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You're Mine Now

Novel By: Nikkibeth

(FINISHED- AUTHOR THIRD FAVORITE PICK) Summer Young is a naive twenty-one year old that has no plans for the near future. One night clubbing with her so-called "friend" she meets Darin Roberts, a sexy man that makes her heart race. When they began to be a couple, Darin shows his dark side. Her friend and neighbor, Carter Harris, can sense the change in Summer when she begins to date him. Carter likes Summer more than he should, so he does everything to save her. This is a BDSM story, not for the faint of heart!!! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 7, 2012    Reads: 2,449    Comments: 4    Likes: 12   

*A/N: Sorry it took me so long. I have been sick with bronchitis, which I still have. I also had, yes had, a full time job until they fired me because I'm sick. So, that means I will be updating often. Sorry this chapter is so sort, but you get to know Darin a little more and see how naiive Summer is. Enjoy!*

Chapter 2
He Can Read Minds

I went to the fish camp Darin said to go to at noon and I don't see him. There is something weird about him, but I just want more of him. I pulled the visor down of my car and fixed my hair and then I head a knock on the window. I looked up at Darin and he is smiling at me. "Hello gorgeous," Darin said and I blushed.

"Hello yourself, I am starving!" I said and he opened the car for me. We walked inside and we sat down beside a window and the waitress came. "I would like a shot of scotch and a iced tea for the lady," Darin said before I could even order. How did he know I wanted Iced Tea?

"I was just fixing to say I wanted Iced Tea," I said and he chuckled. I looked at the menu and seen that they serve Grilled shrimp, which I love! The waitress came back and Darin began ordering.

"I would like the Perch with lemon, fries please; The lady would like the Grilled shrimp with fries," Darin said and my mouth went agape. Can he read minds or something? That is impossible, no body can read minds, Darin is not Edward from that Twilight movie! I cleared my throat and he looked scared.

"Oh God, please don't tell me you didn't want the shrimp!" He said and I laughed.

"I was going to order it," I said and he smiled.

"You look like a shrimp person." I smiled and I drank some of my drink. When our food came, we ate in complete silence and Darin finally began to talk about himself. He is twenty-eight years old and already a very well known defense lawyer here in Miami. I knew right then he must have some money. I mean, I lived a wealthy childhood since my parents are well established real estate agents. They sell very expensive houses in the richest parts of Miami. No wonder Amy wants to hang out with me! "So, Summer, what do you do for a living?" Darin said and I began to joke around.

"Well, since you know what I wanted to drink and eat, you must know some things about me!" I said and he chuckled.

"I just can sense what you would like, I don't read minds."

"I don't do anything. I have no job and I don't go to college. I live with my parents."

"Had any boyfriends? Lovers?"

"Nope, never had one that lasted long enough to be my lover." Great, he now knows I am a virgin. Darin smiled and we finished eating. He paid the bill and we went on for a little walk down the street. The restaurant is right by the boardwalk, so we made a little detour. I took my sandals off and let the sand go between my toes. When we got to the beach, Darin smiled at me. "Wow, you are so beautiful, Summer," he said and I blushed.

"Thanks," that is all I managed to say.

"Sit down." That's all he said. He has the same demanding voice when he told me to go on a date with him last night. I sat down and he sat down beside me. Darin reached and grabbed my hand and laced his fingers through mine. His hands are unusually soft and I kind of liked it. "Did you know you intrigued me?" Darin said and I looked at him.

"Me?" I said surprised.

"Yes, I go to that club all the time and when you and that girl go there, I just stand there and watch you sit at the bar and drink sodas all night." Wow, so he has been watching me for little over a year now? Stalker alert!

"That is…freaky," I said swallowing.

"I am not stalking you, I just watched you. I never followed you to the car or home or anything."

"Well, that is good."

"I want you, Summer." That blunt message made my heart race. He is very upfront and it kind of scared me and excite me at the same time. He wants me. An actual man wants me!

"Darin, we just met yesterday," I said and he sighed and squeezed my hand tighter.

"I know, but I wanted you for a very long time. I can make you want me and make you beg for me." God, this is sounding very hot! I cleared my throat and tried to jerk away, but he held my hand tight.

"I know I am straight forward, but I wanted to be. You needed to hear my feelings for you. A man has not been forward with you yet," he said and I sighed. He read my mind again because he is right, a man has not been forward with me. That is why I am still a lonely little virgin. He stood up and pulled me up and as I began to walk away, he pulled me to his body. His chest is rock hard and my breasts tingled at the feeling of his chest. I swallowed loudly and he cupped my cheek and placed his lips on mine. His lips are so soft and I really didn't know how to react to this kiss. I kept my hands on my side and let our lips move together. He didn't make me open my mouth so he can slide his tongue in, this is just a regular kiss. When he let me go, I looked up at him and he is smiling. "Tomorrow, come to my place. Here is the address, be there at seven," He said and I looked at the piece of paper and its in a wealthy neighborhood where my parents sells houses all the time.

"Did a Greg and Nancy Young sell you a house?" I asked.

"Yes, they did, and I love my home."

"Well, they are my parents." He smiled and we walked back to our cars and he kissed me one more time.

"Remember, seven at my place," he said and I nodded. When I got into my car, I grabbed my phone and Amy text me.

I called your place and your parents said your off with a guy. What happened to hanging with me at the mall today? I rolled my eyes and text her back.

I have more important things than hanging out with you all the time. When you decide to become a real friend, I'll hang out with you again. I waited on a nasty response, but I got a response that I never expected out of her.

You are my friend, Summer. My friends from school never done anything with me. I know I ignore you when you just want to talk, and I am sorry. Can we be friends again? I sighed and gave in. Maybe Amy has a heart somewhere in that prissy ass soul of hers.

I guess, come over to my place in an hour. She agreed and I drove on home. I guess Amy is my friend now. There is just one thing I don't understand, why does Darin demand me things to do, not ask me or say please? Also, why am I giving in?


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