You're Mine Now

By: Nikkibeth

Chapter 3,

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Chapter 3
The Truth of His Desires

Amy and I actually hanged for a little while the night of my date with Darin. I told her all about him and even told her about him just telling me what I am doing, not asking. “Ugh, I hate when men demands things,” Amy said and I sighed and painted my big toe with a bright green nail polish. This is the next morning when I am suppose to be at Darin’s place at seven.


“He sounds sort of demanding, but not so demanding. He has a friendly tone when he tells me. I am going to his place at seven,” I said and her eyes grew.


“And you actually listen to him?”


“I don’t understand that myself. When he says to do this, I follow without question.”


“You sound like that Ana girl from that book Fifty Shades of Grey.”


“Heard of that book, never read it.”


“Oh, its quite sexy, I should let you borrow it sometime.” I nodded and we went walking down the neighborhood and Amy looked around and she sighed. She is not wealthy like me, which I hate my wealth. I really do. I can have anything I want and its quite annoying. I would love to have Amy’s home life. She has a younger brother and her father raised them. Her mother passed away when she was six from giving birth to her little brother. “You know, Summer, I would kill to live here,” Amy said and I shook my head.


“Wealth is not all great. My parents are gone half the time and the only company I have is my friends before they left,” I said and she smiled.


“I understand where you’re coming from. My dad raised me and James right. I was a virgin up to my nineteenth birthday and my jerk of a ex took it from me. I still regret it to this day.”


“I am still a virgin and Darin wants me.” We stopped walking and Amy looked at me and put her hands on her hips.


“Did he tell you this?” she asked and I nodded.


“He told me he can make me want him and beg for more.”


“I don’t like Darin, Summer. He is already scaring me and I haven’t even met the guy. What is wrong with that sexy next door neighbor of yours, Carter right?”


“Yeah, Carter…” We passed his house and it must be his day off because we seen him work out and he is drenched in sweat and grunting very loud.


“Carter is a total hottie, go with him!” Amy said and I laughed.


“He is eleven years older than me! He is thirty-two years old!”


“So the fuck what? We are not teenagers anymore, we can date whoever we want to!”


“But Carter is my friend, it will be awkward! I really like Darin, I will give him a try.”


“I am just worried about you, Summer. Be careful!” I smiled and we went back to my place and Amy ended up leaving. I walked over to Carter’s place and he is still working out. He grunts every time he pulls the weights above his head, must be heavy. “Carter…Carter,” I said and he placed the weights back on the bench and sat up. He smiled at me and grabbed the towel and wiped the sweat off his body. He is shirtless and he has a 6-pack from hell. I swallowed and he stood up.


“Do you need anything, Summer?” Carter asked and I shook my head.


“I have a question, about men.” He looked at me and leaned against his weight set.


“What is it?” He asked.


“This guy, I am going to his place tonight, he doesn’t ask anything, he tells me. Is there a certain reason why he does that?” I asked and he has a puzzled look on his face.


“Doesn’t ask, just tells you?”




“Sounds like an ass hole to me.” Another friend not liking my possible lover. I nodded my head and thanked him. “If I made you mad…”


“You didn’t make me mad, I need to get ready to go to his place.” He reached over and gave me a hug and it feels so good. I hugged back and then let go.


“You have fun with your male friend; its about time you had some fun!” He winked at me and I blushed. I went back to the house and rampaged my closet. I know I have two hours till I have to be at his place, but I want to look fucking perfect. I found a pretty lacy pink camisole and a matching mini skirt and I liked it. I threw it on the bed with a dark pink lace thong and went to take a bath. I brought my cell phone with me and when I got into the bathtub full of bubbles, my phone rang. “Hello?” I answered.


“Can you come over earlier? Like five thirty?” Darin asked, actually ASKED! I looked at the time and I have little under forty minutes.


“Yeah, I’m in the tub right now…” I said and I heard him moan.


“Just thinking about you naked in the tub is getting me turned on.” I bit my lip and he moaned again. Is he…I believe he is!


“Are you masturbating?” I asked.


“Yes, does that bother you?”


“Not really, it is turning me on!” I cannot believe I admitted that to him. Fuck, he admitted that he is jacking off to my voice, so why hide what I am feeling! The moaning stopped like he either cum or just stopped. “What happened?”


“I cum, please hurry, I got a surprise for you!” I agreed and I finished my bath and hurried and got dressed. My mom walked in and my father is behind her. They didn’t ask where I am going or when I will be back, like they even cared. I didn’t say a single word to them as I got in my car. I looked over and Carter is dressed in a very nice tuxedo and I wolf whistled at him. “Going on a date?” I asked him, deep inside, hoping that he is not going on a date.


“No, just some dinner I have to attend,” Carter moaned and I got in my car. I drove down the highway, my heart racing. Why am I so nervous all of the sudden? Darin and I is not going to have sex! Maybe kiss and a little touching, but no sex! I made it to his beautiful mansion and a man opened my car door. “Welcome Miss Young, Darin is waiting on you at the foyer!” he said and I nodded. I gave him the keys and I walked into his house and I gasped. His place is gorgeous! He has all marble floors and the finest woods to cover his walls. This is better than my so-called “mansion”. My place is a shack next to Darin’s! “Summer, you made it I see,” Darin said sounding so elegant.


“Yes, I love your place!” I exclaimed. He smiled and walked down the staircase and he grabbed my hand.


“Helga has made us a wonderful dinner before she left for the night. Follow me to the kitchen.” There is that somewhat demanding voice of his. I followed him and he has the table set and the food smells fantastic. I sat down and I placed the napkin on my lap to be more lady like. We ate in total silence, which kind of scared me. Is he hiding something? What is this so-called surprise of his? When we finished, a woman got our plates and he grabbed my hand. He still not saying a single word, and he takes me down a hallway and opens a set of double doors. It’s his bedroom. “Sit down,” Darin mumbled. I sat down on his bed and he turned on some soothing music. “Darin, we just met…” I began to say, but his finger went to my lips.


“Summer, I want you so bad that it’s killing me to wait. I cannot wait anymore,” Darin said sounding very aroused. “I am going to say some stuff and it may freak you out, but I have to be honest.”

I swallowed loudly. “Okay.”

“I am into the domination and submission sex. I am also into BDSM. I love being in control over a woman. I want you to be my sub; I can tell you are a easy sub.” I just looked at him. Really? I thought that was in books and those clubs where women dress in leather and whip men around.


“Why me?” I asked kind of scared.


“Because I never wanted a woman like you, Summer. Will you please be my submissive?” Well, I need to explore a little bit, so why not?


“Yes, I will.” What did I get myself into? I hope I don’t regret this!

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