car and looked for my cell phone. It is not in my car. FUCK, I must have left it at home. Someone tapped on my window and its Darin, holding my phone. He opened my door and leaned against it. "Come inside, Summer, we need to talk," Darin said calmly. I swallowed my nerves down and I followed him back to the house. When I entered the house, he shut the door behind me and locked it. "I wanted to win your love over, but I already can tell this is going to be tough," Darin said and I tilted my head to the side. The look in his eyes is scaring me behind reason.

"Darin, you're scaring me," I said and he backed me up to the wall and he pressed his hard chest against my breasts.

"Summer, I am in love with you and I know…deep inside you, you love me. What we are doing is just scaring you a little, but its part of being a sub, love." I am totally disgusted. He loves me as he is hurting me, causing me pain. I will never love him!

"No Darin, I will never love you!" I said and he sighed.

"Well, I will make you love me. Right now, two of my men is taking your car back to your house and leaving a note on your doorstep. It says how you are madly in love with me and you are moving in and there is no need to come find you."

"Are you making me stay here?" My heart began to go faster and faster. He has gone completely mental!

"Love, you are not going anywhere. You cannot call nobody or leave this house without me. You are mine, all mine!" I ran to the front door and tried to get it open, but it is locked. I tried to unlock it but Darin locked it from the outside. He grabbed me and sat me down on the couch and he grabbed a box from the table. He opened it and there is a device with a Velcro strap on it. He grabbed my ankle, kissed it, and then strapped it on my ankle. "What the fuck is this?" I asked and he smiled.

"It's what the police put on people that is on house arrest. When you try to escape, it will alarm me and I will come get you," He kissed my forehead and smiled. "Go take a nice bubble bath and go to bed, I will meet you there in a little while." I sighed and I cannot believe I am giving in. He is holding me hostage in his house. He wants me for himself. Oh God, what have I done? What have I got myself into?


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